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KBuck in Spring, Texas

New to the Field

I am about to start the Nursing Home Administrator program through Midland College. Any advice for the Houston area?

Greg in Charlton, Massachusetts

Looking for books

I'm looking for the NAB Study Guide - How to Prepare for the Nursing Home Administrator's Examination Fifth Ed.and other companion books. Can anyone...

vurlee@*****.*** in Dallas, Texas

Updated 61 months ago

nursing home administrator - 1 Reply


Charmaine R in Calabasas, California

Updated 62 months ago

Want to apply for NHA license - 6 Replies

I need to know what to do to get registered for the test and what websites I need to look at. I am fresh out of school please help. I live in the...

mfflinchum in Roanoke, Virginia

Looking for AIT program in or around Roanoke, Virginia

I will be graduating in May with a Bachelors in Healthcare Managemment. I am in search of a preceptor for an AIT program.

Jo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Current NHA AIT programs in Pittsburgh, PA

I am currently looking to go through the AIT program, but am having trouble finding one in the area. Please help. I live in Pittsburgh, PA but I can...

Anthony in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 63 months ago

AIT programs in Massachusetts - 3 Replies

I've been searching for months for an AIT program in the Boston area. Does anyone have any suggestions? How can I get my foot in the door? I have...

csrtech in Memphis, Tennessee

NAB Help

Please I am in need for any practice exams or training DVD/CD on the NAB test. please anybody forward anything that you may have would be helpful &...

Felica1224 in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 65 months ago

Jacksonville, FL - Nursing Home Administrator needed - 15 Replies

Must be currently licensed with a minimum of 7 years experience in long term care. Please let me know how to contact you if you are qualified and...

Chris Williams in Chicago, Illinois


Hello from Indiana. I’m from one of those states that will not give you the results right after taking the test. I took my test on the 16th and ten...

Rich in Sparks, Nevada

Updated 67 months ago

Looking for an AIT program in Florida - 20 Replies

Hello, I live in Southwest Florida, and am looking for an administrator-in- training program in the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda or Fort Myers...


Updated 67 months ago

looking for study books for sale - 2 Replies

Hi, Does anyone have any NAB books for sale. Iwill be taking the exam soon and was looking for the NAB book and the book by James Allen. thanks

Rob in Hicksville, New York

Updated 67 months ago

Recruiting a NHA for a Green House Project - 27 Replies

We are developing a new type of nursing home in Sheridan, Wyoming. It will be a Green House Project. We have the land and are currently in the midst...

Ben in Des Moines, Iowa

Interview tips for Nursing Home Administrator job for someone with no experience

I have my NHA license but do not have any experience. I plan on having some interviews here shortly and wanted to know if anyone had some tips on...

Sandra in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 68 months ago

How to get AIT Preceptor or Liscenced in Florida - 28 Replies

I have called everyone on the list that the Dept. of Health gives you...and there are no AIT preceptors on it. I have a Bachelors in Health...

mohammad siddiqui in Sunnyvale, California

Updated 68 months ago

How to get started in California - 6 Replies

I have a BA degree is social service administration and I am currently licensed in Texas but will be moving to Lompoc California this fall. Can...

gthankachan in Rowlett, Texas

Updated 68 months ago

TX License, Reciprocity in CA - 3 Replies

Can anyone tell me what the steps are for reciprocity in CA if you have a TX license? The website is pretty convuluted!

Bill in Brooklyn, New York

Assisted Living

Does anyone know where to find the enriched housing/assisted living program codes and regulations in new york state? thanks for any help

Nicole in Hyattsville, Maryland

Graduated. Licensed NHA.

Graduated. Licensed NHA. My state does not require a state test. I have applied for many jobs. They come back saying I need experience. How do I...

Sue in Peoria, Arizona

No jobs in Arizona

I moved to Arizona with the hope of employment, what a joke. There are no jobs for educated people in Arizona. Don't come here, save yourself, stay...

Joanne.1612@*****.*** in Albuquerque, New Mexico

AIT Job anywhere USA

I'm looking for an AIT position. Currently getting my MHA degree. Anyone know how to find these positions?

r in Hemet, California

Updated 70 months ago

Look for an AIT position In Southern California - 1 Reply

I am looking for an AIT position in Southern California. Does anyone have any information on programs down here? I graduated in 2006 with my B.B.A...

boozac in Bronx, New York

Updated 70 months ago

AIT-Internship - 1 Reply

I am looking for a place to do my AIT-Internship (Administrator-In-Training) here in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio. I have a Bachelor's Degree in...

NHA in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Updated 70 months ago

Better to become a NHA or an Assisted Living Manager? - 1 Reply

I am debating between taking the semester of classes and 1000 hr AIT to become a NHA or the 24 credit hr seminar/ cert to become an AL Manager. Being...

oma in Seattle, Washington

Updated 70 months ago

Looking for a Job in Tucson AZ - 1 Reply

I am a new LNHA and looking for a Assistant Administrators job in Tucson, AZ. Is anyone hiring?

