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Anas in Syrian Arab Republic

Updated 39 months ago

I am a US citizen and i do possess a FPGEC certificate. I am looking for a pharmacy intern position in Philadelphia, PA. Can som - 1 Reply

Can somebody tell me what to do to for a pharmacy intern job

andhow in Upland, California

Updated 39 months ago

Getting a hospital internship, job, etc. - 1 Reply

Hello. I am a 3rd yr. pharmacy student with a graduation date of May 2013. I have been trying my hardest to score an internship but it has been in...

andhow in Ontario, California

Social Networking for the pharmacist

TO: Pharmacists Check out the social/professional networking site Pharmacist Society. It is free and supposed to be a closed network for...

Disgusted with Pharmacy in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 39 months ago

Should I start off as a tech - 4 Replies

Would it be worth my time working as a tech to see if I like the profession before applying to pharmacy school? Also, I am in my early 30's. Will... in Ethiopia

Updated 40 months ago

pharmacist future - 3 Replies

here in sudan more profesional studdies so as to enter the teatching branch either in universities or any related faculties it the same all...

Janees in San Lorenzo, California

Updated 40 months ago

Pharmacists waiting on probation discipline, what to do? - 5 Replies

I am currently under investigation by the board of pharmacy for a drug/alcohol related issue. It could be months before any action is taken which...

srikanth in New Delhi, India

Updated 40 months ago

what are career options for an M-Pharmacy graduate from India in US - 1 Reply

Hi all, I am pursuing M-Pharmacy at present and I shall be reaching US after I complete my project. Please suggest me career options in case there...

19yearold in Tampa, Florida

Worried about becoming a pharmacist

My aunt works in a Pharmacy, and after visiting multiple times, I've decided this is something Im interested in doing. My hopes were pretty high,...

BOB in Arcola, Illinois

Updated 41 months ago

Breaking a contract with a retail pharmacy - 18 Replies

I am 1.5 years into a 3 year committment with a large chain pharmacy. An opportunity to go back into hospital in my local area as a director has...

Wawa in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 41 months ago

need pharmacy intern position - 1 Reply

iam a foreign pharmacy graduate.i have received my fpgec certification.iam curuntly in nj state.if there is any pharmacy intern position...

McKenzie in Arlington, Texas

Updated 42 months ago

Starting Salary for Retail Pharmacist? - 6 Replies

How much do Retail Pharmacist usually start at (Walgreens, CVS, ect.), specifically in New Jersey?

AJ2013 in Jackson, Tennessee

Updated 42 months ago

High School Junior wanting to pursue a job as a pharmacist! - 1 Reply

My name is Jackie, currently I am a junior in high school. Science's have always interested and I though pharmacy would be a good career path. I...

MichaelPharmD in New Jersey

Updated 42 months ago

Pharmacy is a great profession - 8 Replies

I encourage everyone to apply to pharmacy school. 100K+ starting salary. CVS and Wags opening on ever corner. There is so many types of pharmacy...

Emil in Whittier, California

Updated 42 months ago

What cities are in high demand for Pharmacists? - 2 Replies

While there are cities that the market is very saturated, there have got to be cities that Pharmacists are in high demand. Which cities/areas do you...

DJR62283 in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania

Pharmacist Jobs in NJ, DE?

Hello all! I graduated from pharmacy school this year and I'm a rph/pharmD looking for a job! I have found nothing in NJ and DE looks just as...

nancy in Spring Valley, New York

Updated 43 months ago

What alternative state should I seek licensure? - 2 Replies

Hello all, I am a 2010 grad who is licensed in NJ and have only been able to work as a relief pharmacist. I have concluded I need to relocate in...

nya in Burlington, Ontario

Updated 43 months ago

I have already got my Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, how can I get into a US pharmacy school? - 6 Replies

I have already got my Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, how can I get into a US pharmacy school? And how many years it will take to complete the...

MrPharmD in Richmond, Virginia

Newly licensed Virginia and DC Pharmacist looking for work

Any one in the same situation in Tirupati, India

Updated 43 months ago


hi. im a filipino graduate of pharmacy (4 year course). i know i should take up FPGEE before working as pharmacist in the USA. i would just like to...

CareerSeeker in Southfield, Michigan

A PhD in PharmD or Pharmaceutical Sciences?

I'm working on prerequisites to eventually apply for Pharmacy School. My school offers Phd's in PharmD or Pharmaceutical Sciences (They also have one...

Christine in Denton, Texas

Should I retake the PCAT?

I took the PCAT last year and made a composite score of 84. I made average scores in the bio and chem section, somewhere in the upper 50's-80 range....

JB in Tujunga, California

Updated 43 months ago

Unique Problem? Any solutions? - 1 Reply

Hi all: I have a rather unique concern and hope someone can help me. I am a US licensed pharmacist and have not been practicing pharmacy since my...

melissa ,NC

Updated 43 months ago

Suggestions regarding Pharmacy career - 1 Reply

I have been out of job for 1 year now, I don't know what to expect from the pharmacy profession. I got my license to practise in Oct 2010 and have...

Feyisa Oljira in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

I am Junior pharmacist

I am graduated by Bachelor of pharmacy(B.pharm) from Wollega University on June,25/2011(G.C.Also I am licensed as Junior pharmacist from Oromia...

