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Updated 4 days ago

I'd like to become a Personal Assistant and/or Assistant of some kind. - 1 Reply

i want to work as a pa


Updated 1 month ago

how can i become a personal assistant? - 9 Replies

I know this post is a bit dated, but just in case this is helpful..... Years of people asking how I got my start as a personal assistant coupled with...


Updated 1 month ago

I want to become a PA - 1 Reply

As I am here further in seeking to find someone that can organize and maintain and complete towards personal assistance.I have recently viewed you...


Updated 9 months ago

Starting a Personal Assistant/Concierge Business - 19 Replies

[QUOTE who="davidrtwissjr in Atlanta, Georgia"]Easy! Create a proposal, solicit Office Managers and go at it. An idea from a Professional...

Pam J

Updated 13 months ago

I can't find a J O B!!! - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="doctorevil3232 in Chicago, Illinois"]I've lived in Chicago for a month now, and I can't find a damn job to save my life! I've looked...


Updated 18 months ago

My GF is a Personal Assistant - 2 Replies

My GF is a personal assistant with but she's always working, sometimes 13-14 hours a day. I thought being a Personal assistant...

Jay in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 23 months ago

Events assistant - 14 Replies

I'm looking for a personal assistant who will have primary responsibility for planning, staffing, and following up on approximately 12 events per...

David Twiss

Updated 24 months ago

Prepare for a Personal Assistant interview - 30 Replies

The best suggestions I can offer to those who are interested in being a Professional Personal Assistant is to BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. BE PREPARED...

Sharron Dark-Personal Assistant in Washington, District of Columbia

Charging as a Personal Assistant

I am interested in becoming a personal/virtual assistant. The difficulty I am having is how to charge and how much. I would take care scheduling,...

nnennajohn in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 29 months ago

personel assistant - 3 Replies

posted my resume on craig's list and got all kinds of replies from people wanting me to be their personel assistant. book flights, deposit checks...

lolavie in Mountain View, California

Personal Assistant Interview

I have a Personal Assistant interview tomorrow. I have experience as a Personal Assistant, but not for a high level executive. What is the best...


Need to LIVE your life? Then you need me to run it.

please provid more information about yourself

adam in Satellite Provider

Updated 32 months ago

Home care aide - 2 Replies

I am looking to help anyone at your home for part time mornings. I am first aide and cpr certified . I am willing to do house work personel care and...

Lara in Lagos, Nigeria


Have just been promoted to be a PA to the company executive directors office, i want to be train as a proffessional because i find out i can do...

Megan Tara in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 34 months ago

Virtual Assistant - Red Butler - 13 Replies

Can anyone recommend a virtual assistant or personal assistant service that I can sign up for. I read about Red Butler in Entrepreneur magazine this... in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 35 months ago

Trying to find a PA job - 1 Reply

I have been trying to get a job as personal assistant for awhile and it seems that people are either uninterested in me or they are scams. I was...

kat in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 35 months ago

How to get a foot in the door as a personal assistant - 34 Replies

How does one go about getting their foot in the door as a personal assistant. I have been inspired to go into this field of work for several years. ...

lazershow66 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Updated 35 months ago

Personal Assistant Companies - 1 Reply

I am hoping to become a personal assistant. I was curious if there was any companies that you could go through to be hired as a personal assistant...

Brian Keating in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 35 months ago

Personal Assistant available for child, pet and home care with skills including yoga, living and vegetarian food and business. - 4 Replies

I am interested in finding a personal assistant gig that needs everything I have to offer. From child and pet and home care to my skills with...

davidrtwissjr in Montgomery, Alabama

Updated 38 months ago

How "accepted" is the job as a personal assistant in the USA? - 1 Reply

Hello, first sorry for the bad english, I haven`t used it for a long time :-) A friend has startet his own business as a personal assistant. And...


Updated 40 months ago

need a job! - 3 Replies

I'm looking for a job being someones personal assistant. Possibly an ederly person or couple that needs someone to run errands for them, talk to...

Put It On BLAZT in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 43 months ago

Real Job In PA Area - 1 Reply

I am looking for a business really that is low cost to begin and to maintain, at least in the beginning so I can get it off of the ground. I am...

Rasheed Adewuyi in Lagos, Nigeria

What PAs think about their bosses

I am developing training materials for PAs and there is this section on executive behavior. It would be interesting to know how PAs perceive their...


Updated 46 months ago

Legitimate Employers - 4 Replies

I have taken personal assistant/nanny jobs for families in my area in the past. I am interested in traveling to take a new position, however, I am... in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 46 months ago

Help Needed - Executive Singles Club for your boss? - 1 Reply

Hi there, not sure if this in the right section and apologies if it is not, but I would be so grateful for your help. I am in the process of...

luis dEs in Mexico

Considering a Personal Asistant position

Hello, I a 48 year old, fit, well educated man who's interested in knowing or learning the perks of a PA job. I want to try something new and think...

