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New OT Grad in Biloxi, Mississippi

40 months ago

I graduated from OT school last month (May 2012) and am applying for jobs. I have 2 job offers to consider now, both received today. One is a nursing home and one is home health. The base hourly/salaried pay is basically the same as are most of the benefits. The nursing home offers about a week more PTO per year but expects about 100% productivity, stating some I'd the therapists are over 100% productive. I get the feeling all of the patients in the SNF are seen in groups and that the therapists there must be cutting corners to achieve those numbers! Do y'all think a new grad can handle home health as their first job? I have spent a month of level 2 fieldwork with an OT from this company so I am a little more familiar with how things work. And am I the only one that thinks something is wrong at the SNF that offered me the position?

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OTR2013 in Montana

40 months ago

I am recently new to the job force too and i am considering snf also. but i have no clue how it REALLY is to work in that type of setting. from what I gather, snf jobs are abundant anywhere and very easy to get. but 100% productivity??!! that's crazy and I agree w/ your feeling of cutting corners! snf is notorious for ethics concerns but if you know what is right, then you don't have anything to worry choose what you want to do is right. your manager will get on you about numbers (so i've heard) but if you don't do anything illegal then it's all good right?

that is good you have some experience w/ this company so that is a plus for you. I don't think it's "wrong" the company offered you the position. It's common b/c they are desperate for OT's to come in since many don't want to do SNF, and I am guessing they are paying you a good hourly but to them it might be on the low side. (example: new grade $40 vs experience $45 to $48---again I made these numbers up but you get the idea. heck $40/hr to me is GREAT for new grade but it comes w/ the job stress etc....

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