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jjshamoon in Portland, Oregon

Updated 69 months ago

PA Shadowing - 1 Reply

Hello! I am currently looking for pathology assistant shadowing opportunities. I am located in Denver. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go...

bepa in Houston, Texas

Updated 69 months ago

Which BS emphasis is advocated for PA Grad school and other fun questions... - 14 Replies

Hello. I have researched NAACLS, AAPA and ASCP (and many more), however I think my questions are better suited for people in or trying to be in the...

Lexi in Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Updated 69 months ago

Questions regarding Wayne State University's Pathologist Assistant program. - 1 Reply

I have recently begun exploration into pathologist assistant programs. My major question lies with my investigation into Wayne State University's PA...

Lexi in Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Grad School Interviews - 2 Replies

Hi guys, First of all congratulations to everyone who has made it into a program and good luck! I get very nervous for interviews. Job...

taneisha_g in Shreveport, Louisiana

shadowing opportunities in shreveport, La

Hi, I am currently an undergraduate student and I am looking at entering a Pathologists Assistant program upon my graduation in 2013. I am looking...

alex in Woodside, New York

Shadowing in New York City

Hi, I'm a college student looking to shadow a pathologist's assistant. I live in Queens and go to school in Manhattan so I'd have easy travel...

Nadja W in Salt lake City, Utah

Updated 73 months ago

Is shadowing a path a really necessary? - 8 Replies

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to shadow a path A because I would like to get a feel of the profession except that around where I live the...

Tammy in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 74 months ago

Western Ontario - 1 Reply

Has anyone applied to the PA program at Western Ontario? I would love to go there, but the minimum average of 80% is really throwing me off. Every...

CWUKUSI in Vermilion, Ohio

Updated 75 months ago

M(ASCP) and PATH A - 3 Replies

My name is Shannon. I am currently working towards my B.S. in biology with a concentration in microbiology. Once I get my B.S. degree, I want to...

Tammy in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 75 months ago

Is the University of Western Ontario program still accredited? - 2 Replies

I was looking at the list of accredited programs on the NAACLS site and noticed the UWO program isn't listed anymore. It is still on

shadowPA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

any one looking for shadow for short term

looking for short term shadow

DannRodney in Germantown, Tennessee

Pathology OJT work

I am near 50, with a B.S. in Biology, an ASCP certified Histotechnologist, who worked in Pathology for 25 years, have 2 kids in college...I can't...

Mikey Gorilla in Mcdonough, Georgia

Updated 76 months ago

Interested in becoming a PA? Get educated! - 3 Replies

Hello everyone, I am a certified Pathologists' Assistant, and I thought I would help guide you in your career search. If you are interested in...

jglspnay in Sacramento, California

Updated 76 months ago

Need Job Shadow in San Francisco Bay Area - 1 Reply

Hello, I am interested in shadowing a PA and willing to travel in order to do it. Please let me know if anyone would be willing to let a student...

SM2 in Springfield, Missouri

Updated 76 months ago

Rosalind Franklin Pathologist Asst. Program - 1 Reply

Is anyone currently enrolled in the Pathologist Assistant program @Rosalind University? If so, I would like to know what you think about the program...

SM2 in Springfield, Missouri

Updated 76 months ago

Rosalind Franklin Pathologist Asst. Program - 1 Reply

Is anyone currently enrolled in the Pathologist Assistant program @Rosalind University? If so, I would like to know what you think about the program...

LW in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 76 months ago

Looking for PathA to shadow in Indianapolis area - 6 Replies

I graduated from IU last spring with a B.S. in biology and a minor in chemistry. I'm interested in becoming a PA. I've read that it's strongly...

Tammy in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 77 months ago

Wayne State - 2 Replies

Does anyone know the typical response time for Wayne State applicants? Classes are slated to start in the fall and the deadline for applications are...

Anna Wildrew in Houston, Texas

Updated 78 months ago

Confused - 2 Replies

I plan to obtain a bachelor's in clinical laboratory science (medical technology); thus, I will be working as a med tech for a while. My goal is to...

caw317 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 78 months ago

Any one looking for shadow - 6 Replies

If any one interested for short term shadow let me know

Whipple in Huntington, West Virginia

What type of volunteer service do you do?

Seems most applications want to know what sort of volunteer community service you perform. I was curious what other people do.

Tammy in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 79 months ago

Quick question about prereqs - 2 Replies

Most of the pathA admissions sites casually list subjects, all of which I have taken. However my biochem course at my undergrad didnt even have the...

Kristen55 in Newburgh, New York

Looking to shadow a PathA

I am looking to shadow a Pathologist's Assistant in the hudson valley area. Anyone on here know of one or is one that I can contact?

Tammy in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 80 months ago

MT become PA - 15 Replies

Does anyone have suggestions about a Med Tech becoming a PA? I passed my ASCP, and like being a Med Tech - I would like to pursue more options. I...

Column in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 80 months ago

waitlisted at drexel - 1 Reply

hello all, does anyone have any insight on housing, both on and off campus at drexel (for the pathologists assistant program) pending acceptance? ...

PKammeyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 81 months ago

Travel Jobs - What's that all about........Pathologists' Assistant Positions - 1 Reply

First off, yes, I am a recruiter and I am always looking for qualified Pathologists' Assistants to work with, but right now I would be happy to...

pathotoko in Morgantown, West Virginia

Updated 81 months ago

Working while in a program - 2 Replies

hello everyone, I am currently a MLS in Chicago and looking to apply to a program soon. I was wondering if anyone out there is in a program and...

travis in Korea, Republic of

Newbie Looking to Break in

Hello out there, This forum is a wealth of information. I only wish it was sorted a little better. I have seen similar questions but not quite...

Kyanne in Asheville, North Carolina

Looking for shadowing opportunities

I'm interested in applying to PA programs and am hoping to get experience shadowing a PA. AAPA helped me find people in Chapel Hill, but I live in...

A in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 84 months ago

Looking to shadow Pathologist/PathA in Chicago-land area - 1 Reply

I am trying to shadow a pathology assistant or pathologist and so far have no luck. Can anyone advise me to a person they have shadowed before or...

Janet in Van Nuys, California

Updated 84 months ago

Broke my arm a few years ago... - 2 Replies

I injured my arm a few years ago resulting in the tendons being caught in the scar tissue...the doctor says he wouldn't be able to fix it since it'd...

julez4.0 in Yuma, Arizona

Updated 85 months ago

Help! Need some advice! - 13 Replies

Okay I am interested in entering one of these programs but i do not know if I should apply this year or wait another year. I do not feel my...

julez4.0 in Yuma, Arizona

Updated 85 months ago

Job Share for Pathologists Assistant in Scottsdale Arizona - 3 Replies

Hi to all of you fellow Pathologists Assistants! We are looking to see if anyone in the area would be interested in a job sharing / part time...

chelsey in Temple, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

PA programs in California? - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a Pathologist Assistant program offered in California? It is a VERY long term goal for me because I am...

TNPAhopeful in Clarksville, Tennessee

Updated 88 months ago

Dress Code for Shadowing - 2 Replies

Hello, I am wondering how to dress for doing my job shadowing? Business casual? Casual? Does it matter? Thanks

cox1e2 in Richmond, Texas

West Virginia

I am curious about the new Pathologists' Assistant Program at West Virginia. Any graduates, or anyone have any insight to the program?

Hiphopannonymous in Lynn, Massachusetts

Updated 89 months ago

Job shadowing in MA or NH - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anyone knew where to start looking for opportunities for job shadowing PA's, viewing autopsies, etc. in these two states. Looking...

Pathnut in Florida

Updated 89 months ago

Creating positions - 5 Replies

I was just curious if anyone had any advice for trying to create a position some place. I know the general region I wish to go when I graduate but...

breel in Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Updated 89 months ago

WVU response time? - 1 Reply

I was curious what the typical response time for admission to WVU? I was told summer.....which is rather broad.

T.B. in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 90 months ago

Any companies that offer tuition reimbursement for pathology assistants? - 1 Reply

The debt burden that I'll have to undertake is a major factor in which places I'll apply to. Quinnipiac's tuition of $70,000 for two years is just...

T.B. in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 91 months ago

Quantity Per Day - 1 Reply

Hey to you hard working PA's out there.... approximately how many cases to you gross each day? And do you know if there is any discussion of...

T.B. in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 91 months ago

Prerequisites at community college? - 3 Replies

Is it a good idea to take the prerequisites for pathology assistant at a community college? I already took gen chem 1 and am almost done with gen...

T.B. in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 91 months ago

PA admission help - 1 Reply

I am now becoming familiar with the Pathologist assistant program and would appreciate any help wrt admission I can get. Does anyone know of...

PA Student in Silver Spring, Maryland

Updated 92 months ago

Any pathologist assistants that work in a medical examiners office? - 1 Reply

It seems the majority of PA's work in hospitals or labs, and I was wondering how common exactly it was to find a PA that works with the medical...

Onychophagist in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 92 months ago

Job Shadowing - 1 Reply

I am currently a student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI looking to start job shadowing. I am in the Pre Pathologists Assistant Program and...

Onychophagist in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 92 months ago

Trying to get stuff together for WSU...any input on what is needed? - 1 Reply

I have 31 credits already with OCC, so I'm not sure if I need to get my associates first or if I can apply right away for the PA program at WSU w/o...

Steven Springer in Iowa City, Iowa

Updated 93 months ago

Difficulty in finding a Pathologist's assistant job - 2 Replies

How hard is it to find a job once everything in my masters program is finished? Is there other jobs i can do with my skills?

A in Skokie, Illinois

Updated 94 months ago

Preparation for Applying for PA Schools - 2 Replies

Hi, I am currently a freshman at the University of South Florida and I am majoring in Medical Technology. It is a strong chem/bio major that...

PA Student in Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Updated 95 months ago

Coming From a Non-Science Background - 5 Replies

Hello, I was wondering if anyone here went to PathA school having a non-science degree and/or from a non-medical field? I have a BA and have not...

PA Student in Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Updated 95 months ago

Volunteering in/near st. louis, mo HELP!! - 3 Replies

I am having a hell of a time finding any place to volunteer at. Every place I email, call, or attempt to apply to never contacts me back or do not...

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