Anyone ever worked for PharMerica?

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Frank in San Francisco, California

39 months ago

Anyone ever worked for PharMerica? Specifically in California? Any insight about working as Tech for them would be appreciated. Such as hours (are they open 7 days and/or nights), how the medical benefits are and wages. Thanks Much!

Anon in Clearwater, Florida

39 months ago

I work there, I was started at 10 per hour with no raise past 90 days. The shifts are typically 10 hrs and they're open 24/7. You can sign up any type of health insurance you want through them including dental, eye, etc. Hope this helps

scarecrow in Baltimore, Washington

22 months ago

I work for Pharmerica in another state. I've been working with them for about 3 months. Its ok, definitely not my dream job. This company, as with most companies I worked at, lacks training...its non-existent. If I don't ask questions, I won't learn anything. Its a bit confusing, different facilities get different drugs, different days supply, etc. I'm trying to keep them all straight, but I still get confused sometimes.

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