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Mindy in Alamo, California

CVS training

What can I expect of the CVS web based/coached training program for newly hired pharmacy techs? Is the computer system difficult to learn?

NPTA in Houston, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

Pharmacy Tech student looking for CpHT for mock interview. - 1 Reply

Hello. I'm Mark and I have an assignment for my class to interview a certified Pharmacy tech. I could go around town asking techs but I really don't...

Julia in Darien, Illinois

Updated 37 months ago

Certified Pharmacy Tech in Illinois - 1 Reply

Hi guys, I would like to know if it is necessary to attend school in order to get certified? Here the application (#3) "Proof of graduation...

Bloomers in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 37 months ago

Jobless for 1 year, on food stamps, help w/ cover letter - 7 Replies

I want to get a job as a pharmacy technician. I genuinely need help with my cover letter. My college teachers have helped me but I still believe the...

tripplesix in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 38 months ago

How can I get myself fired from my pharmacy tech job without breaking any laws or stealing? - 7 Replies

I really hate my job I don't have have the courage to quit so I am planning on getting fired. If I get fired I will be able to collect unemployment...

yoj in Makati, Philippines

Apply for a Pharmacy Technician

I am a Registered Pharmacist, im working in a Private Hospital for 8 yrs. now and up to present, I want to apply as a Pharmacy Technician in any...

Hamiltonkc in Barnegat, New Jersey

Job ideas for new graduate (biology) with pharm tech exp?

I am about to graduate college in a couple weeks with a B.S, in biology. I have 4 years of pharmacy technician experience. I am about to take the...

Lola390 in Paterson, New Jersey

eXcpt test

I am really nervous about this test,how difficult is it? I took the PTCB but failed,math is not my strongest subject.

Noir in Chula Vista, California

Updated 38 months ago

Intelliflow/DoseEdge - 4 Replies

Does anyone out there work at a hospital that uses Intelliflow rx/DoseEdge in their IV rooms?

Amy M in Columbus, Georgia

I understand pay is low.. want to know about job openings

I understand that pay is low. For right now that is ok. I plan to pursue further training in college in another field. What I want to know is if I...

jstevenson94421 in columbus, Georgia

Updated 38 months ago

Starting out... - 145 Replies

How did you get your start doing pharmacy technician work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

sad in Kingston, Pennsylvania

Updated 38 months ago

Hours being Cut, skimping on supplies Etc..Rite Aid is a Sinking boat - 2 Replies

I didn't believe the hype when I first started chatting on this site. But as of July 01, 2010, I have went from 35 hours a week to 20 hours a week!!...

andrew in Anaheim, California

Updated 38 months ago

Passed the PTCB test, now what? - 6 Replies

Hey guys, So I just passed the PTCB exam last week. All I got is a printout that said 'pass' and that my official results would be available...

lavera in Stockton-on-tees, United Kingdom

Please can anyone help with this question

Calculate the quantity of each ingredient to dispense the following script. Salicylic and Sulphur ointment BP Salicylic Acid powder ...

me in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 38 months ago

How to build the courage to leave my awful technician position - 2 Replies

I started working as a technician 3 months ago and its been bad from day one. The lead technician who was assigned to train me has treated me like...

Julia in Darien, Illinois

Renewal of pharmacy technician License in the state of Illinois

How to renew pharmacy technician license in the state of Illinois. My license is going to expire on 31 March 2012. My license is still valid ,...

Tori in Sonoma, California

canceling my tech license?

I was wondering if I canceled my tech license, would I be able to renew later?


Updated 39 months ago

How to PROPERLY quit my pharmacy technician job? - 1 Reply

I am a pharmacy technician I work in a small pharmacy inside a hospital (retail pharmacy) about 120 scripts a day on average...We only have 2...

LuLu in Sicklerville, New Jersey

Updated 39 months ago

Any Insight on Interviewing at Walgreens? - 3 Replies

Wondering if anyone works at Walgreens pharmacy or ever interviewed with them? It seems every place has it's own way of interviewing so I was...

Dave in Hialeah, Florida

Question about renewing Registered Pharmacy Technician license

I have already completed my CE (Continuing Education) for my PTCB renewal license, but I am not quite sure on how to go about renewing my state...

Tiffany in Seoul, Korea, Republic of

Updated 39 months ago

Started Pharmacy Tech (foreign student) - 21 Replies

Hi everyone my name is Jimmy, Im 20 and foreign student, I just waste almost 2 years at CCSF try to get AA degree...until I find this new college...

gayleknapp in Oakland, California

Updated 39 months ago

PLEASE HELP!!! CA JOB CORP post math and english test ?! - 1 Reply

i am already accepted into sac. job corp, i have a start date and have been on a waiting list for like 4 monthes to finally begin and i start on june...

zeelani in Washington, District of Columbia


I have never worked as a pharmacy technician, was wondering if rite aid is a good place to start?

Amanda in Lake Jackson, Texas

Career change from LVN to pharmacy tech?

I have an LVN license, though I have not worked in many years. My experience includes hospital pediatrics and an allergy/asthma clinic. After being...

MathewA in Torrance, California

Do The Major Chain Pharmacies Have Insurance Benefits?

