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gmc in Spring Valley, New York

Updated 52 months ago

Becoming An Occupational Therapy Assistant With A Disability? - 1 Reply

Do you think i would be able to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant if i have a physical disability myself? My disability is in my arms i have...

gmc in Spring Valley, New York

OT at Early Learning Centers.

I hope to begin OTA school in the Fall. In a few weeks I am observing at an early learning center for kids with special-needs. They have an OT...

gmcpta in Spring Valley, New York

Updated 53 months ago

School based COTA salaries - 2 Replies

I would like to know average COTA salaries for NY state schools.

NaraCookies in Miami, Florida

Updated 53 months ago

Is this a good plan for college? - 1 Reply

I am trying to decide what college I want to go to but first I need to pick a major. I want to be an Occupational Therapist, so should I go into...

me in Seattle, Washington

How to connect to OT & COTA 's

On this site feel free to look around. Top right is OT connections- you can post questions and find answers to them from OT & COTA's who are actually...

jackie summerville in Yorktown, Virginia

occupational therapy assistant schools in VA

I just moved to VA and thinking about Tidewater community college for octa. Can someone from VA please tell me what your grades were like for...

jackie summerville in Yorktown, Virginia

Updated 54 months ago

OTA - 1 Reply

yo, i just recently started working as an OTA in a SNF, and i have noticed a lot of negative comment, im a male, i know 3 guys who are in ot who love...

Carie in Franklin, Massachusetts

Updated 54 months ago

I need an online interview for my senior project. - 4 Replies

Hi, If there is anyone who is an Occupational Therapist Assistant and would be willing to do an interview through e-mail, PLEASE e-mail me. This is...

InteriorDesignFan in South Carolina

Updated 54 months ago

Top occupational therapy assistant skills needed to get the job. - 2 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every occupational therapy assistant must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your...

Melyssa in Toronto, Ontario

Bridging programs (Canada or U.S.) for Occupational Therapist Assitants(OTA's) to become Occupational Therapist(OT's)?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how someone holding an diploma in Occupational Therapy Assisting can become an Occupational Therapist (OT)? I do...

Lauren in Dundas, Ontario

Updated 56 months ago

OTA career in Connecticut - 5 Replies

Hi-considering OTA vs PTA career in Connecticut. i've been shadowing PTA and OTA, noticed that i have yet to meet an OTA, only see OT's. I am more...

Rachel in Crockett, Texas

Updated 56 months ago

Any grads/students of COTA at Navarro College in Corsicana, TX? - 1 Reply

Any thoughts on the program? Level of difficulty? Are most students able to work and attend the program simultaneously? Suggestions on how...

Shrizzle in Evanston, Illinois

Can OTs practice in different countries?

Hi, I was wondering if occupational therapist/assistants can practice in other countries, like the UK. I've always wanted to move there. Would I...

ANK25057 in Dallas, Texas

Volunteering opportunities for future OTAs

I'm looking for ideas on where to volunteer just to "feel out" if OTA work is right for me. Specifically in the Dallas area. Any clinics where I can...

ANK25057 in Dallas, Texas

What is the Dallas job market like for COTAS?

How is the Dallas job market for COTAS currently? Is the market saturated with new grads? I know there aren't many schools in the area.

Yoobingsoo in San Antonio, Texas

Questions about Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapy Assistant

Hello! I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to get an AAS in. I'm currently doing prerequisites for the Respiratory Therapist program in my...

Jacob in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Radiology Technologist or COTA?

I like both fields but I am unsure which to go to school for. It seems like there are way more COTA jobs but you can't really go far with being a...

Jeanna in Poplarville, Mississippi

What companies provide the highest paying travel COTA jobs?

I am graduating in May and I'm looking for a travel job. I am a nontraditional student with an undergraduate degree, as well as 10 years work...

BreeLove in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Traveling as a COTA

What is it like to be a traveling COTA? Is it as exciting as it sounds?

Felicia08 in Massachusetts

Updated 58 months ago

COTA new grad pay? - 1 Reply

I work at a post acute rehab center and it is my first job. Wondering what the pay SHOULD be for a place like that for a new grad? It seems like it...

SaraLR in Hickory, North Carolina

I need a COTA's point of view...

I am an occupational therapy graduate student. I have to write a paper about OT and OTA interactions. If there is an OTA out there willing to answer...

inthemix in Bremerton, Washington

Updated 59 months ago

Satisifed with career as COTA??? - 4 Replies

Hello, I've read some really negative things about the OT field, and I've seen posts where its the same person over and over posting the negative...

Alyssa in Winter Park, Florida

Starting my second year of College and looking for a psychology based job

I'm looking for a career in therapy, long term, but for now, I need a job to support my school life. I currently work at a convenience store, but I...


Updated 60 months ago

finding an ota school in dnver - 2 Replies

I will be moving in the denver area soon and will like to find an ota school there.

Kristie in Rockford, Michigan

Math and OTAs

Can anyone who is already practicing as an OTA tell me if and how any math is used in this job? I am doing a paper for school and would appreciate...

