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UpperMidwest in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Considering being an OT or OTA but I am wondering about Toileting

First off, I have great respect for people who are able to provide toileting help for their patients. I'f I'm being honest with myself though, I'm...

OTgirl in Brooklyn, New York

Looking to buy Therapyed book!

Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy the Therapyed book plus the CD or USB for practice exams. Preferably the 7th edition. Let me know if you're selling!

Diana in Houston, Texas

Occupational therapy assistant

I have decided to get my associates in OT and continue from there. My question is: will the associates allow me to get a job as an OT assistant while...

cameron in San Jose, California

Updated 5 months ago

NYS license query - 10 Replies

I've just moved from the UK (for my husbands work) - where I trained and worked as an OT for 8 years. I have been through the OTED process (took 6...

Trish in Downey, California

Updated 6 months ago

How much do Occupational Therapist actually earn? - 18 Replies

I have been looking into OT and I have a hard time grasping how much an OT can expect to earn. At this point I think it is false that an OT earns 90...

Antmart in Bronx, New York

Updated 6 months ago

Mercy College In NY - 13 Replies

Did anybody take from Mercy College for Master of OT?

Marie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 6 months ago

LIU Occupational Therapy or Laguardia Occupational therapy assistant?!? - 1 Reply

So, I'm a 30 year old dental assistant married with a 22 year old. I absolutely hate what I do. I'm so over teeth. Anyway, I just found the...

Lacaza3 in Prosper, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

Going back to school for Occupational Therapy - 14 Replies

Hi! I am considering going to back to become an Occupational Therapist. I'm currently a Licensed Social Worker and graduated from grad school in...

scarpy in Fort Bragg, California

Applying for OT jobs with pending state license-- yay or nay?

I'm a current travel therapist with a contract ending soon, and looking to apply for permanent jobs. I've been submitting and failing ink fingerprint...

Marina in California

Updated 6 months ago

The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT - 257 Replies

Hi everyone. I'm a junior in college right now thinking about OT. At first, I wanted to be a PA but I concluded that it wasn't for me and I think...

Jennifer in California

OTR pay in the Bay Area

Hello! I am considering moving to the Bay Area but have no idea what to anticipate as pay for home health or SNF with 8 yrs experience, I was...

Jenny559 in Deep River, Connecticut

Can't choose an undergrad major!!

Hello, I am having a hard time choosing a major for an OT program. At first I choose business because if for some reason I didn't get into OT school...

Victoria in Norway in Sandvika, Norway

Updated 6 months ago

OT degree from overseas?? Post professional master degree in US? -- 2013 NBCOT NEW handbook!!! - 62 Replies

It is so hard to see and keep in touch with OTs who gained their degree overseas either bachelor or master degree, and wanting to now practice in the...

Jackie Fernandez in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

OT vs. RN - 149 Replies

What do you think is a better career option?

linloo in North Hollywood, California

Updated 8 months ago

Easy OT schools to get into - 47 Replies

I'm currently applying to grad schools for my Masters in Occupational Therapy. I have a 3.3 undergrad GPA, 4.0 in my pre-reqs and I'm studying for...

NewOT in Ithaca, New York

Updated 8 months ago

Advice for entry level therapist needed! - 11 Replies

Hi all, I recently graduated and have started my first job as an occupational therapist. It's been two weeks so far however I feel so anxious and...

JayJ in Ventura, California

Can anyone work in two full time job as COTA?

I am a COTA/L in CA and I work around 60-65hrs a week in two different companies since two months ago. Is it legal to work as COTA in different...

lshemone in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 8 months ago

OTA VS OTR - 13 Replies

Okay, I know this has been posted a million times, but I need some opinions about my situation!! I am graduating in May with a Child and Family...

Otto Ortega in Los Angeles, California

Updated 9 months ago

What's the biggest pain point you have in your OT practice? - 1 Reply

Hi everybody! My name is Otto, I'm a Computer Science Engineer currently doing research about the Occupational Therapists market, I'm trying to...

esla in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

need advice for travel position - 1 Reply

I currently work in adult home health but my numbers have been too low lately to keep going with it. I am considering a travel position in an...

Dancin'K in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 9 months ago

Spirituality in Occupational Therapy - 25 Replies

The newly revised Occupational Therapy Practice Framework designates SPIRITUALITY as a client factor (specific ability, characteristic, or belief...

Matthew R in Metamora, Illinois

Updated 9 months ago

Scoring the Sensory Profile - 35 Replies

For anyone that's interested, I've posted two free scoring tools for the Sensory Profile on my website: http://www.upanzi.com (click on "Sensory...

roseladaOT in milwaukee, Wisconsin

New job OT

I recently changed speciality areas from SNF to OP neuro. I am going through extensive training and mentoring. I have noticed through my mentoring...

pfarhan90@*****.*** in United Kingdom

Updated 9 months ago

Career Change to OT - 10 Replies

Hi everyone - I am 30 yrs old and have been working as a web developer since college {bachelor of science in marketing} but I am looking to switch...

Miwa Aparo in Los Angeles, California

Updated 9 months ago

Careers othe rthan OT - 299 Replies

Anyone ever leave the OT field? If so, what did aor are you doing now? I get frustrated with the field sometimes and feel I need a career change....

