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Updated 6 days ago


[QUOTE who="yorkpa in Flushing, New York"]This is what I mean by overwhelming, our classes were held 5 days a wk 9-5 and sometimes we had to come on...


Updated 9 days ago

Admissions with Low GPA - 349 Replies

[QUOTE who="Natasha"]I'm located California and want to become a RN or PA. I've been out of school for ten years and goofed up my GPA when I was...


PA vs MD Caribbean

Hello, I recently graduated with an Undergrad degree in Biology and considering a career in Medicine. I was wondering if it would be worth going...


Updated 9 days ago

Reapplicants who got in PA schools - 26 Replies

Hello, I just applied this year to six PA schools, one of them lost their credentials and they are on probation so one down already!. My Bachelor...


Updated 20 days ago

Salary of a P.A. in DERMATOLOGY - 305 Replies

Annels, I would seriously consider getting a hold of your dermatology preceptor regarding any openings if that is a possibility. If not, there are...


Updated 22 days ago

Want to become a PA, but am I too old to start. - 96 Replies

I had classes with a 60+ y.o. woman who beat cancer and is now in nursing school. In fact, none of us thought she would get into nursing because she...


Updated 22 days ago

Is is too late? Makes no sense to go to PA school? - 1 Reply

I'm a medical social worker at a clinic and I say do it! You are only 25 and a PA program will probably be about 2 years. You will have your...


Updated 22 days ago

Easiest and cheapest PA program to get into in NY with a B.S in Computer Science? - 2 Replies

You just need to do the pre-reqs. You don't need a biology degree or background. All that is entailed is intro anatomy and physiology with labs,...

Lexi J


Hello all! I am starting college in the fall at Florida State University. I have wanted to be a PA for a while now and I know everyone says when...

Sabrina E

Updated 26 days ago

Shadowing in the Houston/Medical Center Area - 72 Replies

Hello. I am in the process of applying to PA school but desperately need to shadow a Physician Assistant in the Houston area. Please contact me at...

Shrikant Patil

Updated 1 month ago

Looking for a PA to shadow in Miami, fl - 45 Replies

Hi Kim, My daughter needs to shadow a PA to get into a PA School- She is a graduate in Psychology- Area is South Florida -Let us know if there are...


Personality types of PA students

Hello, I'm an xray tech currently contemplating PA school. My question is for any Physician Assistants, or current students. Are there, or were...

Nadia T

Looking to follow a PA in the spring/ woodlands are in Texas

Hello, I am looking to follow a PA in the woodlands or spring area in Texas. I am interested in becoming a PA and recently graduated from SHDU. I'd...


Updated 1 month ago

Any PA's that Graduated from Miami Dade College? - 42 Replies

[QUOTE who="JU in Fort Lauderdale, Florida"]I practice in urgent care, but we also do minor cosmetic procedures.[/QUOTE] Hello JU! I would like to...


PA program loan and how to pay

I have medical backround and is it helpful for me

dfad adfd

Updated 2 months ago

Advantages of PA vs Physician - 1131 Replies

By they way I practiced as a surgical PA for 6 years before I went back to get my MD. I have to say medical school is 20x harder and more stressful....


Updated 2 months ago

About to graduate pharmacy school, but I want to go to PA school - 5 Replies

Sandrock12, I am in the same exact position, but I am concerned for any additional pre-reqs + I have some pre-reqs in which I did not wind up with...


Updated 2 months ago

Applying to CUNY York College Physician Assistant Program - 41 Replies

I am 18 and a certified EMT. That is my part time job but I want to be a PA since it has more or less the same pre med classes. So I just want to...


Updated 3 months ago

Low GPA considering redoing Bachelors Degree - 3 Replies

Hey how come no one else chimed in? Well you have a 3.0 in the pre req. I assume you took the pre req recently.that already shows you are not a 4.0...


Physician Assistant or Forensic Scientist (molecular biology)

Hello, I would like to know my advantages and disadvantages getting into York (CUNY) to do the Physician Assistant program and how difficult is it. I...


Becoming a Physican Assistant

Im 30 years will have to go to community college, then a University, then PA school. I am extremely bad in math. I was always bad in math even in...


Updated 3 months ago

PA Shadowing in Chicago - 7 Replies

I'm seeking a Part-time Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner for a well established clinic that has been in business for 36 yrs on the West Side...


Updated 3 months ago

I am trying to get into Nova Southeastern PA program? Anybody with a 2.8 overall get in? - 328 Replies

your chances are not only realistic but really good! All you need is a nice statement letter and I can almost guarantee that you'll get an interview...


Updated 3 months ago

nurse practitioner or PA? - 52 Replies

[QUOTE who="RVNP in Apex, North Carolina"]I am a FNP with 25 years of nursing combined with 11 years as an NP. I would highly recommend if you go...


