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adam in Gastonia, North Carolina

Updated 28 months ago

Phlebotomy programs accelerated intensive programs over summer? - 2 Replies

Hi I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a phlebotomy course so I can get certification? I am currently an undergrad in...

missya2332 in Cape Coral, Florida

Updated 30 months ago

Phlebotomy tubes - additivites, and tests, order of draw - 3 Replies

Ok, so I have a job interview tomorrow and I need to know everything about venipuncture tubes. Does anyone know the order of draw, additives, and...

wanda in Whitby, Ontario

Updated 30 months ago

phlebotomy course in toronto - 55 Replies

can anyone tell me college in toronto that offer phlebotomy course

myrline1 in Lake Worth, Florida

Updated 32 months ago

Phlebotomy certificate renewal - after 2 years, no job - 1 Reply

I received my phlebotomy certificate back in 2007, completed a 2 week internship but never got a job. I now want to renew my certificate and find a...

ishou.rosalen@*****.*** in El Cajon, California

Updated 32 months ago

Per Diem??? - 16 Replies

I was wondering how Per Diem works excately? I am new to the phlebotomy world, and really need someone to explain how a per Diem position works.......

James Tillman in San Diego, California

Updated 33 months ago

Where can I take Phlebotomy Tech class in San Diego, CA ??? - 271 Replies

Can anyone tell me where I can take the class in San Diego?? How much will it cost and how long? I know U.S. College offers the class for about $2500...

Cynthia Byron in Mchenry, Illinois

Blood center vs hospital

Any one out there have experience in a hospital and/or donation center. Any input one what you like and dislike about either one should be much...

emk524@*****.*** in Randolph, New Jersey

Updated 34 months ago

finger sticks - 4 Replies

can someone please help me to find somewhere to go to get my 100 sticks for my class...thankx in advance..

Grow a Leader in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Updated 36 months ago

who will hire an entry level phlebotomist? - 3 Replies

I am newly finished with the program, got certified quickly and did well on the exam. I find it difficult to focus on a type of employer. I loved...

angelle12 in Burleson, Texas

Updated 36 months ago



Yogibreeze in West Hartford, Connecticut

Phlebotomist Compensation

Can anyone share information on 2014 or recent Phlebotomist salaries or other firms of compensation? How much can a mobile per diem PPhlebotomist...

Laxobellavida in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phlebotomy clinicals with misdemeanor in Nc

I currently live in North Carolina. I want to get my phlebotomy certificate so I can start working while I go for my psychology degree. Is this field...

Ash in Sacramento, California

Updated 41 months ago

Best phlebotomy program in Sacramento? - 9 Replies

I'm looking into several programs - what is the best program here, and what is your experience? The one that stands out to me the most is...

schmitthead13 in Texas

Updated 41 months ago

Quickest Phelobotomy Certification - 1 Reply

I am about to get a job but the doctor wants me to be certified as soon as possible for phlebotomy. I need help, what is the quickest accredited...

gr6686 in North Hills, California

Phlebotomy Training in the Los Angeles Area

Hello, I am looking for decent phlebotomy training in the LA area and I was wondering if anybody had any first hand experiences, and could direct to...

Patience in Washington, District of Columbia

Starting my own moblie phlebotomy company

I am phlebotomist who wants to start my own mobile phlebotomy company in the DMV. Can anyone give me info as to how I can start off and were I can...

bianca in Dolton, Illinois

Updated 45 months ago

Where to Volunteer for Phlebotomy - 13 Replies

Im a new grad in the field of phlebotomy.I was told to get a job sooner then later my best bet would be to volunteer and get more draw's and then...

Newly Licensed in Shafter, California

Updated 46 months ago

Phlebotomy Accreditation - 1 Reply

How long does it take the NAACLS to approve accreditation for a Phlebotomy Program?

JG in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Phlebotomy Course in Michigan (Oakland County area)

Has anyone taken a phlebotomy course in Oakland County area of MI? If so how long was the course, where did you take it, and how much did it cost?...

lolo in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 47 months ago

Plebotomy Certification - 39 Replies

I was wondering if anyone can help me..... I am certified through the American society of Phlebotomy Technicians (A.S.P.T) I have misplaced my...

Pauline in Seattle, Washington

Finding a job as a recent phlebotomy graduate

Hello, I recently graduated from a phlebotomy/clinical lab assistant program at Edmonds Community College and have gotten my WA State MA -...

GJ in Keego Harbor, Michigan

Phlebotomist training and or school in Oakland County MI

I was interested in becoming a phlebotomist in Oakland County Michigan. Did anyone here go to a school in that area which was reasonable? Were you...

Bonz in Raisin City, California

Updated 49 months ago

California Phlebotomy Licence - 2 Replies

How long has anyone out there from California been waiting to get their California Phlebotomy Licence? I heard it can take up to 90 days. I sent...

gaitre in Pickering, Ontario

Updated 49 months ago

Phlebotomy course - 1 Reply

There is any one know the best and convenient school for phlebotomy course in toronto because I am planning to take that course?

Minion in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 49 months ago

i want to know how i can get CERTIFIED AS AN PHLEBOTOMIST - 3 Replies

i am a medical assistant but i want to know how i can get certified as a phlebomist with out going to school for month agin

nanahayla@*****.*** in Glen Saint Mary, Florida

Proper technique???