Ehtostaf in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 45 months ago

Community Pharmacist Job Market Concerns - 1 Reply

I will be graduating from a state school PharmD program in May, 2011. I had initially thought of getting into a 1 year Pharmacy residency program in...

Ehtostaf in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 45 months ago

Pharmacy Internship - 1 Reply

Hi, I am a foreign pharmacist. I have my FPGEC Certificate and I like to start my internship anywhere in USA.I am an Ethiopian with a green...

James Gresham in La Center, Washington

Updated 45 months ago

Retail Pharmacist Starting Salary in South Jersey? - 6 Replies

How much do Pharmacist typically start at in the southern new jersey area (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, ect)? Which retail stores usually...

cheratussin in Germantown, Maryland

Updated 45 months ago

Not enough staffing?? - 1 Reply

When pharmacies are short staffed what are some ways that they cope with it? What's the best solution?

aabdraff57 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 45 months ago

PharmD looking for alternative career options - 5 Replies

Hi, I'm a licensed pharmacist with PharmD with a year of retail experience and a little experience at a public health/non profit experience. I've...

WONGJAMES1823@YAHOO.COM in Rowlett, Texas

Updated 46 months ago

Licensed Pharmacist in NJ looking to VOLUNTEER in exchange for learning retail pharmacy - 5 Replies

I graduated in 1989, have a valid NJ license. Worked in pharmaceutical industry in sales for about 6 yrs, and then became a full time mom. Time to...

Berengere in Silver Spring, Maryland

Looking for a PhD in USA when you come from Europe : help and advice needed

Hello, I am looking for a PhD in the US. I will be graduating next year from Phamarcy school. Do you know if it is possible to find a structure...

violet275 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Updated 47 months ago

Free MPJE adaptive test with explanation and review - 6 Replies

Hey, Guys I found really good site to take free MPJE test and it also gives the answers and explanation at the end of test. site :...

unemployedPharmD in Westminster, California

Updated 47 months ago

finally for the offer of admission. But now I am confused. - 9 Replies

I got an offer of admission from a pharmacy school. I am married and the financial responsibilities delayed the process but I finally got the...

babak j in Glendale, California

Updated 47 months ago

pharmacy job market - 5 Replies

is the job market for the pharmacist tighter because of the current economy?

Kim in Brookline, Massachusetts


I am graduating in May and am completely willing to relocate (I would prefer to be in a city but thats also negotiable depending on the position). ...

BIJAN in Miami, Florida

Updated 49 months ago

Starting out... - 5 Replies

How did you get your start doing pharmacist work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

EDUKTD in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 50 months ago

Tuition assistance in exchange for service commitment? - 2 Replies

I am a 2012 PharmD candidate and I currently have a 3.54 GPA in an accelerated, three-year pharmacy program. I was wondering if there are anyone has...

SJ682 in Painesville, Ohio

Criminal Records

I live in Ohio I've been convicted of two misdemeanors, one underage drinking and one that was theft worked down to disorderly I'm going to major in...

david in Downey, California

Updated 51 months ago

Question about becoming a pharmacist - 1 Reply

Long story short, 2 years ago while I was a foolish senior in high school doing usual stupid senior things my friend and I got pulled over (he was...

Just call me Dr. in Tampa, Florida

Updated 51 months ago

Pharmacy school - 3 Replies

I was terminated from the Pharmacy school because I did not pass three classes. I do not want to give up my goal. It is very challenging. Everyday I...

Flawless in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 52 months ago

New Pharmacist Job, How to Prepare - 1 Reply

I am a new pharmacist and will be working for a low volume grocery store chain. I have minimal (rotations mostly) retail experience and would like to...

lost&depressed in Seattle, Washington

Updated 52 months ago

Worst Place To Work: Pharmacy at Medical Center of Lewisville, Lewisville, Texas - 2 Replies

You work like a slave, under constant watching eyes of the director and manager and you will get written up for looking at a TV screen. Stay away!!!

hyzsm in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 53 months ago

retail to long term care - 1 Reply

I am a licensed pharmacist in GA and have been worked in the retail for 2 years. The retail market is so tight right now. I have been trying to get...

Theta in Padre Island Ntl Seashor, Texas

Tips to land a hospital/industry internship?

I am currently in pharmacy school and was wondering if anyone could share some tips on how to differentiate myself from the crowd to land an...

kat in Ormond Beach, Florida


anyone help me? how will i know if m pharmacy degree is equivalent to UK's? i studied pharmacy in the Philippines. thanks!

MedicalKid in Renton, Washington


I wanna be a pharmacist in College, would this be a good schedule to take in High School to be a pharmacist? Is AP US History needed for medical...

kat in Kissimmee, Florida

pharmacist's salary in UK

hi. does anyone know how much is the salary of pharmacists in england, scotland or wales?

rph just laid off in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 55 months ago

Will Obama's health care plan affect my salary as a pharmacist - 5 Replies

I want to know because I don't know if I should pursue it anymore

yen in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Updated 55 months ago

Future PharmD student Need help... - 2 Replies

Hi I at pharmacy technician school now and I will graduate in 1 year and get my AS. and AA I just wondering how long take to be PharmD after I get AS...

Roger, Rph in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 55 months ago

I want to pursue a career in pharmacy - 1 Reply

I would like to become a pharmacist I'm gonna start my sophomore year in september. Here are my freshman grades Algebra: 70 Living Enviroment:...

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