Jake curry in New Port Richey, Florida

Updated 49 months ago

Personal Assistant Positions in Miami - 3 Replies

Hi- I am wondering if anyone can lead me in the right direction...I worked in Los Angeles as a personal assistant to a well known recording...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

English lady wanting a career in NYC - 1 Reply

I have worked as a support worker for disabled adults and adults with learning disabilies for 8 yrs have all the apropriate certificates in first aid...

glvram in Sioux City, Iowa

Looking for tips on starting up Personal assistant/concierge business.

Could anyone give me advice on what steps to take when starting a personal assistant/concierge business? I am looking to start a business in which I...

blake1 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 53 months ago

How old do you have to be start? - 1 Reply

Im 14 and ive always wanted to be a personal assistant. But I was wondering if i could start maybe doing local things. Nothing big but how old would...

Joe in Guilford, Connecticut

Updated 53 months ago

How do you get in with little experience? - 3 Replies

I'm a PA with about 2 yrs worth of experience, and references that will sing my praises. But how in the world do I get into the lucrative side of...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

I cant find a Job! - 1 Reply

I am been looking for a long time now and I desperately need a job I have a great experience and good worker and this is the first time that I have...

Job director in London, United Kingdom

Updated 54 months ago

Desperately Seeking Job! - 2 Replies

I am looking for anything. I have experience in the hospitality industry mainly as a lead cook. But would like to branch out of the field. I have...

barbara2010 in Florence, South Carolina

Updated 54 months ago

Writing off things with personal assistant? - 2 Replies

My gf is now a personal assistant. She was offered 15 an hour, or 13 (being taxed). She chose the 15 an hour and she has to claim it herself. Does...

AngelMokka in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Part Time / Online Personal Assistant???

Hi, I would like to be an online personal assistant. As I don't want to get paid, I will just need the experience that I will get from the job, and...

boogerboy in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 55 months ago

Jobs - 1 Reply

Man I need a job, but no one will hire me because I have a record from my juvenile years and it's hard because I have a son to take care of.

Lala in Ridgewood, New York

Updated 55 months ago


My spouse is a PA, and her client is trying to make my spouse pay for the gas used to take her to places ie: doctor, shopping, fast food.. etc, and...

yingkitsin1121 in lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 58 months ago

hurry need someone help - 2 Replies

i hope anyone who can help me,be my god please..i live in geogria .i graduated truck driving school 3 months.the problem is i was in werner training...

Nechole McSweeney in Romeoville, Illinois

Personal Assistant Available

I am a 40 year old with a strong background in customer service and as an executive assistant. I reside in Romeoville, Illinois and can provide work...

gigi0904 in Atlanta, Georgia

Seeking Virtual / Personal Assistant Position

I have 10+ years of experience as an executive level assistant. Along with the daily responsibilities of exeutive care (calendar management, travel...

Kanat Oz in Houston, Texas

Personal Assistant

Professional PA 38 male looking for job in Houston TX. Family matters, disrection, travel & timing, business matters... For executive level...

samuel in Cloverdale, California

Updated 59 months ago

Personal Assistant - 1 Reply

There is, currently, an advertised opening for a Personal Assistant posted only by " Ezautodealer". Frankly, the opening sounds very "fishy" with...

Lauri Myers in Greenwood, Arkansas

Personal Assistant for Fort Smith AR area

I have found that being a personal assistant for excutives that are relocating to this area has been beneficial. I am posting my services for anyone...

Hind Kecha in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Personal Assistant

I am searching for a job as a personal assistant. Ive been working as an personal assistantIn investment banking her in UAE- Dubai- Please contact...

Anderson Kennedy in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 62 months ago

Seeking a Personal Assistant position in the Entertainment Business. Immediate relocation possible. - 1 Reply

Good Morning, I am seeking position as a Personal Assistant in the Entertainment Business. I can offer a terrific skill set and would an asset to...

nikkimoon in New Jersey

Updated 62 months ago

Personal Assistant in Denver - 1 Reply

I am relocating to Denver, actually coming back to Denver from Albuquerque and i want to be a personal assistant to a professional male or female or...

Donna Boyle in Waitsfield, Vermont

Personal Assistant available for child, pet and home care with skills including yoga, living and vegetarian food and business.

I am interested in finding a personal assistant gig that needs everything I have to offer. From child and pet and home care to my skills with...

Akeisha in Hampton, Virginia

Errand/Concierge/Personal assistant

Hello I am Akeisha and I just started my Errand/Concierge/Personal assistant home business. I am looking to help where I can and where you need....

Neals For Hire in Saint Louis, Missouri

Are you looking for a Personal Assistant with over 20 years experience? If so, Neals For Hire would love to work for/with you!

Neals For Hire is a small business that offers support designed to aid in simplifying your business/life through Personal Assistance, Language and/or... in Lynwood, California

Im a personal assistant/house keeper looking for a job

Hello there, My name is Plushette Turner. I live in los angeles calif. Ive been working as an personal assistant/house keeper for 11yrs off and...

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