Who all is using Penn Foster as their school of choice?

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la nena in Hartford, Connecticut

48 months ago

Anonymous in Tuolumne, California said: Actually I enrolled in penn foster for the pharmacy technician course. I also already passed my PTCE and am already licensed through the state. Penn foster is not a waste of money. Yes, any one off the streets can apply to take that PTCB exam. But, you cannot get licensed through any state without schooling. Without the license no pharmacist, big or small, can hire you.

i deeply agree....i dkn why ppl put penn foster down ..look i used to listen to these little comments here there of how ashworth was this or penn foster....and how the lincoln academy is so legit....and i was scared of enrolling so i chosed the one they said was so legit...and what happenned i kept listening i have diplomas home that are not acredited and that are not accepted by my town at all....and they did all recommended i go to penn foster or ashworth.things dont work for a few ppl...but the results are very different when it comes to others,penn foster is not bad and ashworth is also great i know someone who attends ashworth.....

la nena in Hartford, Connecticut

48 months ago

as with any online school.....it depends in your state or county/city/////town...etc...you have to check with their rules before you enroll in any online school.what i did was i wanted to do a carreer school of 1 year trainning...and i went to ask what online education they accept?....school of my choice refered me to penn foster.as with any human..if you curse and you do not utilize your human resources then no one wants to listen to you.bad attitude bad answers and even being ignored.i have not have a problem with them all my emails are answered and my text get here on time and if i have problems they are there.i am a single mother..with three children..i take care of my elder mother i do not have time to attend school in person..i am 35 years old..i do not have time to loose money economy is low...so i just do things right...because to those who ''penn foster did not worked'' did they took time to check if their town approves of it? if they did trust and believe that they will not be enrolling with them.you cant blame a school the staff or anyone for your attitude or neglicence...

Famous5 in Spanish Town, Jamaica

48 months ago

leslie in Virginia Beach, Virginia said: i did the penn foster one and it was not approved by the virginia bored of pharmacy so i had to do the coarse somewhere else waste of money

did they atleast give you credits for stuff you had covered?

richard in Oakland, California

48 months ago

Hi, i recently finished all my lessons and test in PharmTech. Do you know how many days it will take before I receive my Certificate/Diploma.

Thanks in advance.

john in Casper, Wyoming

38 months ago

David Scurlock in Eden Prairie, Minnesota said: in my opinion you wasted your money as i did when i paid 10 grand to go to school, a 1 1/2 later, im still not working. You could have gotten a decent $30/$40 pharmacy book, I think there is a pharmacy tech kit online somewhere for $40 and has the 200 flashcards, and do you really think you can remember 200 flashcards? or 200 top drug names? at least your only down $500 and no job, im down $10,000 and no job after 1 1/2 years.

To be functional as a Technician, you had better be able to memorize those 200 as a starting point! I am a hospital Pharmacy Director checking out penn foster to see if it prepares students. I require a degree AND a CPht to be hired. So, it depends what kind of job you want.

Tabatha in Indianapolis, Indiana

37 months ago

I am currently living in Indiana but want to relocate to Florida. I thought that you really just need to take the test to be certified, but taking a class would make that easier. The Penn Foster site says: "(The states of Florida, Indiana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington will not consider the training received in this program adequate to fulfill pharmacy technician credentialing requirements." What else would I need to do to get certified in either IN or FL if I take this course?

pgalvan in Chicago, Illinois

36 months ago

Do u know if Illinois accredits Penn Foster Pharmacy Tech program?

bebee.jennifer in Baytown, Texas

35 months ago

I am enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program through Penn Foster.. It is not all online.. They send new books every course you have!

Amanda in Gardnerville, Nevada

35 months ago

Some states require that pharmacy technicians go through certain approved schools for training. Some states require nothing. Each state is different. The Penn Foster training is designed to prepare grads for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) certification exam. PTCB certification is mandatory in 13 states and an alternative in another 13 states- meaning you can get PTCB certified or ______. pharmtechtraining.net/state-requirements.html has a nice chart that lists each state's requirements.

leeblck22 in Newark, Delaware

27 months ago

I got my pharmacy technician career diploma from Penn Foster Career School in October. I got good grades and passed the PTCB exam in December. So, I am currently certified as a pharmacy technician. I completed an online program so that I could learn at my own pace and learn everything as well as I could, so that I would be adequately prepared for the job. I did learn a lot, but this online program was a huge mistake. I tried to do the 200 hour work experience option that Penn Foster provides, but no pharmacy would let me in. Penn Foster provided NO hands on job training and NO networking opportunities with employers in your area. Two things you have to have in order to compete for a job. The competition out there is tough!

