Recent graduate, trying to get into Pharmaceutical sales

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DesperateGrad in Gaffney, South Carolina

30 months ago

Hi, I am about to graduate and I am having a super hard time getting into this industry. I have sent a resume to every position available and so far nothing. I am super discouraged so if anyone has any recommendations that would be awesome. Thank You

Joe Gagill in Ellenville, New York

30 months ago

Go get a sales job in another industry first for 3 yrs.

Also, hopefully you look like a model. (Doctor's and p0rn go hand and hand) Please don't get mad at me for saying that. But only pretty chicks get hired in pharma.

Then, start making contacts with people in pharma via Linkedln, in person, whatever.

Eventually if your at least good in sales and are hot looking you will get a gig in pharma.

I really wish you the best.

Desperate grad in Columbus, North Carolina

30 months ago

I have about 4 years if selling experience in retail and banking. Thanks for your help!

Joe Gagill in Ellenville, New York

30 months ago

I hope I wasn't too hard. I'm not sure how many newly graduates pharma hire nowadays.

Retail Sales don't really count. I'm not really sure about the banking.

You need a Sales job and it can't just be order taking.

Hopefully others give advice and it's more positive than mine.

There was a time when it was easy to get into pharma. Not now.

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