Chris in Danvers, Massachusetts

options for OTs

A career path that seems great for OTs involves becoming a disability specialist at a college. You can earn another degree and send your kids to...

ErinOT in Spokane, Washington

Updated 10 months ago

Working In Australia from the US - 7 Replies

Hello, I'm hoping some OT's can give me some insight on working in the field in Australia, particularly any who may have gotten their degree in...

Meadow in Orange, California

Updated 10 months ago

Questions for Veteran OTs - Ethics, Job Satisfaction, Debt, etc. - 1 Reply

Have a B.S. in elementary education, taught for five years, burned out. OT seems like an excellent fit for my goals and personality, but I have...

anticuti in Brentwood, California

Updated 10 months ago

Appealing NBCOT results - 4 Replies

Has anyone ever successfully appealed exam results or know anyone that has? I have taken the exam twice now, the first time I failed by 3 minuscule...

MarinaZ in Orange, California

Updated 10 months ago

Is the debt to become an OT worth it? - 22 Replies

Is OT worth 100K in debt? Will I be making enough money to pay all the loan payments? UGH!

gothamcitygirl in Ohio

Updated 10 months ago

Am I too old to begin OT school? - 41 Replies

Actually, that isn't my only question (this is gonna be a looooong post). I'm hoping to get some overall advice on whether or not going to OT school...

Hope25 in Washington

COTA is it the right choice

I no longer have a passion for my (bachelors) degree in Social Work. I would like to change my degree to COTA. I know this Is a step back and I could...

Disappointed in California

Updated 10 months ago

Can you be pregnant during fieldwork? - 16 Replies

Hi, I am an OT student. I will be starting my second level 2 in January and was thinking about trying to get pregnant now. I was wondering if any...

Greg Kelly in Belfast, United Kingdom

Updated 10 months ago

OT School Burnout - 39 Replies

I am in the beginning of my second year as an OT student. I am completely lacking motivation and interest in my classes. I constantly question my...

newOT in london, United Kingdom

newly qualified - overwhelmed

Hi everyone, I am a newly qualified OT and I am 6 weeks into my first job in acute mental health (rotational post). I am overwhelmed and finding...


Updated 10 months ago

Why are you still in OT if you hate it? - 161 Replies

I love my job, I love OT, & I work for a great company. I have had awful jobs, and I left them. OT wasn't the problem, it was either the setting,...

susieque in Los Angeles, California

Can you work in Lifestyle Redesign outside of USC's program?

Any other opportunities elsewhere?

Raks in Liverpool, United Kingdom

Updated 10 months ago

overseas employment for occupational therapists - 8 Replies

I am seeking overseas employment and have not had any luck in finding jobs. I have applied to the federal goverment but have gotten no replies to my...

mas922 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Switching careers?

Hi everyone, I am not an OTR but a COTA, I'm just looking for input and advice. I have been a COTA for less than 5 years but cannot stand working...

BRE BRE 2284 in Boynton Beach, Florida

Updated 10 months ago

SKYPE Study partner needed for NBCOT - 1 Reply

I'm taking the test on July 1st. I'd love to SKYPE study with someone. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone... Please get in touch if interested.

Isaac in California

Updated 11 months ago

Occupational Therapist, is it a rewarding career? - 99 Replies

I am looking for a career change, I would like to know, is occupational therapist career worth pursuing for the masters program? Please feel free to...

Isaac in California

Updated 11 months ago

Any OT's who actually like their job? - 349 Replies

I have read a lot of negatives and complaints about the field, but I would like to hear from people who actually enjoy being an OT. Why do you enjoy...

Isaac in California

Updated 11 months ago

The Costs of Becoming an OT - 16 Replies

For those of you currently in OT masters programs or have recently graduated, is it worth it? I'm pretty sure I want to be an OT, as I've jumped...

Isaac in California

Updated 11 months ago

How do I work as an OT in USA - 14 Replies

Hi, I know that OT is one of the fastest growing jobs in the USA. I would like to know is there any foreign trained OT here as I would like to know...

Isaac in California

Updated 11 months ago

Looking for some career changing advice - 4 Replies

Im 34 and work as an analyst making $87k a year. However, i am tired of sitting at a desk and working on a computer by myself all day long. I...

Isaac in Ventura, California

Updated 11 months ago

Dilemma about whether or not to stay in OT school - 15 Replies

So I'm in my second semester of grad school to get my masters in OT. Since the beginning I've had second thoughts about whether or not this field is...

Stevie Kong in Edmonton, Alberta

Is that hard to find OT jobs in Alberta for new grads with few experience in this field?

I almost finished my first year of OT graduate

Isaac in Van Nuys, California

Updated 11 months ago

How easy is it for a new graduate to get an entry-level OT job? - 4 Replies

Hi, I am currently a second year occupational therapy graduate student at Samuel Merritt University. I was wondering how easy is it to get a job...

Sara in Spring, Texas

Updated 11 months ago

volunteer work? - 32 Replies

i have no experience in ot and want some volunteer work to gain experience. where would i look for some flexible opportunities? i am most interested...

Mingogo in Buffalo, New York

OTR Salaries in Mental Health /Psychiatric settings?

I'm completing my level II rotations, and seemed to have found a love for the mental health setting in my psychiatric hospital placement. I'm having...

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