PTA program vs LPN/LVN program

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G in Del Rio, Texas

70 months ago

I was just wondering what program is harder, LVN or PTA? Has anyone experience both. I know in nursing school you have no life and you have class from 8-5 and about 5 tests a week. I had about 16 hours for fall A and Fall B. IS the pta program pretty much the same? I never hear people talk about how hard PTA school is. I always see videos and discussions about nursing school. So if anyone has any info please let me know cause i really would want to know what im getting myself into before I actually do it.

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PTAstudent in Visalia, California

67 months ago


I'm in a PTA program and finished my first semester. I can't speak on an RN program, but I have a BS and this is my second career. We started with a little more than 30 and now are around 20 after the first semester. You are tested biweekly. It is just a lot of information. If you have a medical background already than it will make the program a little easier.

Holding a 40 hour week job and doing a program like this would be very difficult.

If you are motivated, have great study habits and organization you will do fine. It like the previous poster is more inline with the ADN RN. There are more prereq's req for PTA at some schools than ADN, you will have to check. I've heard some struggle more with PTA, but it is so subjective.

At our school below 75% is failing and if you get below 75% in just one class you are out of the program and must wait till the following semester to reapply. There is no probation period.

Good luck, and like I said if you put in the work and are determined you can succeed. It is truly a great field and there are tons of opportunity.

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G in Del Rio, Texas

67 months ago

thats how it is with the LVN PROGRAM . we have 5 tests a week but we cant get below a 80 percent average .

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