To get a job these days, networking is key! You have to know the right people to get your foot in the door. The job market for pharmacy technicians (and pharmacists) has become extremely saturated over the last several years, and more so every year. More and more schools have popped up over the last several years, more and more people have enrolled. There's just not enough jobs for this huge demand.

The supply of jobs is not keeping up with even half of the increased demand. There's a lot of certified and experienced pharmacy technicians out there competing for jobs! Even though I live in Delaware, every pharmacy I’ve applied to is only interested in technicians who are both certified and EXPERIENCED. NO ONE wants to give any new, untrained technicians a chance. Especially ones that have taken an online program. The reason why companies don't is because they don't have to! Why would they hire a new pharmacy technician who has never stepped foot in a pharmacy? When there are 50 other applicants who are also certified AND have 2-5 years of experience?

If you still want to be a pharmacy technician, make sure you have a way in if you get certified. Find someone that says they will definitely hire you IF you go out and get certified!

leeblck22 in Newark, Delaware

27 months ago

Before signing up for any pharmacy technician school, contact one of the recruiting agencies (that help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians find jobs) you can contact one of them to talk about career outlooks and job opportunities for new pharmacy techs.

Ask whether an online program, or a program at your local community college would be the best fit for you. They will answer all of your questions.




Atheana in Berkeley, California

26 months ago

I am thinking about doing PennFoster for Phar. Tech... But, does the requirements meet the board of pharm in California?

Atheana in Berkeley, California

26 months ago

anonymous in Tuolumne, California said: Yeah, I agree with the comment above. I finished the program with penn foster two months ago. Its a really worthwhile course to take. It may not be as cheap as the other site listed but I know that penn foster is accredited by the ASHP: american society of health system pharmacy which in some states that means you can already apply for your license without getting certified. But Im not saying that taking the ptcb is something anyone should blow off. If your certified your recognized nationally and if your just licensed your only recognized by your state. But my point here is that penn foster is accredited in the right area and it is a great program for independent studying.

so seeing you are in ca. penn foster is a legit school as a pharm tech for the state of ca?

Joe Medina, CPhT in Denver, Colorado

26 months ago

Penn Foster is NOT ASHP Accredited. This is a fact, no maybe they are...they are not.

Not bursting bubbles, but Tech Lectures is offering a national award winning Study Packet for the national exam for only $120.00 with free email support. Not a bad deal especially when their guarantee is the same as Penn Foster's as far as passing the national exam ...


Joe Medina, CPhT

This posting is meant to inform you of an alternative or a supplement to those who use Penn Foster.

shrimathi ravikumar in Sulphur, Louisiana

19 months ago

hi,I am was searching about penn foster to join pharmacy technician course but then I saw your post and stopped. your advice seems to mean that, one doesnot have to enroll in any college degree to write and pass PCTB exam. I am in washington state and it requires an approved training course + 4 hourse of AIDS training to be completed. so how do I go through these training without enrolling in a program at an university?

shrimathi ravikumar in Sulphur, Louisiana

19 months ago

John in Los Angeles/Las Vegas
67 months ago

hi,I am was searching about penn foster to join pharmacy technician course but then I saw your post and stopped. your advice seems to mean that, one doesnot have to enroll in any college degree to write and pass PCTB exam. I am in washington state and it requires an approved training course + 4 hourse of AIDS training to be completed. so how do I go through these training without enrolling in a program at an university?

Indie_One in Wichita, Kansas

17 months ago

Does anyone have an opinion on Penn Foster’s Business Management Associate Degree program?

Caley in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

17 months ago

john in Eden Prairie, Minnesota said: You actually made two false statements:

first off, you do not need to go to school to get certified.
second off, not all states require you to be certified to work.

