Thinking of a 2 year Pharmacy Tech program? Waste of time, money, and heres why....

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Sockmonkey in Winnipeg, Manitoba

49 months ago

I am a Technician in Canada and it is the same situation here. The problem stems from the fact that 25 years ago techs were just assistants counting pills, stocking shelves etc. Since that time the job has evolved to the point where techs have taken on many responsibilities previously performed by Pharmacists. This process has evolved slowly over 20-30 years to the point where we now do work we never signed on for and haven't been compensated for. At my hospital we check each others compounding, run satellite pharmacies, and sign off other techs work, do I.T. narcotics etc. all previously done by pharmacists and yet we make 40% of a pharmacists wages. If it wasn't for the union I am convinced they would pay us minimum wage. As long as the profession is run and managed by Pharmacists they will always keep tech wages low ensuring their high wages and making sure you do the work they don't want to. I agree with previous techs, this is not a career I would recommend. This profession has fallen through the cracks and has not been recognized nor compensated for the viable work techs perform.

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Ambroshia in Montgomery, Alabama

43 months ago

Well, I understand and sympathize with each and every situation. The facts are what they are. However, when most of us decided to become CPht or Pt, it wasn't just for the money. I say that because we too have to make a living for our families. But at the time is not true that our reasons for pursuing such an occupation was because we wanted to help people and feel good about what we do. You are all correct in saying that there are myriads of us, yet only a select few find it neccessary to become Nationally Certified. When we have lost the purpose of or occupation or are unable to survive because of a career choice it may be time to become creative. Find other avenues to either stay with the same career choice or do whatever it takes to make the necessary changes. I hope you all find what you are looking for!

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Babbs01 in North Carolina

42 months ago

As a CPhT with an AAS in Pharmacy Technology and work experience in both retail and hospital pharmacy, I can personally tell you that this degree is completely worthless. My employer encouraged me to obtain my AAS in PT. I was made promises (that I should have gotten in writing...note to self) about a new job/job description with pay that never happened. I have been looking around for nearly 3 years to be able to put my degree to use and it is not happening nor do I see it happening anytime in the near future. It is a big waste of time and expense. Put your money towards something that actually has a future for growth.

Like may of the posts that I have read, the technicians do the majority of the work for hardly any pay. I have been in pharmacy for nearly 20 years. I used to love my job and everything that it entailed, but that has certainly changed over the course of the last several years (even prior to the worthless degree). The harder you work or are willing to work, the more they want out of you. Why bust your butt when there are others working with you that wastes all kinds of time and you both still bring home a pay check?

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32 months ago

I created an accout just to post how i a college grad.Have taken many courses,also have a dagree in pharmacy technology,have a national certification.I have taken pharmacy buisness and law,pharmacology,anatomy,medical terminology,dosage calculations,aseptic technique and iv room, pharmacy buisness and law,drug prep and manufacturing, just to name a few. I have also taken side courses like logic,japanese,statistics,chemistry.etc.. with all of my experiences and knowledge i gained i have lost so much more. I have a job in a pharmacy as a technician.quess what i make, i make 9.50$ an hour, yes 9.50$ an hour. Thats barly above minimum wage.Yes the pharacist deserve higher pay then any tech but 9.50$ an hour.thats offensive. It really is. And from what i see and read i dont see it geting to much better no matter where i go as a tech. That basicly meens that for every hr that i work with a pharmcist, he gets payed for 4hrs or more. So when we work 2hrs together its like hes geting payed for 8. That basicly meens that when i work 1 10hr day with the pharmacist its like they get paid for one full week in comparison to my pay. Tell me thats not offensive. Let me tell you. I have had customers give me so much crap,want to fight me and all kinds of b.s for dam near no reason. Iv had patiants scream at me and threaten me. 9.50$.crazy. I use to hav a job in the past working in a warehouse. I started off at 10.50$. I got 12$ after becoming certified on a fork lift. It took 1week to get certified on that machine. Unbelievable 9.50$.Ive caught mistakes and discrepancies that could have deceased a person. I do alot of work pharm tech or not. 9.50$ is absurd. We work with chemicals that are dangerious, kinds of drugs that some may abuse,medications that can save a life or take a life. I deal with 1001 questions a day. I have to retain and omit a great deal knowledge. I hav to obliged by laws & mantain compliance. is 9.50$ an hour and thousans of dollars in debt worth it?????

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BCPhT in Forest Park, Georgia

28 months ago

After reading these posts, I have to vent my situation. I went to a pharmacy technology school, graduated, and did an internship at CVS. I hated working at CVS so i tried for years trying to work in a hospital. I'm certified and licensed and after 5 yrs no job!!!! I actually got hired at Ingles making $8.00 but I was never placed on schedule to work in the pharmacy. I was replaced and forced to bag groceries. I regret this because I should have did radiology.

