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PA Student in Silver Spring, Maryland

Updated 51 months ago

Any pathologist assistants that work in a medical examiners office? - 1 Reply

It seems the majority of PA's work in hospitals or labs, and I was wondering how common exactly it was to find a PA that works with the medical...

Onychophagist in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 52 months ago

Job Shadowing - 1 Reply

I am currently a student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI looking to start job shadowing. I am in the Pre Pathologists Assistant Program and...

Onychophagist in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 52 months ago

Trying to get stuff together for WSU...any input on what is needed? - 1 Reply

I have 31 credits already with OCC, so I'm not sure if I need to get my associates first or if I can apply right away for the PA program at WSU w/o...

Steven Springer in Iowa City, Iowa

Updated 52 months ago

Difficulty in finding a Pathologist's assistant job - 2 Replies

How hard is it to find a job once everything in my masters program is finished? Is there other jobs i can do with my skills?

A in Skokie, Illinois

Updated 53 months ago

Preparation for Applying for PA Schools - 2 Replies

Hi, I am currently a freshman at the University of South Florida and I am majoring in Medical Technology. It is a strong chem/bio major that...

PA Student in Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Updated 54 months ago

Coming From a Non-Science Background - 5 Replies

Hello, I was wondering if anyone here went to PathA school having a non-science degree and/or from a non-medical field? I have a BA and have not...

PA Student in Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Updated 54 months ago

Volunteering in/near st. louis, mo HELP!! - 3 Replies

I am having a hell of a time finding any place to volunteer at. Every place I email, call, or attempt to apply to never contacts me back or do not...


Voice recognition system in pathology

any one using VR system in pathology. At my work we are buying VR system. Any please suggest what should be consider in gross dictation. Any one has...

Pathology Assistant in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Updated 55 months ago

Few jobs near PA schools? - 1 Reply

I spoke to my first real working PA today and they told me it is tough finding a job in the chicago or surrounding area and have read the same thing...

Chelsea Rae in Chicago, Illinois

PA or/to Pathologist

Okay; ih'm a highschool student and ih'm trying to finure out what ih want to go to college for. ih know ih want to examine bodies and preform...

big shop in New York, New York

Updated 56 months ago

Interview Questions - 7 Replies

Hey guys, I have a phone interview with Drexel in a couple days. Anyone wanna share some of the questions they were asked during their interviews? ...

Whipple in Logan, West Virginia

Updated 57 months ago

Color Vision Defincency - 3 Replies

How important is color vision to the PA practice? I am able to pass the Falant test but unable to pass the Ishihara test for color vision. I see...

Kevin in PA in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

PA Certification

I have been working as a PA for twenty-five years and graduated fron an accredited program.. Never sat for the exam. Recently my employer asked me...

emyrosario in New York, New York

Updated 58 months ago

NY state license for PA - 4 Replies

I am PA(ASCP). I would like to apply for NY state license for pathology assistant. Any one guide me how to apply for license for PA. which forms i...

Tusia in Windsor, Ontario

Have a MSc in biology but not MSc in pathology???

I recently went for a meeting for a pathalogist assistant job and ask if my background is sufficient and they said it was due to my bachelors and...

Asiantiger in Rockford, Illinois

Updated 59 months ago

Application Time - 1 Reply

Hi, I am beginning to apply for PA programs and am wondering if anyone can tell me about their personal experiences regarding the app/interview...

CADILLAC in Troy, Michigan

Pathology Assistant or Pathologist Assistant?

It seems to me that through my investigation there is a difference between a pathology assistant and a pathologist assistant, similar to a medical...

CADILLAC in Troy, Michigan

Updated 60 months ago

Apply for Path Assistant program without Microbiology - 2 Replies

Hello, First, apologies if this has already been asked. I haven't seen it anywhere, but I may have overlooked it. I recently graduated with a...

JKC in NY, New York

Shadow in NYC

I'm looking to shadow a Pathologist Assistant anywhere in the NYC/NJ area. I have already tried contacting several hospitals and have spoken with...

nelson133 in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 62 months ago

Med Tech Before PA? - 2 Replies

I am thinking of either becoming a Med Tech or a PA, what are the pros and cons of each, and would it benefit me at all to become a MT before...

KMT in Louisville, Kentucky



SaltFry in West Haven, Connecticut

Surgical Path exposure

I am looking to find some sort of exposure to surgical pathology in the Chicago-land area. I applied to many different schools for the Path A...

NWDpath in Oakland, California

Updated 63 months ago

Know of any programs seeking accreditation? - 2 Replies

Are there any programs that are trying to get accredited right now? I graduate May 2010 so there might be time for one to open up before I would go...

Updates on OncoPathology in Beamsville, Ontario

Updated 64 months ago

Oncopathology - 1 Reply

Please vsist for updates in Oncopathology. Topic like...... Importance of Tissue fixation in Cancer management...

AnitaShaw in Ocala, Florida

Pathology Assistant Needed in Rye Brook, NY

A private laboaratory in Rye Brook, NY is looking for someone with 5+ years experience working as a Pathology Assistant, as well their NY license....

Pathrat in Arvada, Colorado

Updated 64 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your pathology assistant career? - 3 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being a pathology assistant? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn...

JT in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 65 months ago

Any advice for strengthening your application? - 1 Reply

I am considering becoming a pathologist assistant and have my eye on Roslaind Franklin because it is closest. So far I job shadowed a pathologist...

Donna Gandy in Jefferson City, Missouri

Any advice for strengthening your application?

I am considering becoming a pathologist assistant and have my eye on Roslaind Franklin because it is closest. So far I job shadowed a pathologist...

Andrea in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 67 months ago

Job shadowing in Missouri - 1 Reply

Are there any Pathologist Assistants in Missouri; preferably near Springfield or St. Louis or in between these two cities, along the I-44 highway...

Donna Gandy in Warrensburg, Missouri

Job description and responsibilities

What exactly does a pathologist assistant do? Do they have to go to court to testify in murder cases or anything like that?

alegra in Tartu, Estonia

Updated 68 months ago

Getting a pathology assistant job. - 7 Replies

How did you get your start doing pathology assistant work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

PAWANNABE in Lombard, Illinois

Updated 68 months ago

Tips for pathology assistant interviews. - 1 Reply

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming pathology assistant interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...


Updated 69 months ago

Oddball question... - 2 Replies

I'm looking into the idea of becoming a pathologist assistant, but I was wondering if someone with experience in the area or someone in a master's...

autopsies only? in New York, New York

Updated 71 months ago

What are the best pathology assistant qualifications and training to get ahead? - 1 Reply

What is the best training for becoming a pathology assistant? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...


Updated 73 months ago

What to do to start off? - 2 Replies

What is the best route to go, to start off with becoming a PA. Is it better to start off as a medical technologist?

Morgan in North Branford, Connecticut

Updated 82 months ago

Are pathology assistant job opportunities growing or declining? - 1 Reply

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most pathology...

Mary Turner in Richmond, Virginia

Study Guide and Flash Cards

Does anyone have the Study Guide and/or Flash Cards that you would like to sell for AAPA testing?

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