PT or PTA interview questions for my class.

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PTAstudent in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

82 months ago

If you wouldn't mind answering questions for a project I have for a PTA class. A PTA or a PT can answer, please state whichever you are.

1. How long have you been in this career?
2. Is this your only career or have you done other types of work?
3. Why did you choose this career?
4. What is the BEST part of your work as a PT/PTA? Why?
5. What is the WORST part of your work as a PT/PTA? Why?
6. What is the MOST important trait/characteristic for a person working in physical therapy?
7. What advice would you give for potential PTA students?
8. What is your definition or interpretation of professionalism and professional obligation?
9. Are you a member of the APTA? Why or Why not?
** If Cost is the reason, what is a price for dues that would make them join?
10. What should an organization like the APTA do/provide for its members that would make it worthwhile to be a member?
11. What should members do for the APTA or chapter organization?
12. How do PT/PTAs remain current in practice techniques and practice regulations? Do you think this is important?
13. What do you think of the State Board of Physical therapy?
14. What is the current issue facing the PT board or practice act?
15. What’s your opinion about Licensure for PTAs in Hawaii?
16. What’s your opinion about continuing education requirements for licensure renewal?
17. How much is a Hawai’i (your state’s) license to practice physical therapy? How do you get a license?
18. Why do you think the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice is helpful?
19. Is there anything that you would like to say/add to this interview.
20. If you're a PTA do you feel you are appreciated and play an integral role in your clinical setting OR if you're a PT do you feel that the PTAs are an essential part of your practice?

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