Just curious if pharmacy technicians at all the major chain pharmacies located in California have health insurance benefits with their job. Does it...

zeelani in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 39 months ago

Pharm Tech in Maryland? - 1 Reply

Do I need to be certified(registered) to work as a pharm tech in maryland? I overheard places like cvs and rite aid provide on-the-job training. Are...

raja in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 39 months ago

PTCB exam - 7 Replies

Hello, I have no experience at all in pharmacy but I am thinking about getting my certification to be a Pharmacy Technician. There are so many books...

zeelani in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 39 months ago

Can someone tell me if is worth the money? - 4 Replies

I've been thinking of paying the $75.00 online course to compliment Mosby's Pharmacy Technician book and Essential Math and Calculations for...

James in Bradenton, Florida

Updated 39 months ago

Do I have to take formal classes to qualify from the ExCPT exam, or can I study through this online course? - 1 Reply

I have been looking into becoming a Pharmacy Technician since I graduated high school. I work 2 jobs so college is a little hard to pull off right...

Eviemc in Mobile, Alabama

Online school for an Associates Degree in Pharmacy

Hi all I am currently a licensed tech and I agree that the test was easy and school is really not needed. However I have my sights set on teaching...

streampaw in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 39 months ago

salary for pharmacy technician - 2 Replies

what are the top paying countries for pharmacy technician?

Danna in Mercer Island, Washington

percentage/dosage solutions

I am stuck on these 2 problems, and the formulas that I am using I don't believe are working to find the correct answer. Problem #1 You have 4...

Tired of the abuse in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 39 months ago

Rite Aid Pharmacy Tech and what is the deal with breaks? - 8 Replies

I just spent 2 years in college, graduated with my Pharmacy Tech training. Then went in June of and took my boards, passed them. I got hired in at...

streampaw in Beaverton, Oregon

Is rite aid a good place to start out as a pharm tech?

I have never worked as a pharm tech. Is rite aid a good place to start out? Any advice is helpful.

Riddle in San Francisco, California

Updated 39 months ago

Need free online study resources. Taking exam in 3 weeks. - 1 Reply

Hello everyone. I'll be taking the pharmacy tech certification exam in about 3 weeks. I went to the local Books-a-Million and purchased a test prep...

Kimmysaurus in Macungie, Pennsylvania

Updated 39 months ago

Pharmacy Tech at Walmart - 3 Replies

I worked as a Pharmacy Tech in New York State and we did not even need any kind of certification. I could not believe we were able to do the work we...

Joe in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 40 months ago

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician - 86 Replies

Does anyone know the payscale for this field? I am assuming it pays more since it requires extra training. I have seen pharmacy tech openings for...

kika in Tampa, Florida

Pharmacy tech info Union

this is to basically exchange important info regarding salary, location, pharmacy field etc...For example Nuclear pharm tech make more than retail,...

nes in Marion, North Carolina

Updated 40 months ago

taking the pharmacy exam - 2 Replies

can i just take the exam itself or do i have to take courses first

kendy369 in Dade City, Florida

pharmacy technician online valid in florida to become a pharmacy tech

im taking pen foster online for pharmacy tech. is their diploma in pharmacy tech valid in florida! and how many hours of externship do i have to do?

kendy023 in Dade City, Florida



mela619 in San Diego, California

PT License Renewal

Ok i'm embarrassed to even ask this but I haven't worked as a PT since the early 2000's... I am from California and am planning to move to Brooklyn,...

FedUp in Columbus, Ohio

retail vs. long term care vs. hospital

I am currently working in a long term care pharmacy. I am looking for a new experience, and would like to go into a hospital setting. I've heard alot...

mck627 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 40 months ago

Pharmact Tech Hosptal Position interview - 2 Replies

I have an interview at a home health service pharmacy fro long term care. I did do long term care years ago but I'm anxious. Any tips for the...

mck627 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 40 months ago

I have a non drug related misdemeanor charges.. will that keep me from getting my Pharm. Tech. Licenses? - 1 Reply

I have 3 traffic related misdemeanor, all expundged but you have to still tell the Board about them. Will this keep me from getting a license??

jobsearch in San Francisco, California

Updated 40 months ago

Has anyone taken a class in Mission College San Jose Ca for Pharmacy tech if so how, would you recommend it? - 2 Replies

I am looking to take classes in Mission College for the fall semester. Has anyone taken class there before? Please let me know your experiences, is...

Brittney Skipper in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Updated 40 months ago

CPHT JOBS - 2 Replies

I have been licensed and certified as a pharmacy tech for roughly six months now. Done every in and out 2 find a job walk in with resumes selling my...

Paige in Davis, California

Updated 40 months ago

Pharmacy tech school - 24 Replies

I have been looking into Pharmacy Tech school and all I'm finding are 9-11 month courses that cost like 10.000-12.000 dollars. I live in Tampa,fl and...

1Madgirl2 Turner in killeen, Texas

Updated 40 months ago

Pyxis machine - 6 Replies

Hi. I was wondering how long does it take to train to use the pyxis machines?

Nafabdul in Bronx, New York

Updated 40 months ago

Any good pharmacy tech schools in NY? - 1 Reply

While I am in college, I want to have a job so I can make some money and be out on my own. I tried being a CNA and the only thing I liked was knowing...

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