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Updated 1 month ago

union work - 133 Replies

Hello everyone. i hope to get some response from someone experienced, im looking to get into the pipefitter 211 here in Houston any tips or advices...

Mike schott in Stanford, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Sprinkler fitter jobs out there - 82 Replies

I have seven years experience in the fire sprinkler trade. The opporntunities are endless from learning the trade. There is foreman, service,...

ken purse in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

What about pipe-fitting works in united states (from france) - 2 Replies

Hello, I'm a french pipe-fitter (instrument actually) from toulouse, southern of france. In France, pipe-fitting works decline, less construction...

Tommy in Winchester, Massachusetts

Updated 3 months ago

Where are the most stable Pipefitting/Welding jobs? Union or NonUnion??? - 35 Replies

My husband is a welder/pipefitter in the union with experience in hot tapping, pipe fitting, welding (yes he has his certs), and more. He has been in...

erik12020 in Baytown, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

What are typical pipefitter salaries? - 20 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

EZ Money in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 10 months ago

Top pipefitter skills needed to get the job. - 132 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every pipefitter must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your pipefitter expertise?

joseph.macahis@*****.*** in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Updated 12 months ago

Offshore Pipefitter - 3 Replies

I am looking for information on how to get work offshore as pipefitter. I am time served pipe fitter with NVQ Level 3 Pipe Fitting. I am aware...

Mark Gregory Frankis in South Africa

Updated 16 months ago

any info about work in florida, shutdowns or ongoing? - 18 Replies

out of work pipefitter looking for any tips on where there might be work.

Revkretzer in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 16 months ago

wheres the work at - 2 Replies

i live in the huntsville al area. and have not seen much work like this. now in alanta ga there seems to be plenty. sodoes anybody see this type off...

Tyler Gerold in Texas

Updated 17 months ago

Starting a Pipefitting/Steamfitting apprenticeship - 47 Replies

I am looking to start a pipefitting/steamfitting apprenticeship in alberta.Preferebly edmonton.Do I need to go to nait for the technical training...

Jim Mason in Texas

Updated 17 months ago

Pipe fitters what the heck! - 4 Replies

OK I was thinking of going into the Pipe fitter trad! But now I'm rethinking that! When I started looking into the trad it looked like something I...

jboy in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 19 months ago

very new to local union 488..serious question - 7 Replies

hey my name is scott and i am so new to the union in edmonton 488. i actually signed up for pipefitting and picked up the study package today. but i...

LisaG in Wantagh, New York

Updated 19 months ago

Are pipefitter job opportunities growing or declining? - 53 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most pipefitter...

Billy in Hampstead, North Carolina

SP58 2009

I am looking for a fitter/foreman who has a copy of or access to the SP58 from 2009. Speciafically I want to know what it says regarding the...

Mansour in Edmonton, Alberta

Find piping work

Hey Everyone this is my first post here, im having trouble finding work as a pipefitter, maybe its because im fresh and have no experience. and/or...

sugarpicker in Kennesaw, Georgia

Updated 33 months ago

apprentice union pipefitter/plumber needs help please - 2 Replies

i am a third year UA apprentice pipefitter/plumber out of colorado. i love pipefitting and welding and seemed to be on the right track in my...

Gary M. in Brandon, Florida

Updated 35 months ago

THE GOM IS ON FIRE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - 14 Replies

I know where the real fitters jobs are, 10 yrs. min. exp. req. if you have any questions about how to pipe fitting or weld pipe, you do not fit the...

Ramankutty in Pattambi, India

Updated 37 months ago

ALBERTA CANADA - 107 Replies

Does anyone have information about pipefitting jobs in ALBERTA CANADA

william in Europe

Updated 39 months ago

Pipefitter Questions for Interview - 8 Replies

I am a Building Supe and would like about 6-10 questions I could ask a candidate Pipefitter during an interview to see if they are a qualified...

awcole0177@*****.*** in Picayune, Mississippi

Updated 41 months ago

pipefitters - 69 Replies

I've been looking for pipefitters in the Scranton area for several weeks now. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to find qualified and...

dave in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 42 months ago

Want to start Pipefitting - 60 Replies

Hi i have several questions about pipe fitting and how to get myself started in this trade. I want to know basically how to get started in this...

Allan Ferrara in West Warwick, Rhode Island

Updated 45 months ago

canada - 1 Reply

I just pass all the paper work for Alberta as pipefitter wait to be sent over they need more too.e-mail[allanferrara@verzion.net]will send...

PRICE in Alvin, Texas



282 in Chilliwack, British Columbia

Updated 48 months ago

How to become an apprentice pipe fitter - 2 Replies

I recently got laid off, I was working as a finishing carpenter but I'm wanting to look into a new trade and get into an apprenticeship. I just...

Unknown in Shoals, Indiana

If accepted should I accept ?

Well guys I have a bit of an odd question. I've been accepted for a final interview after passing my local UA's tests with very high scores. I've...

Derek Little in Los Angeles, California

Updated 50 months ago

Pipe layout simplified - 2 Replies

I'm looking for a book called "pipe layout simplified" as I've worn out my first copy. I have been unable to locate another book anywhere. Any...

