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PossibleOTA in Cerritos, California

Updated 22 months ago

All I can think to say is "WOW" - 14 Replies

I was set on a career as an OTA. I knew what school I'd be attending, funding was set and I had my classes lined up. That is, until I read this...

Marie in Ocean View, New Jersey

Updated 23 months ago

Demand for OTAs in NJ - 3 Replies

Currently there are no OTA schools in NJ. When checking indeed there seem to be a lot of jobs in NJ. Rutgers and Eastwick College have programs in...

kabd in Greenwich, Connecticut

Updated 23 months ago

Is this a good plan to become an OTA? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone. Alright, I'm fresh out of high school and I've decided to become an OTA as I believe it'll be a great job for me. I was originally...

TBMFL in Tampa, Florida

Updated 25 months ago

Questions about Cota career - 3 Replies

I am thinking about pursuing a career as a Cota, because I enjoy helping people. Before going to school for this career I have a couple of...

Neal in Denver, Colorado


Hello, I am considering a career change and looking into PT or OT. The problem is that I live in Colorado where the only OT program is...

Lisandra in San Leandro, California

Updated 26 months ago

Is occupational therapy assistant a good career - 1 Reply

I am considering becoming an occupational therapy assistant. I have done lots of research and it seems like a fun career. I love working with...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 26 months ago

How to get Volunteer hours for ota school. - 1 Reply

Last year i called rehab centers up and tried to get some hours for ota. None of them seemed that interested. How do I go about getting these hours?...

OTgirl31 in Roselle, New Jersey

Updated 26 months ago

Want to become an OT but I'm not good enough. - 1 Reply

Long story short, graduated from a university with a liberal arts degree I'm not fond of and Occupational Therapy (specifically, being a OT with a...

Renee in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 27 months ago

occupational therapy assistant schools in VA - 1 Reply

I just moved to VA and thinking about Tidewater community college for octa. Can someone from VA please tell me what your grades were like for...

Shelia Barker in Texas

Updated 27 months ago

COTA Program or MOT? - 5 Replies

I currently have a degree in Psychology. I took a year off to decide what I want to do with my degree and have decided to do Occupational Therapy....

Stacie in Tampa, Florida

Chronic Health issues? Can I still be a OTA?

I am planning on becoming an OTA. I am suppossed to start the program soon, but I am worried if I can do it. The past couple of months my health has...

Stacie in Orlando, Florida

insurance for school question

So, I am supposed to be starting my OTA program soon. Question, does the program require us to have health insurance? And if so, what if you can not...

Marie in Ocean View, New Jersey

Updated 28 months ago

anyone have any experience with Mercer County College PTA program? - 1 Reply

just like my question says, im looking into MCC pta program along with Union County College. Can anyone chime in on their experience with these...

Vanny in Toronto, Ontario

OTA / PTAs in Canada

Hi Does anyone know the average salary for OTA/PTA in Toronto or at least Canada. I am looking to possibly get into this field as Masters is...

ota new grad in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 30 months ago

State College of Florida for OTA? Venice vs Bradenton? - 4 Replies

Hi, just wondering if there are any graduates or students that have went or are going to State College of Florida? thoughts? Venice campus is closer...

Dolphins fan in Mn in Winona, Minnesota

Thinking of a career in OTA

I am looking into a career as an OTA. I live in SE Mn and Rochester MN is close by. Mayo clinic is literally taking over the town so it is a health...

croberts141 in Fort Myers, Florida

OTA that began in hand clinic and now having troubles changing practice areas.

Hi, I'm an COTA in Southwest florida. I graduated back in 08 and have worked in specialized hand clinic for five years and loved it! but due to...

Healthcare Admin NY in NY, New York

Reimbursment of PTA'S and COTA'S

Hi, I was wondering if any one could shed light on how PTA's and COTA's are being reimbursed in outpatient settings under medicaid or medicare in...

DWhite626 in Costa Mesa, California

Updated 32 months ago

PTA or OTA? - 4 Replies

Can any one tell me the differences between PTA and OTA. Job duties, pay, and which field has more jobs available. See at first I was thinking...

TB in Fountain Valley, California

Updated 33 months ago

Volunteer for OTA School. - 2 Replies

I am pretty sure I would do well in OTA school. I think I would love working as an OTA. The thing is that I am having a difficult time getting in my...

gmc in Spring Valley, New York

Doing Fieldwork With Another College?

Hi everyone. I'm currently finishing up my first semester (Fall 2012) in an Occupational Therapy Assistant program with my community college. With...

Tramod in Pacific Grove, California

Updated 36 months ago

travel first or wait ayear or two - 1 Reply

I am looking to travel when I graduate from college in 2014. I am wondering should I travel first or stay put and If so, how many years should I wait...

Amy in Denver in Salt Lake City, Utah

level 2 fieldwork

I’m in Occupational therapy school in Denver, CO. I will be moving to Watertown, NY and starting my level 2 fieldwork in in January. Can someone give...

Mike in Norwalk, Connecticut

Working as a travel COTA right out of school.

I'm looking for a career change and would really like a travel job. I'm leaning toward a COTA or a PTA. Is it possible to sign up with an agency and...


Updated 39 months ago

occupational therapy assistant, finding a school! - 179 Replies

I have been searching everywhere, to try and find out information in becoming a Occupational Therapist assistant in Oregon. Does anyone have any...

peggy canale in Newfield, New Jersey

Updated 40 months ago

Occupational Therapy Assistant Roles in Asutralia - 1 Reply

Can anyone tell me where I can find out about how to get or if there are any two to three month occupational therapy assistant roles available in...

