Breaking a contract

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Cooper in Charlotte, North Carolina

74 months ago

so I have a bit of a dilemma... I have signed a two year contact with a company. The contract is contingent upon me passing my boards. So in other words, as soon as ipass boards I will be working for this company. I have recently discovered some things about this company (unethical things). And I would now like to withdraw from the contract. Anyone ever been through anything like this? What do I do? I have not received anything from this company at this point as far as money goes. PLEASE HELP QUICKLY!!!

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PTA in Hollywood, Florida

73 months ago

First, never put the cart before the horse, i.e. never sign a contract committing to one company before you have passed the exams. Once you pass the board exam you will have many more opportunities to choose from, since not all employers will hire on contigency before passing the boards. Second, if you were to look closely enough into ANY companies' practices, you will always find something sketchy and unethical. No company is completely free of this, especially larger businesses that are competing with the other large companies. Lastly, read the contract carefully, underline what you don't understand and research it online, most contracts can be understood by a novice if you take the time to decipher/translate the legal talk using a dictionary. It's not difficult, just time consuming. Look for an exit/termination clause, if any exist. But make sure you read it front to back. If you don't want to read it, then your only option is to go to an attorney for advice. If you can't get out of the contract, you can always find a way to be terminated employment early, within days of starting (assuming you really don't like working for there), e.g. don't show up to work for days. Once you're terminated, just don't mention this employer on your resume, ever. Another option, is to never let this employer know that you have passed the boards. Talk with the hiring manager and tell them that you have put off taking the board exam indefinitely due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e. family issues, etc. Or lastly, just call the hiring manager and tell them that you have changed your mind and you do not want to work for that company, when asked why, just say "for personal reasons beyond my control, distance from home, etc." One of these options should resolve this. Hope this helps. Please note, these are just my opinions and not legal advice. Seek a attorney for legal advice. Best wishes!

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