What else can I do with an OT degree?

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sandyzk in Jersey City, New Jersey

49 months ago

Hello Lost. I too hold the same degrees and more in Music and IT. I have been practicing since before you were born. I totally understand what you are talking about. There were assignments I did where I plain scared! However, as you are now almost through the MOT degree may I ask one question:

"WHY?" After 5 years and a grueling BOT you know what we deal with. It is what it is. Perhaps you can switch to Education because you mention you are interested in that? Speak with your professors, I went from Pharmacy to OT to Music to OT etc and Medicine eventually did them all. It's not for everyone. What are your goals? In life?

I never planned to be a working OT at my age. I should have married an MD or a lawyer and been supported accordingly. I am way too independent and creative for the mainstream which leads to pain and rejection.

Take a few months, rest, relax, don't even think about it. See what you love and whatever you love, DO.


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Konch in Spokane, Washington

47 months ago

I know exactly what you mean. I am in the same boat. My first FWII is at a SNF and I've had to be on tranquilizers to get through. I am rather idealistic, though. I have my ideal scenario. I would like to work in health and wellness. Combine technology with OT principles. And/or work with adolescence with executive functioning difficulties and not developmental difficulties. Had I known that 9 out of 10 ot jobs were inpatient settings I would have focused somewhere else. Plus, I'm a bit of an introvert. One of the potential areas you may want to look into is Human Resources. Another thing to think about is you will have a masters degree. That can't be taken away. There are no rules that state you must work in the area you received your degree and it's and advanced degree at that. You have marketable skills for problem solving, management, team work, psychology, people skills that encompass the lifespan. You may or may not make the average OT salary but so what? Find a job with a a 503c non profit of which include local, state, federal govt. and you can qualify for tuition reimbursement. As for your interest in education you can easily market yourself for tutoring students with problem behaviors. That seems to be most kids in class nowadays anyways. Market yourself in interviews with the multidimensional skills that make OT original. That and your ability to adapt to a variety of settings without difficulty. A skill that most graduates of specific fields lack and can cause problems to potential employers wanting an employee that is reluctant to learn a new style.

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