FutureTherapist in Rhode Island

Prospective OTA student from RI

Hi everyone!! I am from RI. I am thinking about applying to either the OTA or the PTA programs. I am looking to speak to others in my area about the...

gmc in Spring Valley, New York

Updated 40 months ago

ota school - 1 Reply

I just got into the OTA program at a community college and debating whether or not I should go. I really wanted to get into nursing but since it is...

Lisa Saunders in Mystic, Connecticut

Updated 41 months ago

COTA Program at Rockland Community College. - 1 Reply

Has anyone here attended the OTA program at SUNY Rockland Community College in NY? I was just accepted and would like to hear from a student who can...

HumpyDumpy in Port Orchard, Washington

Updated 41 months ago

revisiting COTA - 11 Replies

Last year I was in Greenriver's program but withdrew after I read some comments here. I am sorry I did now because I cannot find a job to save my...

lucy in Lakeland, Florida

Updated 42 months ago

COTA Exam Prep Course from OT Advantage - 2 Replies

I don't do this often but I HAD to post the COTA Exam Prep Course from OT Advantage. It HAS to be the best experieince I have had in online learning....

bohemianbetty03 in Wyoming, Michigan

Jobs to build up resume for future OT career

I have already initiated a change from my current career path to become an OT. I have an interest in pediatrics and would like to do something to...

gmc in Spring Valley, New York

COTA for U.S Army.

Anyone work as a COTA for the army? Not joining the army, but working for it as an army civilian. I've read that occupational therapy is performed on...

preachermanmike in Farmington, Kentucky

Updated 43 months ago

Taxonomy number for OT? - 1 Reply

Hello I am trying to get my NPI but cannot seem to locate the taxonomy for OT. Anyone know what it is? thanks. Is OT different than OTA?

Cindy in San Diego, California

Updated 43 months ago

OTA and RC3-11 PTA Bill? - 1 Reply

I have been researching and trying to decide if I want to pursue Occupational Therapy Assisting or Physical Therapy Assisting. I finally applied to a...

gmc in Spring Valley, New York

Chances of Being Accepted.

I'm going to take BIO 110- Anatomy & Physiology I in about a month, since it is a requirement to apply for the OTA program at my community college. I...


Keiser? OTA program ect

Hi, I am considering Keiser's OTA program. Either Tallahassee or Jacksonville location in Florida. My question is has anyone went there or any Keiser...

gmc in Spring Valley, New York

Updated 44 months ago

Becoming An Occupational Therapy Assistant With A Disability? - 1 Reply

Do you think i would be able to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant if i have a physical disability myself? My disability is in my arms i have...

gmc in Spring Valley, New York

OT at Early Learning Centers.

I hope to begin OTA school in the Fall. In a few weeks I am observing at an early learning center for kids with special-needs. They have an OT...

gmcpta in Spring Valley, New York

Updated 45 months ago

School based COTA salaries - 2 Replies

I would like to know average COTA salaries for NY state schools.

NaraCookies in Miami, Florida

Updated 45 months ago

Is this a good plan for college? - 1 Reply

I am trying to decide what college I want to go to but first I need to pick a major. I want to be an Occupational Therapist, so should I go into...

me in Seattle, Washington

How to connect to OT & COTA 's

On this site feel free to look around. Top right is OT connections- you can post questions and find answers to them from OT & COTA's who are actually...

jackie summerville in Yorktown, Virginia

occupational therapy assistant schools in VA

I just moved to VA and thinking about Tidewater community college for octa. Can someone from VA please tell me what your grades were like for...

jackie summerville in Yorktown, Virginia

Updated 46 months ago

OTA - 1 Reply

yo, i just recently started working as an OTA in a SNF, and i have noticed a lot of negative comment, im a male, i know 3 guys who are in ot who love...

Carie in Franklin, Massachusetts

Updated 46 months ago

I need an online interview for my senior project. - 4 Replies

Hi, If there is anyone who is an Occupational Therapist Assistant and would be willing to do an interview through e-mail, PLEASE e-mail me. This is...

InteriorDesignFan in South Carolina

Updated 46 months ago

Top occupational therapy assistant skills needed to get the job. - 2 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every occupational therapy assistant must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your...

Melyssa in Toronto, Ontario

Bridging programs (Canada or U.S.) for Occupational Therapist Assitants(OTA's) to become Occupational Therapist(OT's)?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how someone holding an diploma in Occupational Therapy Assisting can become an Occupational Therapist (OT)? I do...

Lauren in Dundas, Ontario

Updated 48 months ago

OTA career in Connecticut - 5 Replies

Hi-considering OTA vs PTA career in Connecticut. i've been shadowing PTA and OTA, noticed that i have yet to meet an OTA, only see OT's. I am more...

Rachel in Crockett, Texas

Updated 48 months ago

Any grads/students of COTA at Navarro College in Corsicana, TX? - 1 Reply

Any thoughts on the program? Level of difficulty? Are most students able to work and attend the program simultaneously? Suggestions on how...

Shrizzle in Evanston, Illinois

Can OTs practice in different countries?

Hi, I was wondering if occupational therapist/assistants can practice in other countries, like the UK. I've always wanted to move there. Would I...

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