BigRoy in San Jose, California

Updated 61 months ago

I have a B.A. in Psychology and am considering OTA? From Maryland, would this be a good move? - 5 Replies

I currently have a B.A. in Psych and have been working at a psychiatric rehab facility for four years now and I am just not liking the field, very...

Sam in Appleton, Wisconsin

Can someone explain the process...

What steps do I need to take to become a certified OTA? After high school, do I apply to a AOTA acreddited school right away? What are the courses...

relleyrelle in Panama City, Florida

Updated 62 months ago

What was your GPA? - 8 Replies

I will be applying to OTA program this June and my GPA is 3.4. My question is: Will that be too low to get accepted? What was your GPA when you were...

joe in Ferndale, Washington

Updated 62 months ago

transferring credit - 7 Replies

Has anyone on this forum attended PIMA for OTA and transferred in credits to their program. I have trouble paying $27,000 for tuition, but if they...

Sadi in Miami, Florida

Updated 62 months ago

RDH or COTA? - 1 Reply

I'm 27 yrs old with a BS in Sociology. This past August I returned to school part time (for now) in hopes to find a path to an actual career. I'm...

shire in mound in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 63 months ago

Recertification - 3 Replies

I need to recertify myself as an occupational therapy asst. Vollunteering is a way I can earn my PDUs. Does anyone know of any volunteer jobs for...

amelia in Palm Coast, Florida

Updated 63 months ago

pay scale - 1 Reply

I am noticing some parts of Michigan, pay is real low. After I build my experience (maybe about a year) I am moving back to Florida. The job market...

Celeste in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 63 months ago

OT interested in hand therapy - 1 Reply

Hi all - I am a new grad and looking for a job whilst studying for the boards. So far I've applied for an acute peds position entry-level and a hand...

hmzubi in Miami, Florida

occupational therapist assistant

I want to be an occupational therapist assistant but I don't know what to do. How is keiser university????? Is it easy to find a job ????can you hepl...

kykytiffy in Portland, Oregon

Occupational Therapist Assistant - a student's questions for COTA's

Hi - I am currently working on my prerequisites to apply for OTA school next spring. I have read over these forums and am now a little reluctant to...

kmc613 in Itasca, Illinois

OTA Career Outlook in Illinois

I've been reading quite a bit in these forums and it seems like the majority of these posts come from CA. I'm curious about people's job...

kmc613 in Itasca, Illinois

Wright College OTA program

Just curious if anyone had an opinion on the OTA program at Wright College in Chicago. Is it a good program? Is it hard to get into?

kmc613 in Itasca, Illinois

OTA Program near Chicago

I'm working on a few gen eds right now but hope to apply to an OTA program next year. Living near Chicago, Wright College seems to be my only...

ccc123 in Baldwin City, Kansas

COTA job outlook in kansas

Im trying to decide between COTA and Nursing. I was hoping some kansas cota's could tell me what the job outlook is right now. Also what is the...

ardentanglophile in Redmond, Washington

Updated 65 months ago

Job Placement in Seattle - 5 Replies

I just would like to know if recent Seattle graduates have had any trouble finding work? Also, I saw a job ad that said "85-95% productivity standard...

ardentanglophile in Redmond, Washington

Job Placement in Seattle

I just would like to know if recent Seattle graduates have had any trouble finding work? Also, I saw a job ad that said "85-95% productivity standard...

ardentanglophile in Bellevue, Washington


I just saw advertisement for a temporary agency. It said "must be able to complete 85-95% productivity requirements." Is this realistic?

jld in Gurnee, Illinois

Updated 65 months ago

COTA salaries in Missouri? - 1 Reply

soo...i am going to go to school to become a COTA, BUT it says that COTA's in missouri get like 102,000 a year?? i have read way different else...

Amy in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Updated 65 months ago

License Reinstatement for COTA in Oklahoma - 2 Replies

I have been working in contract rehab for years but have been in management, I want to get my state license reinstated but the board is requiring 30...

magsm10 in Villa Park, Illinois

Southern Indiana Univerity OTA Writing sample?

I was wondering if anyone has taken the writing sample for the ota admissions process?

pogues6 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 66 months ago

cota or pta - 1 Reply

...which is better and why??? I would like to hear the good and the bad aspects of each field. Thanks!

Kristin Dianne in Cookeville, Tennessee

how difficult is the schooling?

I work a full time job in order to keep up bills and ive been outta school for awhile so im a little rust ya know..im just wondering if its very...

Life Essential Healthcare Staffing in Sacramento, California

Updated 67 months ago

Texas COTA work? - 1 Reply

I've seen a number of various COTA positions in TX. Appears COTA jobs are all in the LTC/SNF arena in most States. Any reason TX seems plentiful in...

nicholsCOTA05 in Tyler, Texas

Updated 67 months ago

can't decide between COTA or RN - 3 Replies

Hi there, I can't seem to decide between becoming and RN or OTA. I was a massage therapist for many years but burnt out from it. I think...

inthemix in Bremerton, Washington

Updated 67 months ago

Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy ? And community colleges in California? - 1 Reply

Greetings. I'm a former biochemist seeking to re-train and wanting to know... - what are the pros and cons of working as a certified Occupational...

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