PLEASE HELP Recently Licensed LNHA with PR experience having Trouble finding first spot... (Ohio

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EverUpward in Lima, Ohio

70 months ago

Well folks I have passed the state and federal test and am licensed but am having extreme difficulty getting callbacks for interviews for LNHA position. I have had 3 interviews for positions and they haven't worked out either because I was not licensed quite as quickly as they wanted to move, or there was not an adequate position available. That may sound strange but these interviews all landed by through folks I know or have worked with. The consensus is that I am stuck between the "no LNHA exp" zone and the availability of assistant positions make it not an option.

My first idea was to land an Admissions Director (or comparable) position and work in from that angle. When interviewing with the RDO (friend/coworker of the family) and two other LNHA (whose building I would have been working in) they feel I am "too big" for that position and maybe even for an admin position. They thought that putting me in an admissions position would be like putting me in a box and I would be unhappy.

Granted I have consulted in PR and Marketing for a variety of industries and have ambitions to do more down the road. I do consider myself a great marketer and I think their reservations were whether I'd stick around long. It was a consensus that I'd have no problem running my own building and would be a likely candidate to move up in the company. Unfortunately, as mentioned, there aren't any Admin positions available at all in the state of Ohio

Does anyone have any suggestions or leads to get a sit down interview for an LNHA position. I am confident if I can land the face time I can reel one in. The trouble is getting past no LNHA exp on paper

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Same Boat in Mansfield, Ohio

70 months ago

BENHA has done a dis-service to the profession buy not limiting the number of people they are accepting into the program. You are right the market is saturated and there are very few jobs available. I have 15 months experience as a LNHA and am having difficulty getting any face to face time. Keep doing the networking as is the only real way to have a chance.

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Scott Dewey - in Toledo, Ohio

68 months ago

Hi I am having the same problem as you are. I was wondering if you knew where and when the next test is or who I should contact to find out this information. I also was wondering if you had any pointers on what to study for the test. Unlike you I have very little experience in the medical field but I do have my masters degree in healthcare management. I am just trying to get my foot in the door.

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