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Marc2010 in Buffalo, New York

What states transfer New York Licensure

I am looking to relocate out of New York and have been licensed since 1997. I am interested in learning what states accept new york license as part...

ml in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 95 months ago

Licensure in North Carolina - 4 Replies

Hello to all...I am an Administrator in Ohio and I am looking to obtain my license in NC. I was hoping that someone could provide me some...

Nursing Home Pro in Tennessee

Updated 96 months ago

Director of Foodservice wanting to be a NHA - 3 Replies

I worked in longterm, forensic, rehab, acute care as a Foodservice director for 24 years in Miami Florida. I start my MBA program in Healthcare Jan...

gilmdevi in Scotch Plains, New Jersey

AIT programs in Mass

Wondering if anyone had any advice. I am trying to find a facility in Mass that offers an AIT program.

marbelle00@*****.*** in Queens Village, New York

Seeking for Health Administration jobs

Hi, I have a my MHA and still can't get a job. Does anyone know any where that's hiring?

JJAZ in Findlay, Ohio

Resume Help & Preceptorship

Hi! After being a pharmaceutical rep for nearly 5 year and obtaining my MBA in Health care Management I am trying to begin a career in nursing home...

cathy in Topeka, Kansas

I have several practice exams for sale

If you are about to sit for your exam and you need practice exams. I have several that I have sold to a few people who have passed their exams on the...

Keith Abney in Birmingham, Alabama

Needing help getting started in Bham AL!!! please help!!

I recently graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Health Care Mgmt. I am trying to find an AIT program that pays around the Bham...

J in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 97 months ago

NHA position - 2 Replies

Looking for NHA postion ANYWHERE is Florida.Lots of facilities around but few positions.

Dave in Belmar, New Jersey

Updated 97 months ago

AIT Program - 3 Replies

I recently graduated with my B.S. in healthcare adminstration, and I have my assisted living administrator license. I really wanted to know if anyone...

Margaret in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Need information about becoming licnse NHA in Michigan

I attend school in PA and will finish in 2011. need any information on how to obtain my NHA license in Michigan when I finish School. Also any...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

Indiana NHA - 1 Reply

New administrator with 10 yrs of management experience looking for position in east central Indiana. Please let me know if you hear of any openings!

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

Looking for AIT position in or around Memphis, TN - 1 Reply

I have 13 years experience in the development of CCRCS and am currently working on my masters in Healthcare Admin. I am looking for an AIT position...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 98 months ago

Looking for Interim Assignments in Tennessee and Virginia - 1 Reply

I have been a Nursing Home administrator since 1986 and am currently looking for an Interim position.I am available to start immediately.I have an...

Nnamdi Gabriel in Bowie, Maryland

Updated 98 months ago

administrator in training - 1 Reply

I am currently an MBA and MHA student in Utah and would like to do an administrator in training job this summer in the area. Does anyone know of any...

tllgc in Louisiana

Updated 98 months ago

Burnt-out NHA. What other career options do we have? - 6 Replies

I've been in the industry for over a decade and have served as mostly a trouble-shooter to some of the worst homes out there. I was the guy to send...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 98 months ago

Looking for an Administrator in Training Position in Southeast Virginia - 1 Reply

Looking for an AIT position in Southeast Virginia. Please contact me if you know of any positions. Thank you.

tunya in Fenton, Michigan

nha test questions review

do anyone have review questions for the michigan state or federal test? please email them to me at

Jayne in Ossining, New York

Advice about becoming a Nursing Home Administrator

I am considering a career change into long term care administration in the New York City metro area. I DO NOT have health care experience (my work...

Kareen in Englewood, New Jersey

Updated 99 months ago

Looking for an administrator or assistant administrator position in NJ. - 2 Replies

I am newly licensed in NJ as a NHA and I just relocated from Fl where I have been licensed there since 2005. I need to get my foot in the door and...

armybrat224th in Hedrick, Iowa

newly LNHA looking for a facility

I recently obtained my license to practice in the state of Iowa. I am currently looking for a job if anyone knows of any please let me know. I am...

Dale in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Updated 99 months ago

Looking for a preceptor so I can be an administrator - 3 Replies

I have a degree wanting to get into a stable career

g-norman@*****.*** in Lakeland, Florida

Updated 99 months ago

NAB prep - 1 Reply

Hi...does anyone know about the book "Guidance to Surveyors"? Someone had recommended this as essential test-prep reading. Thank you

corries in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 99 months ago

NAB exam - 1 Reply

For anyone who has taken the NAB...regarding the Federal Regs, i.e. OBRA, do you have to know which F-tags apply to what, or simply the context of...

jean in London, Kentucky

Updated 99 months ago

ky nursing home admininstrator - 1 Reply

I have been a registered nurse for many years. now i have gotten my nursing home administrators license. i 1 year ADON experience and 8 months...

