What do OT's have to be comfortable doing?

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garland79 in Lodi, New Jersey

55 months ago

So I am thinking about going to school to be an OTA but I have heard that I might have to do some uncomfortable things in this field. For example, being around naked people (helping them dress) or having to train somebody to use the toilet. Do all OT's have to be comfortable with these types of things? Is this just the nature of the job? Or can I choose to work in certain areas where I won't have to worry about this?

Thank you

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OTR in Austin, Texas

47 months ago

It's pretty much the nature of the job, but it's not as bad as it sounds. You can avoid it mostly by working in hand therapy or outpatient therapy. But if you work in a SNF or inpatient, it will be one of your main treatment goals. But really, if you're going into a field that works to have people become independent, what's more important than going to the toilet independently? Even a physical therapist will usually take their patient to the bathroom if they have to go during a treatment. You might really consider if healthcare is a good choice for you. There's more to being a COTA than a steady job and decent paycheck. You'd be doing yourself, your patients and your co-workers a disservice by going into healthcare and not wanting to get your hands dirty. That being said, it gets easier with time, but if you don't think you can get use to it, then I'd recommend another field.

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