PA jobs abroad

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Violet in Chicago, Illinois

93 months ago

Hi Judith,
did you find an answer to your question : Does a PA qualification from the US entitle you to work in any other countries, or just in the US?

I have been wondering as well...please share any insight you may have

thank you

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jp in Kansas City, Kansas

84 months ago

heres the info i was able to find on this subject. i have been wondering the same thing.

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holly Taylor in Bristol, United Kingdom

81 months ago


I was in the same boat- I'm a UK/USA dual citizen living in the UK and was due to start the PA programme in hertfordshire a couple years ago. I changed my mind upon shadowing physician assistants on a trip to the USA as its not reciprical in both countries. Also, I think the role is well established in the USA and is in infantile stages in the UK and the level of respect for the profession in the UK is much lower. I am interested to see how the first few PA graduates in the UK get on, as I'm sure there is some tough times ahead and discrimination from other nurses/ doctors but hopefully the profession will iron itself out and open another opportunity for a career change.

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bcnic5 in Indianapolis, Indiana

69 months ago

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