Amilia Apollon in Bronx, New York

Updated 99 months ago

Cross-State Licensure - 7 Replies

I've done some research on state licensure and there are some states that do not require taking a state exam, but all states require you to pass the...

k-rdh in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

job change

Im a dental hygienist and thinking about nursing..any advice? salary, job opportunities, and career advancement in the field of nursing. I live in...

Linda Smith in Columbia, Tennessee

Seeking NHA in nursing home or assisted living

If you know of a company who is in need of a nursing home administrator position in these states: Alabama, Florida, Tennessee or Kentucky, please...

truss in Nampa, Idaho

Nursing Home Administrator job in Idaho

I Am looking for either an Nursing Home or Residential Care interim or permanent position in Idaho.I am currently licensed there. I have 17 years...

Sara A F in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Updated 99 months ago

Leap of Faith - 5 Replies

I am planning to take an internship this summer (July) with a facility in Louisville and will be quiting my current job to do so. Therefore I will be...

tdeoro in Loma Linda, California

Nursing Home Administrator in Maine

I am looking for an AIT program in the state of Maine. Any information that may assist in this desire would be greatly appreciated.

Arlene Collins in Thompson, Pennsylvania


I am listed above as looking for NHA position. Could you please remove that my hours were recently cut. Thanks Arlene

ahussain in Zion, Illinois

Updated 100 months ago

CEUs in Illinois - 1 Reply

Anyone know of trainings that offer CEUs for LNHA in downstate Illinois? I know of the big conventions. Looking for seminars or day-long...

DELILAH ARNOLD in Reidsville, Georgia



Sultan of NYC in Brooklyn, New York

Searching for a AIT Program or Assistant Nursing Home Administrator Position in the Metro NYC area.

Any help in this matter will be appreciated. I would like to start the program or position June 2010.

tejanaweda in San Antonio, Texas


In Texas

NetworkOpp in Queens, New York

Looking to get an interview with citigroup

I just applied for the open QA specialist position at citigroup, does anyone work there, or know an HR rep I can get in contact with?

Ann in Arlington, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

LNHA Jobs In Atlanta, GA Area - 8 Replies

I am a licensed Administrator with experience as both an Assistant Administrator and Executive Director. I have been licensed since 4/2005. If you...

cassandra Lor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 101 months ago

Nursing Home Administrator in Training program - 2 Replies

I am looking for an AIT program and in need of guidance. I have a MBA in Health Administration and several years of work experience in long term...

patty in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

nursing home admistrator schools

I live in the Poconos as a DON in a nursing home. Does anyone know where I can go to school to be an administrator?

Arlene Collins in Thompson, Pennsylvania

NHA position in Scranton/Wilkes Barre area

I am an assistant administrator and am currently licensed as a NHA in PA. looking for a full time position, hours recently cut.

Cheryl Fogarty in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

Updated 101 months ago

NHA positions in Northeastern PA - 4 Replies

My name is Jennifer and I am currently looking for a NHA position within the Northeastern PA region. I have been in the field of LTC for 7 years and...

neri in Granada Hills, California

Updated 101 months ago

sponsor - 1 Reply

I have a MBA and will be taking my nursing home administrator licensing exam in a few weeks. I understand that in Florida, I will need a company...

Dave in Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Updated 102 months ago

How to begin the process to become a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator - 1 Reply

Please help?????????I have tried numerous website to find how to start the process of becoming licensed. I have a LBSW and a MA in Family Studies. ...

bigmoney in San antonio, Texas

Updated 102 months ago

Admiinstraters - 1 Reply

do antone here that lives in florida, can you tell me how to find information about the seminar in tampa, thank you.

TPetterson in Chico, California

Updated 103 months ago

Seeking AIT - 1 Reply

I have an MBA/HCM, and experience in LTC. Currently seeking a paid AIT position with a corporation. Willing to relocate. Please let me know what's...

damodharcahry in Hyderabad, India

Microsoft technologies

what will be the future of .net devolpers

net_damu@*****.*** in Hyderabad, India

Microsft technologies

any one have .net openings in hyderabad for 2+ exp please respond

Jason Jones in Elkmont, Alabama

NHA Positions (Traveling, Interim, Assistant, Administrator)

I am currently a licensed NHA in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. I have relocated back to Tennessee. If anyone knows of any open...

Jason Jones in Elkmont, Alabama

NHA Positions (Traveling, Interim, Assistant, Administrator)

I am currently a licensed NHA in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. I have relocated back to Tennessee. If anyone knows of any open...

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