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26 months ago

I think that's a bs comment because anywhere that u apply at u have to have experience you can't just walk up to walgreens and be like hey I wanna work here as a pharmacy tech can I have a job... Really!!! First thing there gonna say is do u have experience and then what... you don't so you gets no job.

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sapphyreopal5 in Charlotte, North Carolina

22 months ago

I came across this post because I was interviewed for a pharmacy technician position at my current place of employment (Target) a few weeks ago. Apparently the starting pay for a tech here in NC is $10 not certified and around $12 something certified from what others who've worked back there tell me. Since I am going to be trained as a pharmacy tech backup, I won't see a pay increase for now but the pharmacist and team lead back there told me they intend on hiring me for the next open position. One of the girls who's been there for a while told me she took a class for pharmacy tech (idk if it was continuing education or what), interviewed back there after applying, and didn't get the job.

You know why they chose to hire me as a backup tech? Because they were impressed by my enthusiasm for the job (asked A LOT of questions during both interviews), and were very impressed with how I answered their questions. Oddly enough, I informed the pharmacist during the interview I was planning on pursuing another medical field (most likely medical technology starting in the spring). The point of my post I guess is that I don't think it's worth the money to get an associate's degree in pharmacy technology, or even any continuing education to start out in the field. I believe that if possible, the best way to start off is to start off in a place that's willing to train you on the job and let you take the certification test when ready. Of course, you can always take the certification test beforehand as an added bonus. Retail may not be an ideal environment, but it's certainly much easier to get in as a starting point (not to mention get some experience on your belt).

As with any field of work, it's not always about hiring who the most educated person is; it's often about hiring who the most experienced person is and/or whether or not they like your personality and attitude.

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JNEA in California

22 months ago


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Nathan in Columbus, Indiana

20 months ago

erica said: I think that's a bs comment because anywhere that u apply at u have to have experience you can't just walk up to walgreens and be like hey I wanna work here as a pharmacy tech can I have a job... Really!!! First thing there gonna say is do u have experience and then what... you don't so you gets no job.

That is exactly how I started Erica. I was working at Menards in the lumber yard and hated the working conditions. I went to CVS and asked in the pharmacy if they were hiring. They said yes, I started out as a PSA and now have 9 years experience working in retail and hospital.

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Eillen in Mountain View, California

17 months ago

What I wanted to recommend to everyone who already have a 2-year degree in Pharmacy Tech to continue with your education. If you've already graduated from a accredited school request the school to transfer your official transcripts to a 4 year university and enrolled in a different major an pursue a bachelor or master degree even if you have pharmacy tech work experience or not and low pay.

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tamara12345 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

11 months ago

Not in Louisiana, you will be lucky to make $15, and hospital pharmacies may pay maybe $1-$2 more.

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Melle Parr in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

10 months ago

I ALMOST took that Pharmacy tech stuff but did Medical Billing and Coding and it is very challenging but I do make 22 per hour for now and 24 for 2016 is what we will get.

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10 months ago

How long long were u on school for that?

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schreb84 in Keokuk, Iowa

5 months ago

However, the Radiologic Technologist job market is flooded with new grads that cant get jobs in their field. So, after spending thousands of dollars and 2 rigorous years learning to be a Rad Tech, you will have difficulty finding a job.

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spuffler in Leominster, Massachusetts

1 month ago

Any saturated job market will suffer lower wages because employers can dictate their offers via a bidding war.

Sadly, that starts a new hire with the impression that said employer has minimal respect for the financial needs of the inbound employee. Add in that the employee is hired by an employer who is showing itself to be, in summation, indifferent to the needs of the employee they've hired (no dental, high copay medical). Chicken and egg: do new employees dislike the employer because they were hired into a weakly compensated position, or, does the employer feel that new hires are indifferent on intake and thus new hires are not deserving of strong compensation? Hmm.

Don't take me out of context here: one of my employers had no problem dismissing a whole department when business suffered. I know, first hand, how businesses, based solely on revenues, will lay off with very little concern about the employee. Corporate revenues CLEARLY dictate the employees life conditions.

Lets not forget that laid off employees will never get a call to return to that work, because job force talent can be gained by simply 'training new hires'.

Getting into the topic, realize that an associates in pharmacy is about as useful as a bachelors... most pharmacy employers are indifferent to anything beneath a PharmD, where the majority of the wages are expended. Lower skilled technicians are currently too easy to acquire off the street.

Why would any employer hire a technician with an associates if a street person is all that is needed to comply with the laws of most states? In the long analysis, I believe that the pharmacy practices are unwittingly being led, by state licensing requirements, towards an eventual mandatory Associates for technicians. I see this from how most states now support or mandate pharmacy technician certification, where 20 years ago, certification was only a beneficial situation.

Until then, we suffer.

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