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Looking in Shreveport, Louisiana

State Exams/Relocation

I am seeking exam practice tests/state law handbooks. I have passed Louisiana exams with flying colors, but there seems to be no job openings for...

lenjijacob@*****.*** in Ellicott City, Maryland

AIT program in Maryland

Hello, I have completed my Bachelors in Health Administration. Currently pursuing MBA in healthcare. I was looking to check if there were AIT...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 81 months ago

In search of a Nursing Home Administrator job - 2 Replies

I want to tahnk all of you who have shared their experience on how hard or tough it is in getting a nursing home administrator job.I am in north...

jade in Jonesboro, Georgia

Looking for AIT site in Atl. Ga.

I would like to know where could receive training for NHA in Atlanta Georgia. I am unable to find anything.

bobmdelacruz in San Diego, California

Updated 81 months ago

Is is too late to make a change? - 4 Replies

I am 41 and for the last five years I have been working as SNF Administrator at hospital based SNF (Transitional Care Unit - a small 16 beds unit)....

Val in Port Chester, New York

NAB Prep course recommendations

Are any recommendations on NAB Prep course in NYC area or CBT based? I have four weeks to go. Thanks

kaberger@*****.*** in Middletown, Ohio

Updated 81 months ago

NHA Employment in Ohio - 2 Replies

I have an Ohio NHA license and am having a difficult time obtaining that first administrator position. It seems you must have experience to be...

dljnlaws in Boise, Idaho

Updated 81 months ago

In Need of an AIT program - 1 Reply

I am graduating in October with a Bachelors in Helathcare Administration. I am looking for an AIT program in MO, AR, TN, or MS. I kinda dont know...

Stm 101 in Orange County, California

Updated 81 months ago

Considering applying for AIT - 4 Replies

What are thoughts about someone 55 yrs old applying for AIT. He has a undergrad degree in business and a masters from a seminary. Has worked in...

C.Chaffee in Newport, Vermont

NH AIT in New England

I have been a LPN for 20+ years. I also have an Associates degree in human services, and business. My bachelors degree is in Liberal Arts but it is...

Prentice Dixon in Chicago, Illinois

question swap

anyone have any practice questions for the national test they'd be willing to swap?

abdik in Cambridge, Massachusetts

I am in need of AIT placement

I have bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration since 2008. I am trying to obtain an AIT position in Boston area but I have had no...

Jessica love in Los Angeles, California

Nursing program at Pasadena city college PCC???

Has anyone attended this program or heard anything about it ..? thanks =]


Maryland Exam

Has anyone recently taken the Maryland state exam?

Mark in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 84 months ago

Interin NHA seeking further assignments in Ohio and Michigan - 2 Replies

Toledo Ohio resident licensed in Ohio and Michigan seeking further interim assignments. Managerial career over 25 years with LTC exposure since 2005....

cbubnis in Casselberry, Florida


I currently work as a bom at a ltc facility in Florida. Prior to working at the facility, I specialized as a office manager at a ltc pharmacy. I have...

robw13 in Greeneville, Tennessee

Updated 84 months ago

NHA study binders from Prof. Cirns class in IL - 8 Replies

I have all 3 NHA exam and state license exam for IL from Proff. Cirns class. I'm selling all 3 at any price make me an offer!

Dude in Nappanee, Indiana

Updated 85 months ago

administrator training - 1 Reply

I am an assistant administrator. my administrator wants to train me well as i recently passed the Nab and she wants to make sure she trains me to...

lberry45 in Madisonville, Kentucky

Updated 85 months ago

Study materials for NAB - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any study guides or practice test, or any other materials they want to send me? i am tking the test in a month and i feel unprepared...

stephanielee in Saint Paul, Minnesota

minnesota state exam transfer

Does anyone know what states the Minnesota State exam transfers over to?


Updated 85 months ago

Administrator in Trainging Programs - 2 Replies

I have a bachelor of science degree and I have more than 10 years experience in the health field. I'm looking into taking the test to be an Health...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 85 months ago

Are there any effective websites to find an NHA postition? - 1 Reply

I am a current NHA in Atlante looking for a position, are there any "good" websites that have current NHA positions? Thanks,

JC in Temple, Texas

Updated 85 months ago

TX NFA exam - 1 Reply

I want to study for the TX state boards. I am a NFA in LA & am looking to relocate but would like to get a little knowledge under my belt before I...

Eric in Alpharetta, Georgia

Updated 85 months ago

NHA jobs in SC or GA - 1 Reply

I have current NHA licenses in SC and GA and am unable to find a job...HELP!

Greg in Avondale, Arizona

Updated 85 months ago

hospital administrator - 2 Replies

I have approximately 16 years in the healthcare field in which 10 of those years have been in mid to upper management. I have worked in ICF's and...

