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PAUL in Thousand Oaks, California

95 months ago

Typical pipe welder salaries, Before the recession, starting pay for a good pipe welder were starting off at $29.00 per hour,,, as you progress, towards a journeymen,, top notch,, i have seen those welders making $65.00 an hour,

if you can find a oil well plant, cement factoy, or a rock quary,,, that is where the pay is,,,,, with benfits,,,

I agreed,, joining a union is not good right now,, if your looking for work,, trying looking in the yellow pages under welding, fabrication, piping, structural steel,,,

I have been cold calling, driving to shops,, i have 204 resume handed to the employer's in person,, that is a starting to your foot in the door,,, finding out where the industry has gone,,,

I am a 5 years combination welder, with some piping experience, I am a Licence welder in Arc, and certications in AWS as a combination welder,,,, as we speak,,its hard,, the more you communicate,. the more chances of finding what you want,,, I WILL NOT GIVE UP FINDING MY JOB,,

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marilou in Philippines

91 months ago

I am 6g pipe welder,I'm hardworking person.And I'm one of students have been awarded in our training shcool.So,give me a chance to be part of your company.thanks

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marilou in Makati, Philippines

88 months ago

what do you mean?

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Diakite in Washington, District of Columbia

65 months ago

I am a experience welder with 15 years experience, looking for a good position in Alaska with a oil / gas outfit.

Any leads are appreciated.

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amritpal singh in Ruwais, United Arab Emirates

58 months ago

hello sir iam tig and arc welder please check my cv and certificate

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Welder placements in Rancagua, Chile

50 months ago

Brandon Lowe in Columbia, Missouri said: Anybody know of any welding jobs in Missouri that are offering per diem?? I am AWS and ASME certified in all four major welding processes.

I look welders for Alberta-Canada. Specially pipe-fitting welders. From $15 to $40 per hour depending on experience and expertise. Must to be willing to be certifying by Alberta government.send just your resume to info@empleoseurousa.org. Please, do NOT send certification, ID, photos, etc. Just your resume.

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Larrybabot in Gent, Belgium

45 months ago

I am a certified pipe welded based here in Belgium. I have a 3years
working experience working in the petrol chemical sector. just got my
offshore safety papers and would like to exploit other avenues by working
In other parts of the country especially in Africa and the rest of the world.
Can any prospective employer be of help?

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beasthunt in Jacksonville, Florida

39 months ago

People. Read what the guy is saying. He is NOT looking for people to work. You people are just pathetic. I am sorry, but you are. A guy post he is looking for a job and you guys post your credentials. Is this the field to go where people have absolutely no common sense?

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Alphonius in Cameroon

35 months ago

Floyd Harris in Houston, Texas said: I e-mail you and hope to hear from you soon...


I am looking for a job I am a welder and very hard working and gave all types of award I am a six G welder so email me if you are willing to give me a chance raisafiath@gmail.com

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