Fla in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 70 months ago

Getting a job In NY - 6 Replies

I have been reading the posts here since I finished my Administrator In Training program at a NY facility and everyone's comments were very helpful....


Updated 71 months ago

Texas Administrator Exam - 4 Replies

I am a LNHA in Oklahoma and I am getting ready to take the Texas State administrators exam. Has anyone recently taken it?

Dee in Ovid, Michigan

Updated 71 months ago

Networking available? - 11 Replies

I have been a Nursing Home Administrator for 4 years in Kansas and 4 years in Indiana. In May of last year, I received what I would call the "kiss...

Dee in Ovid, Michigan

Updated 71 months ago

Independent (non-chain) Nursing Homes - 1 Reply

Does anyone know where I can find a list of independent (non-chain) owned nursing homes? Thanks.

kenmo in Wellsville, Ohio

Updated 72 months ago

Ohio Nursing Home Administrator Exam - 2 Replies

For those of you who are taking exams in Ohio, how was the test formatted? What types of questions were on the test? What did you use to...

despendo in Schenectady, New York

Updated 72 months ago

AIT Program in NY - 3 Replies

I am looking for an AIT position in Western NY. It seems nobody is interested in being a preceptor, even if I let them know I would be willing to do...


Updated 73 months ago

Getting the most out of the Nursing Home Administrator Forum - 1 Reply

Current and Future Nursing Home Administrators. As you know I have expressed some recent concerns about information exchanged on this forum relative...

Matthew Sturtsman in Lakewood, Ohio

Administrator-In-Training (AIT): Nursing Home Admin

My name is Matt, currently I am a student at Cleveland State University obtaining my Masters of Public Administration with an emphasis on Health Care...

Raazia in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 74 months ago

LNHA interested in relocating to Oklahoma or Texas - 5 Replies

I am a licensed nursing home administrator in the state of Kansas with a strong survey record and over 10 years of management experience. I am...

Michael Ortiz in Kissimmee, Florida

Updated 74 months ago

how do I become an licensed administrator? - 9 Replies

I am looking for some info on what I have to do to be a licensed administrator

Connise in Middletown, Ohio

I need advice looking to relocate

I have a BS in health care and have 15yrs nursing home experience in various postions,I have signed up to take the core of knowledge at ohio state....

ccadieux in Maryville, Tennessee

Updated 74 months ago

Completed AIT, what's next? - 2 Replies

I have just completed my AIT and fax all the paperwork to the State of Tennessee. What can I expect next? Will I receive a letter stating I am...

Randy Lindner in Washington, District of Columbia

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to each of you in the long term care community. For those of you preparing to enter the profession I hope you will take the time to...


Sunrise hiring

I know there is a position open with Sunrise in Cranberry, PA, and want to know if anyone knows a person I can speak with about this position.

BigJo in Oneonta, New York

Ohio Nursing Home Administrator Exam

For those of you who are taking exams in Ohio, how was the test formatted? What types of questions were on the test? What did you use to...

I seek your permission in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

Updated 76 months ago

Nursing Home Administrator Jobs In NYC and NYC area - 1 Reply

How difficult is it to get an NHA job in NYC or the NYC area if you have a decent amount of experience? I am looking to relocate

beddyboop1982@*****.*** in Temecula, California


Is there a Nursing Home Administrator association in Michigan that I can join to net work with? Thanks

Vikki Zane in Los Angeles, California

Updated 76 months ago

Seeking LNFA or A/L career in a stable company - 1 Reply

I have spent my entire life in geriatic care. LVN since 1975 LNFA since 1979 A/L Executive Director for three years in type A & B...

leighlong.1230@*****.*** in Kannapolis, North Carolina

AIT preceptor site NC

Looking for AIT preceptor in NC. Has anyone taken NC test?

Angelina in Charleston, Illinois

Positive aspects of being a NHA?

With all of the info in the messages many people talk about the negative aspects of being a NHA....which I'm sure there are many....

ccakk in Gonzales, Louisiana

Updated 76 months ago

New NFA Louisiana - 4 Replies

I recently got licensed in Louisiana; I currently serve in the capacity as asst. administrator. Who is a good company in Louisiana to work for that...

mannifie@*****.*** in Jackson, Mississippi

Updated 76 months ago

NHA/NAB exams and prep - 2 Replies

Have completed my MBA in hEalth Care Management. I am discovering that there may be a requirement to be licensed in New York State. Can anyone help...

Kelly in Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Looking for AIT program in Bucks County, PA

Hello, I live in Chalfont, PA and I am looking for an administrator-in- training program in the Bucks County area. I am Certified Public...

Scott Dewey - in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 77 months ago

PLEASE HELP Recently Licensed LNHA with PR experience having Trouble finding first spot... (Ohio - 2 Replies

Well folks I have passed the state and federal test and am licensed but am having extreme difficulty getting callbacks for interviews for LNHA...

Looking in Shreveport, Louisiana

State Exams/Relocation

I am seeking exam practice tests/state law handbooks. I have passed Louisiana exams with flying colors, but there seems to be no job openings for...

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