pipeline welding

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jrspeerjr in Brownwood, Texas

49 months ago

yes i'm a youngh talented welder and want to know how to get an app. i now work at loadcraft in brownwood tx teaching others how to weld fit and fab.... but need to move onb topped out here

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tximport in Alvin, Texas

48 months ago

JWM in Midland, Texas said: I know there is work all over Texas. Specifically south and west texas. I am working in west texas. There are pipelines going in all over the place for the oil. But if being chased by a cwi isn't your mans thing then working the rigs is a good way to go too. its not hard at all to clear 3k a week. Good hands are doing much better than that. But it just gives you an idea of what there is. If I can be of any help yjust let me know. That goes for anyone on this forum as well. Times are tough out there. Instead of beating each other down how about we actually give each other a hand. Union or not.

JWM, and anyone else
I am wanting to get back into welding and I have spoken with several welders some in west texas and some in the Houston area and they tell me the same thing you have said. I just don't know where to start.
I am willing to do whatever, whereever. I do not have a machine but could come up with one. My experience is limited to farm and ranch work but I am 35 years old and will work circles around most men.
I don't mind starting at the bottom and working my way up infact I prefer that as to gain the respect of men that have done the same. If I need to be a helpers helpers crap picker upper then so be it.
I learn fast and learn best by being shown and then doing.
I live in the Alvin Texas area and they have a community college with a good welding program. I have thought about going there but not sure if its worth it.
Others have told me to get a welder and just start welding at home after work and on the weekends until it becomes second nature. Then go take the test.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there is anything I can do for anyone else I will.

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chilliman207 in Dexter, Maine

38 months ago

314 Pipe welder in St. louis, Missouri said: There is some work here in alton, Illinois that is just east of St.Louis maybe about 10 min from downtown. Conoco phillips is building a new refinery and they need pipe welders asap.

whos the general and do you have a number???? 23 yrs exp,, ill buy u dinner if u got a number!

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Josh in Tampa, Florida

26 months ago

Hi I'm an owner of a custom welding and fabrication shop. But work has not been too consistent and I have a family I need to provide for I have been interested in getting on with the pipeline welding here in Texas or anywhere really just don't know where to go to get my foot in the door I have been welding for over 10 years and have owned my own welding shop for almost three so I have experience just don't know where to go from here any feedback would be much appreciated thank you very much and God Bless

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joshuamodgling in Sabinal, Texas

26 months ago

Hi im the owner of a welding company but work has not been very consistent and I am needing something that is I have a family to provide for so I am very interested in getting into the pipeline welding I have 10 years experience with welding and have owned and operated my own welding shop for almost 3 years. But I am not sure how to get in and get my foot in the door I am a fast learner, hard worker and a very driven person if someone could give me some feedback as to where I need to go with this I would really appreciate it. My email is joshscustomfab@ yahoo.com. Thank you very much either way and God Bless

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Steven in Cicero, Indiana

24 months ago

Smith222 in Cabot, Arkansas said: This is the most accurate info on here. Union or go home...you need the benefits, money, and protection a union provides for you and your family

Thank you for your information, I have been welding for 37 years, and had a family to take care of, so I took job's as a combo welder.Now everyone is gone and doing their own thing, I have the time to get a rig truck and hit the pipeline.IAm going to join 798 as soon as possible, I've never had any problems getting work, because I am a great welder, and God is my source.

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