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Colette in Springfield, Missouri

54 months ago

Is it likely to get into a PTA program without a bachelor's?
I am about to finish up my first year at a 4-year college. I decided I don't want to go for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Only my math and English classes will transfer for the preqs. I took a biomedical science class instead of Biology and it doesn't transfer.
What is the average wait list time to get into a PTA program?
Is there a similar Bachelor's degree to PTA? I am really interested in being a PTA, I have always wanted to help people just not up for 8 years of schooling because I want to start a family before I'm 28, I'm 20 now. I almost wish my current school offered a B.S in PTA. I haven't taken the preqs to get into the program so I can't apply until October for an online version starting in January, which only admits 14 students. I don't want to be put on a wait list and it take the same amount of time to get a PTA as a Bachelor's in something else. I am thinking I'd be better off if I took basic courses now and got a bachelor's in something similar to PTA. HELP PLEASE

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HannahOHannah in Royal Oak, Michigan

54 months ago


PTA is a 2 year associates program. You do not need any type of degree to get into the program. All you need to do is complete the requirements necessary for the program, apply and wait to begin.

I'm not sure what program you're thinking of because there is no such thing as a B.S in PTA. There is also no such thing as a B.S in PT anymore. If you want a Bachelor's in something close to that, you can do Kinesiology.

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Colette in Independence, Missouri

54 months ago

I know that PTA is a 2 year program. Thanks

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