Alyssa in Marion, Michigan

LNHA looking for position as Culture Change adopter - Willing to relocate

I am a LNHA with a background in quality, regulatory and teambuilding experience. Currently, I am the NHA for a 125 bed dually certified facility in...


Updated 86 months ago

on-line study vs. buying boods - 1 Reply

I would like to sit for the nursing administrator test in IL. There is an on-line class offered for $300.00. Should I do this or buy the books and...

Brieanna Henderson in Oceanside, California

Updated 86 months ago

Advice for refocusing my professional career back to my educational degrees. - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, Like many people my first few jobs have little connection to my degrees, but I am wanting to refocus to healthcare admin. I have...

Carmela in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 86 months ago

Getting a LNHA position - 3 Replies

I just got licensed in December and have had a few interviews but it seems everyone wants more experience. How do I get the experience if I am not...

Charles in Brookfield, Wisconsin


I have tried everything I know up to this point to get in an AIT program. I have sent several resumes out to companies that hire for AIT training and...

Mark Slaughter in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Updated 87 months ago

LNHA needed in Kansas - 21 Replies

I am currently searching for a competent, driven administrator for a mid-sized building in Kansas. At the same facility, I am presenting candidates...

Nursing Home Pro in Tennessee

Updated 87 months ago

Returning to Workforce - 3 Replies

I was trying to find out what I would need to do to get a new license. Received Administrators license after college and went on the work in HR and...

Nursing Home Pro in Tennessee

Updated 87 months ago

getting back into industry - 1 Reply

I have been out of the industry and just coming back. Took the NAB and a refresher course put on by the state. Any ideas on how to break back in? ...

Nick in Durham, North Carolina


I am currently working on getting into an AIT program and am looking for a facility to do my peceptorship. What are some questions to ask current...

Kathy Herbert in Greensburg, Indiana

Updated 87 months ago

AIT program in Indiana - 1 Reply

Hi! I am graduating in May with my bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration. I am trying to get a jumpstart on locating an AIT position but I...

lnha58@yahoo in Chicago, Illinois


AT WHAT POINT DO WE START TAKING OUR CEUs.... in other words if my license expire in 2011, can I start know...? secondly, why do some...

diver in Frisco, Texas

Updated 87 months ago

licensed NHA looking for AIT/internship position in Illinois - 19 Replies

I'm a newly licensed NHA in the state of Illinois. I have 5 years work experience as executive in a government office, but have no experience...

Tigertab in Suffolk, Virginia


Heelo all, I am scheduled to take my NAB on tuesday, feb 16th! I am so nervous and I am feeling unprepared? My main study tool is the NAB study...

Clayton in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 87 months ago

Nursing Administrator Positions - 3 Replies

I have recently resigned from my last nursing home due to Board's noncompliance with Federal Regulations and my wanting to follow the regulations. ...

Day in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 88 months ago

Looking for AIT placement - 2 Replies

I have 20 years of long term care management experience. I earned my MBA/HCM in April 2006, and am seeking a site to complete my Administrator in...

Hayley in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 88 months ago

licensed 10 months - 3 Replies

I have been an assistant nursing home administrator for 16 months in a 120 bed facility. I have had my administrator license for 10 of those months....

Marc2010 in Buffalo, New York

What states transfer New York Licensure

I am looking to relocate out of New York and have been licensed since 1997. I am interested in learning what states accept new york license as part...

ml in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 89 months ago

Licensure in North Carolina - 4 Replies

Hello to all...I am an Administrator in Ohio and I am looking to obtain my license in NC. I was hoping that someone could provide me some...

Nursing Home Pro in Tennessee

Updated 89 months ago

Director of Foodservice wanting to be a NHA - 3 Replies

I worked in longterm, forensic, rehab, acute care as a Foodservice director for 24 years in Miami Florida. I start my MBA program in Healthcare Jan...

gilmdevi in Scotch Plains, New Jersey

AIT programs in Mass

Wondering if anyone had any advice. I am trying to find a facility in Mass that offers an AIT program.

marbelle00@*****.*** in Queens Village, New York

Seeking for Health Administration jobs

Hi, I have a my MHA and still can't get a job. Does anyone know any where that's hiring?

JJAZ in Findlay, Ohio

Resume Help & Preceptorship

Hi! After being a pharmaceutical rep for nearly 5 year and obtaining my MBA in Health care Management I am trying to begin a career in nursing home...

cathy in Topeka, Kansas

I have several practice exams for sale

If you are about to sit for your exam and you need practice exams. I have several that I have sold to a few people who have passed their exams on the...

Keith Abney in Birmingham, Alabama

Needing help getting started in Bham AL!!! please help!!

I recently graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Health Care Mgmt. I am trying to find an AIT program that pays around the Bham...

J in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 90 months ago

NHA position - 2 Replies

Looking for NHA postion ANYWHERE is Florida.Lots of facilities around but few positions.

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