Discrimination against male potential OT's?

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MSG in Salinas, California

49 months ago

Hi folks,

I've been having a damn hard time finding an OT to job shadow. I've called SO many places and talked to a lot of OTs over the phone and in-person to get job shadowing oppty's. All of them have been women. Even the academic OT departments that I have contacted have not been very receptive to my inquiries. As an experiment, to verify my thoughts, my wife emailed and called these places to ask similar questions that I have been trying to get fielded. They all returned her calls or emails. I just find this very bizarre, and it has turned me off from the field.

Has any other male OT's experienced any sort of discrimination in the field? I've been told that people are very wary of men being around children--it's sad that our society has evolved to this. So, I'm not going into pediatrics. I would love to work in geriatrics and hand therapy. I have a keen interest in focal dystonias.

I would love to hear from people that might shed some light on this.

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Arian in Fair Oaks, California

48 months ago

Volunteer at a VA hospital. They have a formal volunteering program in place.

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confidential88 in confidential, Utah

34 months ago

I know this thread is over a year old, but Yes I have experienced male discrimination in the OT field. It doesn't exist everywhere, but it's there. I didn't experience it until I started my clinical. With that being said, if your a Brad Pitt looking man you'll have no problem.

Arian in Fair Oaks, California recommends to try the VA; that's because historically VA and Mental Hospitals were the only places male OT's could find work back in the day due to all the heavy lifting work the has to be done in those types of facilities.

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JV in Makati, Philippines

34 months ago

I'm currently working as an OT in one of the tertiary hospitals (acute, inpatient and outpatient) here in the Philippines . Most of OTs I met are female but so far, I havent experienced any discrimination towards male OTs in fact some hospitals prefer male OTs because male OTs are capable of lifting heavy patients and they're really good at transfers specially when you work at the hospital.

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ED in Rapid City, South Dakota

33 months ago

This is not discrimination. Actually, you have an advantage by being a male, as male OTs are desperately needed in the profession since it consists of 94% women and 6% men. OTs are very busy with their caseloads, especially in hospitals and SNFs. It has been hit and miss for me when trying to get a hold of an OT in these busy settings. Just keep calling, and if needed, explain your difficulty in getting a hold of someone. They may treat your call in a more urgent manner. Also try calling private clinics where the setting might be slower, or OTs have more free time to take your call.
You should not be put off by something simple as this. You may also lack communication skills. Make sure you are properly introducing yourself, explaining your enthusiasm for the OT profession, and communicating a high standard of professionalism. Thank them for their time. Be warm and smile while talking on the phone.

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