I am a certified phlebotomist with a company that has insisted that I fish in the pt. arm to get blood, I was taught to NEVER fish or never to move...

Patricia P in Foley, Alabama

Updated 50 months ago

Is there a Phlebotomy class offered in Daphne, Spainish Fort or Fairhope? - 3 Replies

If not, where is the closest phlebotomy training course? Does Lapcorp offer training? What about hospitals? Thank you!

MikeUSAF in Chatsworth, California

Updated 50 months ago

Phlebotomy jobs - 52 Replies

Anyone currently seeking employment please feel free to forward your resume to . We have many great opportunities across...

anxiousCPT in Columbia, South Carolina

Finding Phlebotomy jobs in SC

What is the point in getting a phlebotomy certification if no one is willing to give you a chance? Yes, I got my certification 2 months ago, but I...

Sunshine in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Phlebotomy jobs

I love phlebotomy. Been certified for two years. But its hard to find a full time job in this field. Just jobs that cost me more to do the job then...

iggynawcio in Dallas, Texas

Phlebotomy training in Dallas?

I am a nursing student, but would like to get a head start and start working in a clinic setting here in N. Texas. Does anyone know how I can get...

Brittany in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 53 months ago

Phlebotomy jobs in Chicago - 1 Reply

Hello, I have been having my Phlebotomy Certification/License since June of last year and I am suppose to renew it in the next couple of months...

Phlebotomy Training Spot in San Diego, California

Updated 53 months ago

Phlebotomist in AZ - 1 Reply

I have extensive qualifications in the Phlebotomy Field, but I am afraid they will not hire me unless I get a certificate of completion, where could...

suz023 in Studio City, California

Updated 54 months ago

California School of Health Sciences - 3 Replies

Has anyone ever heard of this school? They're offering a $1350 phlebotomy program at nights, 6pm-10pm and they're accredited... but I can't seem to...

Tiffbarrett in Maryville, Tennessee

Updated 54 months ago

Looking for Phlebotomy training in Knoxville, TN - 46 Replies

I am currently interected in a career change. I am having a difficult time finding a phlebotomy training program in the Knoxville area. I have...

Phlebotomy Training Spot in San Diego, California

Updated 54 months ago

phebotomy schools - 49 Replies

hi i live in the central valley and am looking for a school for phebotomy all the ones i found are like 7000 any suggestions?? thanks

Phlebotomy Training Spot in San Diego, California

Updated 54 months ago

Vista ROP Phelbotomy.. - 1 Reply

I am hoping to get in to the Phlebotomy program here. Has anyone gone here? any feedback would be helpful..

REDCHICK in Bronx, New York

Updated 55 months ago

Phlebotomy jobs in New York,NY - 14 Replies

ok So I can't seem to get my foot in the door. I've tried LabCorps and Quest Diagnostics. I've posted my resume all over the place. I don't know if...

ak165 in New York, New York

Updated 57 months ago

phlebotomy schools in NYC - 120 Replies

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good phlebotomy tech school in New York City? Especially one that has a night program.... How about...

Reggie in Lombard, Illinois

Updated 57 months ago



myehamber in Saint Charles, Missouri

phlebotomy program in St. Charles or St. Louis, MO

2 months ago I finished a MA program. I really want to be a phlebotomist, but most jobs that I do find, they want you to have more sticks. Are their...

dharni patel in Levittown, Pennsylvania

Updated 58 months ago

Interview Preparation - 5 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming phlebotomist interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

katherine fosque in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 58 months ago

Phlebotomist to IV Tech.(Maryland) - 6 Replies

I'm looking into taking the Phlebotomy Classes and IV Tech classess. But, when I read the IV tech classes you don't have to be an RN to start,...

Steve Robertson in San Diego, California

Updated 59 months ago

Where are the ENTRY LEVEL Phlebotomy jobs in SAN DIEGO?? - 122 Replies

Has anyone had any success finding employment entry level in San Diego? I paid all this money to go to school to find yes there are all kind of jobs...

HWR in Fresno, California

Updated 60 months ago

Police Phlebotomist - 260 Replies

Does anyone know how to go about getting a job as a police phlebotomist. I am looking in to as many different job options as possible... Where can I...

katrinalw in Saginaw, Michigan

Updated 60 months ago

I've done everything and now I am moving..please help me with some questions? - 1 Reply

So I am state certified in my area and am getting my ASCP to do national, due to some unforeseen events I will be moving to California within the...

suzanne in Anderson, South Carolina

Updated 61 months ago

Independent Phlebotomist Contractor - 2 Replies

I have been working as a Certified Phlebotomist Technician I for over 2 yrs. I want to start an independent drawing business, where I will go to...

Angela in Los Angeles, California

Where can I Volunteer

I have had my CPT 1 Certification for a few months now and have applied for my license. Does anyone know where I can volunteer in Southern CA.

Marvel in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Phlebotomist jobs?

I'm taking a Phlebotomy course and wondering where I can find phlebotomy internships in Bridgeport, CT if I pass the course.

challengersrt in Rumford, Rhode Island

questions about on the job phlebotomy in a hospital setting

starting class in a few weeks time, nervous but in need of a career so here's hoping! my questions are when your doing rounds how many can you...

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