Phlebotomy tubes - additivites, and tests, order of draw

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Scott in Pensacola, Florida

39 months ago

This list needs some expanding:

1) yellow
2) red glass
3) light blue
4) red plastic
5) red/gray (marble)
6) green
7) light green
8) lavender
9) gray
10) yellow/gray or orange

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transmedical in Baltimore, Maryland

39 months ago

Kelly in Fontana, California said: Ok, so I have a job interview tomorrow and I need to know everything about venipuncture tubes. Does anyone know the order of draw, additives, and which test is performed for which tube? Or does anyone know a website that provides all of this information? Thank You very much in advance.

You can pull the information up online to help you retain the info about the order of draw.

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Barbara in San Ramon, California

15 months ago

I have a question: In my externship I preformed the tubes that were called out from the labs computer system. It was my job to do the draw and collect the blood in the correct order of draw. But I have an interview at a lab next week and I was wondering if I need to know the tests ordered by the doctor and match it up with the correct tube color. For instance if the doctor requests a LIPID Panel-Fasting, how do I know what color tube to use, and will I be asked to identify the correct color of tube for a particular test? If that is the case where on the web can I find a guide for tube color and corresponding tests?

Please Help

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