Hello! I was wondering are you or do you know of a P.A in the Fort Lauderdale area willing to let me shadow them?

I have received my bachelors in health administration minor in information technology and certificate in risk management from FAU in Boca Raton,...


Updated 4 months ago

Miami Dade PA Program (AS) - Admissions Test - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="itzi692 in Boca Raton, Florida"]Just got the packet to begin studying for the MDC pa program admissions test. Is the test based on the...


applying for physician assistant with sience GPA of 3.55 and overall GPA of 3.6

I am planning to apply out of state and is wondering what university would accept me with my GPA. I also have a certificate in phlebotomy with over...


Updated 4 months ago

B.S. vs. Master's - 56 Replies

[QUOTE who="DoItTheRightWay in Corona, California"]The thread is called "BS vs Master's". I'm sorry that this doesn't sit well with some. I...


Updated 4 months ago

I want to become a PA at age 27 w/o a science background - 3 Replies

I am literally in exact same position as you. I am 27, have an undergrad GPA of 2.8 but I did get my masters in marketing right out of college and...



Hello, I am interested hearing the experiences of Navy Corpsman who have become PA's after leaving the Navy. Specifically what were the...


Shadowing physician assistant in Miami- area for undergraduate student

Hello, my name is Ester and I am a senior at the University of Miami (UM) finishing my bachelor's in biology. I studied two years at Boston...


Tips to get ahead in trying to go to PA school?

Hello. I'm 18 years old right now and looking at a future as a PA. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me to get ahead and make myself a more...


Is it possible to have kids and work as a PA?

I am considering becoming a physicians assistant and so far I think I would enjoy working as a pa but I know I would like to have a family sometime...


Updated 5 months ago

Writing an essay at a Physician Assistant School Interview - 65 Replies

I have an interview at Stanford and at USC? Has anyone interviewed at either one? Can anyone give me any insight as to what the reading/writing...


PA interviews

I have an interview at Stanford and at USC? Has anyone interviewed at either one? Can anyone give me any insight as to what the reading/writing...


Updated 5 months ago

Associates Degree - 103 Replies

Hello, I actually wanted to get opinions on whether I have a chance at getting into a PA program. I recently applied with a 3.4cumm GPA and a 3.6...


Updated 6 months ago

Texas Tech PA program - 5 Replies

Hey Janelle, I know this post is really old, but I am intrigued by your position because I am also torn between PA school versus medical sales...


Clinical hours in research?

Hi, I have a PhD in Psychology and work in Neuroscience research. At almost 40, I'm thinking about changing careers and prepare for a PA program....

Steph Lu

Updated 6 months ago

Rn vs pa - 1 Reply

Hello, First of all congratulation! I believe people should always challenge a step further. Nursing and Physician Assistant perform similar job...


Looking for PA to shadow in Orange County

I had no luck with and I do plan on joining CAPA soon so that I can start networking on there. Just wanted to try my luck on here....


Updated 7 months ago

Getting into PA school with a DUI - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="sara1234 in Maine"]A friend of mine got in with no problem & her DUI was only 3 years old. Her advice: is to be very careful how you word...


Updated 7 months ago

PA school interview preparation - 256 Replies

Hey Everyone, I know many have written already about this topic already but I was recently notified that I was granted a few interviews. For those...


PA Application remains under consideration

Anyone have any advise on what this means? I know the school has not started interviewing. Thanks


Updated 7 months ago

Low gpa 2.3 - HELP - 8 Replies

Hi Lauren, was wondering if you had any updates about your application or if you happened to get in? Any advice?

Azalia Vargas

Updated 7 months ago

Looking for a PA mentor and to shadow - 8 Replies

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a PA as a mentor and to shadow in my pursuit towards becoming a PA. I am in New Orleans, Louisiana and would appreciate...


PA Shadowing

Hello, I am desperately looking for a PA to shadow in the Miami area. I'm really interested in the profession and would love to learn what they...


Updated 8 months ago

Is this a wise decision? - 2 Replies

Hi, Howard. It is good to know that I am not alone. I do consider carefully about the financial cost to support 2 years PA study. Since 2000,...


Updated 8 months ago

PA shadowing - 55 Replies

Helloooo PAs! I'm looking for a PA to shadow in the Los Angeles area and so far, I've been very unsuccessful finding any. :( Please let me know...


Updated 8 months ago

How are the job prospects after graduating from a CUNY PA program; CUNY York or CUNY City? - 1 Reply

I used to shadow a PA that graduated CUNY PA-CCNY about 25 years ago. He is doing very well for himself, has a secure career at a geriatric internal...

Yumie B

The oddities of working as a PA

ok weird title.. but i am interested in becoming a PA. but i was curious what happened if.... -you have a patient, and you know what they have,...

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