is there a shortage of jobs for pharmacists?

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Scared for Rx in New York, New York

33 months ago

I am about to graduate pharmacy school in May 2013. I have to stay in the Metro NYC area b/c of my sick parents. I went to my school's job fair, and it was an absolute mess! The recruiters (none of them were pharmacists)interviewed students for like 10 mins. or less! Each of the major chain recruiters interviewed 75-80 students each! Now tell me if this is not troubling. Interview day felt like a musical chairs marathon! If I wasn't in such deep debt b/c of pharmacy school, I would have taken a crack at the MCAT and aim for medical school, nursing or PA school. But I also heard that those markets are saturated as well!

For pharmacy students who are about to graduate - acquire skills that will look good to hospitals. Retail as it is currently practiced is unsustainable. Pharmacy practice, especially retail, is in a bubble that will pop very soon.For students that are aiming to go to pharmacy school - please reconsider. Go to pharmacy school if and only if you have family members that are pharmacists that can get you jobs while in school or after school. I am convinced to get a job in retail, you need family members within the company already. I have gone into many retail stores and asked for jobs and I get the same reply, "Apply online". Every time I walk into a retail chain I see new people working each time (whether they are store clerks, pharmacy techs, or even pharmacists). So what gives? Is there a hiring freeze or no? The only people I see on a regular basis are the store managers.....

Hospital is the way to go, I am convinced. Residency is ok, but if you have common sense, you can get hired as a staff pharmacist and work your way to clinical......New hospitals aren't opened like every month on every street corner.

For those who have not graduated yet, keep up the good fight. The retail jobs are getting slimmer and slimmer, and after I saw what went down at the school's job fair, pharmacy's future isn't looking all too good.....

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Doctor D in Sarasota, Florida

12 months ago

Also have BS. Most male patients will address you as Doc anyway.
Ever hear a kid call a dentist Mister? How about a pastor? First name?
Who has a title, other than an emphatic SIR, that properly honors the professional who may be an example of the relation " BS5+ EXP1 +CE=PharmD6"?
Meanwhile, cozying up to management is fine if you are pretty, handsome. Fresh young faces..Clooney? Selleck?
Step out of line and they'll flatten you in an instant. It's about their survival.Try this one on- company will pay your tuition after graduation(provided you keep working for them). Try to exercise professional judgement or ethics in any way that threatens profitability, and its "if you leave (get canned) you have to pay it back"
Recipe for termination, bankruptcy, divorce, child support... get the picture?
Some might say- "Oh, there is a state law that managers cannot tell a professional what to do"
So.. Could we say, in a very quiet and smiling voice, "Hold on one second, (use first name here) you can't mean you want me to dispense this medication against my better judgement, or not take time to message/fax the doctor, or don't want me to give the patient a few to avoid inconvenience, and just give it out, and don't spend enough time explaining/counseling, and not to ask the patient to call me at a time when it is easier to talk? You surely know I attended the university for 5-6 years, and need to legally dispense medication with care and appropriate instruction to the patient, so can we discuss this later, in private?(use first name again)
What I am looking for is a carefully crafted SCRIPT, practiced repeatedly like a little canned speech, to be rapidly recited from memory in a difficult situation, and calculated to allow the pharmacist to do the right thing without either violating professional standards, or alienating the manager. Remember when pharmacists had scruples.

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Doctor D in Sarasota, Florida

12 months ago

EmptyChair in New York, New York said: EDUCATION =17 YEARS...............EXPERIENCE=18 YEARS(MAJOR HOSPITAL )+11 YEARS(MAJOR CHAIN)...........62 YRS OLD...........FIRED(JUNE 2012)........
LOST HOME........LOST FAMILY..........X'MAS EVE 2012..................

We get it. Assuming you are a he, recommend (21 months late, but it might be of interest to others) Never give up. You will come out on top. No dummies graduate pharmacy school. Young women are very interested in mature professionals. Think Venezuela or the Phillipines. Make sure you have a good strong heart. Nothing wrong with being a sugar daddy. Let go of anything that hurts, and embrace what makes you happy. Practice grinning in the mirror. Pat yourself on the back. You got rid of someone who is disloyal and thinks money matters more than you. What's the big loss, it may be a blessing in disguise. Buy an older car in great condition ("big, powerful car-or truck" good fast, cheap sports car) eat well, get buff, get a makeover and new wardrobe.

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I speak for pharmacists in franklin, New York

8 months ago

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Antedea Corporation in Jaipur, India

5 months ago

Hi dude,

We are pharmacy company based in Indian and registered our company also in USA, we are looking for pharmacists to expand our business in USA. we have a good business opportunity for you, you can earn five thousand to twenty five thousand USD by working with us, please let me know if you are interested.

I speak for pharmacists in franklin, New York said: Let your concerns be known formally

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