Any CPT? How Do You Renew Your State CPT License?!

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chanter in San Diego, California

74 months ago

Been a CPT and did volunteer work in a clinic within the past 2 years, but eventually stopped as I somehow had lost hope on getting a CPT job so I focus on working as CNA/CHHA. Now my CPT National license had expired and my State license is about to expire too next month. I had received a renewal letter from NCCT for my National license but I haven't received one from LFS or CDPH to renew my State license. I wanted to renew my State license as a friend had contacted me about an agency that helps CPT's for Phlebotomy jobs that's why I wanted to renew it but doesn't know now how.

Any CPT's there? How did you renew your State license? Did you received a renewal letter from LFS? And if you happened to had experienced like mine, did you contacted LFS for the renewal? What did you do?

I'm thinking that maybe if I take all the required CE hours I need to take from NCCT website, this would renew my National license, and maybe, LFS would see the record and send me renewal letter for the State license.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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sgalaviz in Los Angeles, California

64 months ago

I am in the process of renewing my NCCT certification because it expires on MAY 25, 2012.... To have it renewed u have to complete 14 CH (Clock Hours) and just make sure u take at least 6 P.A.C.E (CH) out of those 14 so that u can use those 6 P.A.C.E CH for ur License Renewal. I contacted NCCT about this and they told me that :).... When u complete the 14 CH u will have ur National Certification renewed :] THEN just contact NCCT by phone and let them know u completed ur 14 Clock hours for the certification renewal and tell them that now u need to renew ur State LICENSE... They will tell u what to do :)... Hope this was helpful. I havent found a job as a Phlebotomist since i complted the course/Training :(( if u know of any place that can help me find a job as a phlebotomist Please let me know D: THANKS and GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CAREER! :)

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