It would be nice if the govt would mandate a 2 year schooling, you
would see all those useless online pharmacy tech classes disappear as they would not be able to meet govt requirements, and yes, they are useless, you can train yourself to take the PTCE, people do it
every single day, this type of schooling does not impress anyone,
they carry 0 weight, I only consider them prep classes to take
the exam, they carry no weight what-so-ever.

But wouldn't they help for someone who isn't self motivated enough to buy one book read it and take the test? and yes I am self motivated enough to finish classes online.

angty in Panama City, Florida

15 months ago

VRose in Belle Glade, Florida said: if the bill gets killed along the way (if it hasnt already) well, you have a better chance of waiting for hell to freeze over, it could take years before it comes up again for the senate to vote on...and that one in ohio was supposed to be law by the end of 2007, well, its not law yet, most likely it got hung up on something, or simply pushed to the back burner, but that was proprosed by a state senator i think.

Is Penn Foster even accredited in Florida?

Thomas in North Richland Hills, Texas

14 months ago

meggie in Morgantown, West Virginia said: You guys do know that in some states you ARE required to have some form of approved schooling,right? I could be wrong but Im almost positive. Also, could anyone tell me exactly what I need to do to become a certified tech in my state. Everything I have researched hasnt been very exact.

Go to this website - there's info on fulfilling the CPhT requirements

Thomas in North Richland Hills, Texas

14 months ago

Thomas in North Richland Hills, Texas said: Go to this website - there's info on fulfilling the CPhT requirements

I meant to add the link for West Virginia www.wvbop.com/

AJ076 in Independence, Missouri

12 months ago

thanks for that info I now believe penn foster is the way to go , if you want to do this field online course. I had my doubt ,but now I see it the right way and it on your own pace,as well.

Joe Medina, CPhT, BS Pharmacy in Denver, Colorado

12 months ago

Want to be a certified Pharmacy Technician?


Why pay so much when you can teach yourself for so very little?

Oh, they offer free email support as well.

PTCBEASY in Watsonville, California

10 months ago

If you are struggling passing the PTCB exam or scared need that
extra assurance, you are not alone! I have been there! I'm happy
to help! I noticed many books out there make it harder than it needs to be! You don't need a tutor! You don't need to spend 10k for a school or 2k for one of those online schools. All you need is the right tools to pass the exam! I spent countless hours of hard sweat work to find the right tools that made it easy to understand. I passed the PTCB exam with flying colors on the first attempt!

Please email me at ptcbeasy@gmail.com
or visit www.ebay.com/usr/wavelightthesmiths

tilo Atx

9 months ago

Do you need a certified teacher to do this online like to be next to you or on camera while I do my work

Momo in Saint Paul, Minnesota

9 months ago

I finished my Penn Foster's program. Honestly, I thought it was informative although prior to taking it, I was a Pharmacy Associate. I just find it helpful rather than reading a book and knowing your medications. In this case, it gives you more of a thorough description and information on what to expect in the Pharmacy. You got to agree paying $600 through online (Penn Foster) is better than $8,000+ too.

I used to think schooling is a waste a money and I still agree to a certain extent. And when I say a certain extent, I mean if you decide you want to further your career, THEN schooling comes into play, such as Pharmacist.

In my case, I took it say I had some type of schooling which can be a plus knowing employers do not need to spend more $ on training but rather to better train you in certain tasks they do at that location. And for in any case, if I need a job if things dont fall into place, this can be my backup. I dont believe in spending a ton of $ on this as I can say I am currently working at a job that pays me better even if I were to start as a Pharmacy Tech WITH experience. That's all in my opinion. Good luck to all! :)

Btanggg in Visalia, California

7 months ago

Hello everyone.
I've been looking into becoming a Pharmacy Tech. I was curious to know how the Penn Foster Course was?
I'm not interested in just buying a book and taking the test. Books are boring, and I won't learn anything from it. I will pay to actually learn something other than stare at a book for hours on end.

Other than that if you have any other recommendations for online schooling to become a Pharmacy Tech. perferably the same price range as Penn Foster that seem to be just as good.

Thank you for your time!

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