I need advice on resigning ...

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txelle in Waco, Texas

83 months ago

I have worked for a solo practitioner for 4 years. Currently, the office consists of the attorney, a receptionist and me. The receptionist was hired about 6 months ago. She had no legal experience. The attorney likes to hire people like this so that he can train them to be paralegals. At least that's what he says. In reality, the training is left up to me.

At the time that I was hired, I had never had a job in the legal profession either. I was just finishing up my paralegal certificate and had earned a BA about a year prior to that. The attorney had a paralegal at that time that had been with him for 4 years also. She taught me everything and was gone within 7 months. She was kind of fired and kind of quit ... it was a strange situation but it really had nothing to do with me. Ever since then, I have been the paralegal.

A job opportunity kind of fell in my lap and it looks like I am going to be offered the position. I have been ready to leave this firm for some time. In fact, I tried to leave 6 months after I got the job. I had never heard anything about how difficult it is to work for an attorney but quickly learned all about it. I will actually be leaving the legal field altogether. I will no longer be a paralegal.

All of this background is provided so everyone can understand where I am coming from when I say I need advice on resigning. The main problem is that my boss really likes me and would never think of letting me go if he could help it. My feelings about this attorney are that I would probably like him a lot better if he wasn't my boss ... and I never had to see him again. I know when I tell him I am leaving, he will be completely shocked. I had to lie about where I was going twice so I could interview with this new company. You see, I do not get lunch breaks and cannot leave if he is there. Both interviews happened during what should have been my lunch hour.


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