PTCB and Pharmacy Technician License Question..

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BJ in Washington, District of Columbia

56 months ago

In California Education or passing the PTCB/PTCE is a requirement for licensing. You may wan to visit the State Board of Pharmacy website and read the Pharmacy Law Book under Laws and Regulations. The regulation states:
Regulations; Criminal Background Check; Discipline
The board may issue a pharmacy technician license to an individual if he or she is a high school graduate or possesses a general educational development certificate equivalent, and meets any one of the following requirements:
Has obtained an associate's degree in pharmacy technology.
Has completed a course of training specified by the board.
Has graduated from a school of pharmacy recognized by the board.
Is certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.
The board shall adopt regulations pursuant to this section for the licensure of pharmacy technicians and for the specification of training courses as set out in paragraph (2) of subdivision (a). Proof of the qualifications of any applicant for licensure as a pharmacy technician shall be made to the satisfaction of the board and shall be substantiated by any evidence required by the board.
The board shall conduct a criminal background check of the applicant to determine if an applicant has committed acts that would constitute grounds for denial of licensure, pursuant to this chapter or Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 480) of Division 1.5.
The board may suspend or revoke a license issued pursuant to this section on any ground specified in Section 4301.
Once licensed as a pharmacist, the pharmacy technician registration is no longer valid and the pharmacy technician license shall be returned to the board within 15 days.

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rn to pt in Irving, Texas

46 months ago

Can anyone tell me if an rn get pt license in texas if rn license has disc. actions?

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MarvinS in Los Angeles, California

41 months ago

Anyone looking to get a job as a Pharmecy Tech read this article:

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ddking11073@*****.*** in Dallas, Texas

35 months ago

Kimberly in Houston, Texas said: Thank you I took the PTCB exam .. but I failed I am so upset right now but I'm not going to give up, I just need to wait to see my results and see my main weakness and maybe even get a study buddy there were so many things I studied that weren't even on there and I even took Pharmacy Tech class one and two for two years!!!!! I feel like I totally wasted my time taking those classes :(

Hey Kimberly,
Don't you feel that way. I just took test today and I failed it as well. But I'm gonna keep trying. You should too.

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Shan in Jackson, Mississippi

31 months ago

I am a foreign pharmacist .Since the exams for getting pharmacist licence(NAPLEX...) are very hard and long I want to start as a pharmacy tech .Any body knows what should I do ? I have my translated Pharmacy diploma .Should I go to pharmacy tech school again ? Please give me information. Thanks

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ptcbeasy in San Francsico, California

30 months ago

If you are struggling passing the PTCB exam or scared need that
extra assurance, you are not alone! I have been there! I'm happy
to help! I noticed many books out there make it harder than it needs
to be! You don't need a tutor! You don't need to spend 10k for a
school or 2k for one of those online schools. All you need is the
right tools to pass the exam! I spent countless hours of hard
sweat work to find the right tools that made it easy to understand.
I passed the PTCB exam with flying colors on the first attempt!

Please email me at
or visit

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Kathy3423 in los angeles, California

27 months ago

Hi all to those in CA! how long does it take after sending your application that your check is cashed? Thanks in advance! =)

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Nikhat in Stockton, California

22 months ago

I have a question, i did my ptce test and passed and also went to school for it but its not state board recognized, and i did complete high school but dont have a copy of it and my school dont have it but they sent a letter dat i finished my school and stuff, will that work?

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G1982 in Plainview, Texas

22 months ago

I am from Texas and I passed my test what is my next step? I do not work for a pharmacy I used to 6 years ago I was a trainee but quit.Please help

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Geena in Fullerton, California

6 months ago

My question is.. I went to school back in 2005 for pharmacy tech and completed the training course as well as my internship but never obtained my license had some life changing things happen.. I was wondering if after all this time if I still qualified to to apply for my license?? Does any one know if so please let me know.. Thank you

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