PLEASE HELP!!! CA JOB CORP post math and english test ?!

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katie holderman in Auburn, Washington

66 months ago

i am already accepted into sac. job corp, i have a start date and have been on a waiting list for like 4 monthes to finally begin and i start on june 18th, my councilor all of a sudden tell me that i am having to take this math and english test before my pharmacy technician trade begins and if i don't pass with an 80% or better then i will not be able to take my trade.. does anyone know what i should expect? i am good in english just math i have been out of school for some years and i dont know what i should study or brush up on when i asked my councilor she said there was no study material, but has anyone taken this test before, so i can just kind of prepare myself, i have been waiting and wanting to take this trade through job corp and have gone through a looong process and am nervous about the test..(please excuse my many typos i am just crazy searching everywhere for maybe a hint or two of what to be studying)

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gayleknapp in Oakland, California

65 months ago

I whent to Inland Empire JC, the math and english test they are yalking about is called a tabe test. This is used to see where you are in these 2 feilds of basic education. Its nothing to worry about, if you dont pass it you get to retest again and may be placed in a class or totoring. it took me personaly 2x to pass the math test. brush up on fraction, decimals, and a little algabra one and simple geometry (few questions on the last two listed). Dont let the ppl at JC push you around, if you dont pass the test before the PT class starts push them to retest you before classes start or start your second trade and just be pookie as hell and wait until PT starts again, dont let them try and compleate you or not let you have 2 trades posably. Dont be afrade to go to the center director if your being told you cant get into the class. NO MATTER WHAT PUT DOWN PHARM TECH AS YOUR 1st CHOICE IN TRADES!!!! If you have any other questions for me or just whant some insite as to how JC works then email me at

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