GeorgeFil in Athens, Greece

Updated 51 months ago

Pipefitter Calculator - 28 Replies

Has anybody heard of something called the Pipefitter Calculator? It's a program that goes into one of those hand-held computersIt figures offsets...

Romeo in Batangas, Philippines

Updated 51 months ago

Tips for pipefitter interviews. - 2 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming pipefitter interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

Andre is a fraud in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 52 months ago

Getting a sponcership in canada to work in pipefitting - 3 Replies

Hi I am a student at BCIT in barnaby BC in there plumbing entry level program with includes 700 working hrs and 6 months of school. I will be...

Zach in Brandon, Mississippi

Construction Management/Pipefitter

I am a recent graduate within the past year with my bachelors degree in Construction Management. I have a friend who is a pipefitter and willing to...

Bobby in Los Angeles, California

Updated 55 months ago

Union to Non-Union - 11 Replies

Does anyone know the ramifications of going from union to non-union job. I am currently in the (669) pipe fitter union, but don't want to move my...

Creamofthesteam in Clifton Park, New York

Updated 56 months ago

HELP !!!!!!!!! Is there anyone out there who can handle the job? - 83 Replies

I have been working for three years in the GOM. every time they send someone to releave me, they fall short of what they say they are and gets fired....

Ed in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Updated 58 months ago

“Victory is 99% hard work 1% only luck” lijunpcc - 5 Replies

elbow center formula . 1" elbow 1.5"(38.1mm)

concerned relative in Milford, Pennsylvania

nyc union jobs for sprinkler fitters and heat fitters

Many good people have been facing layoffs and foreclosures since 2009 and probably earlier with still no work in site. When is this work going to...

geoffbod55 in Sacramento, California

Do you have to complete your five years as a pipe fitter apprentice where you started?

I lived in San Diego two years ago and while I was there I took the steps to become an apprentice for the local 215. I now live in Sacramento, and I...

randy c Mandaue city in Manila, Philippines

Updated 59 months ago

pipefitters school in cebu - 3 Replies

please help me find a pipefitters school in cebu aside from tesda.

youngbuck in Edmonton, Alberta

Career advise needed!

I am currently 19 years old when i was 16 i always wanted to be a pipefitter and join the union for the local 488. I welded quit a bit for my age in...

youngbuck in Edmonton, Alberta

pipefitter or carpenter?

I am currently 19 years old when i was 16 i always wanted to be a pipefitter and join the union for the local 488. I welded quit a bit for my age in...

Miller in Eddyville, Kentucky

Updated 63 months ago

Local UA 495 Cambridge,Ohio Apprentice Program Questions - 2 Replies

How hard is it to get into the local pipefitters union in cambridge,Ohio? I took a apprentice test Tuesday and was told that they take only the top...

UA plumber journeyman in Amelia, Ohio

Help with canadian red seal plumber test

I am a UA plumber journeyman and I have just qualified to take the Canadian Red Seal Plumber test. I was wondering if any one out there had taken...

Scot in State College, Pennsylvania

Updated 66 months ago

Resume? - 5 Replies

I've always worked in areas where a resume was never really required. I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how to do a resume. I have...

boogiemanslayer in Owensboro, Kentucky

Updated 68 months ago

Question/Advice from Pipe welders, Amp settings for pipe test, Machine recommendation - 3 Replies

I am taking a pipe test in 3 weeks, 2"XXH E6010 root, E7018 cap. Question #1 What should my amp/heat range of settings be on root and the cap....

bwflash in La Place, Louisiana

Updated 69 months ago

question about IPS Butt-weld joint - 4 Replies

Can any body please tell me what is the maximum diametrical clearance (Hi-Lo) for a IPS Butt-weld joint? Thanks

Eric in Addison, Texas

Updated 73 months ago

Industrial Pipe Fitting Versus Maritime Pipe Fitting - 2 Replies

I am a journeyman pipe fitter. I have been fitting for 5 years on the industrial side of fitting, such as refineries, ethanol plants, paper mills,...

corbybhoy in Kettering, United Kingdom

Updated 73 months ago

british pipefitters rule - 12 Replies

Just in case of you boys don't know the craic,the uk produces the best tradesmen esp pipefitters.We apply our trades throughout the world

epadrigo in London, United Kingdom

Updated 73 months ago

pipe fitter apprenticeship jobs - 1 Reply

guys,i am a filipino, a 1.25 years experienced pipe fitter from qatargas 2 LNG onshore facilities project.I am looking for a pipe fitter...

khalilur rahman in Singapore, Singapore

Updated 73 months ago

Any pipefitter jobs? - 2 Replies

Willing to travel within the U.S. but I would love to work in Texas (where my family is). I'm working in Idaho right now. Anyone know of anyone who's...

THCM in Yuma, Arizona

Any work in CA or AZ

Does anybody know of any shutdown work for pipefitters in southern CA or AZ? Things are tough right now and need work desperately. Thanks.

jungleboy in Lima, Ohio

Updated 75 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your pipefitter career? - 8 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being a pipefitter? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...

Larry A Robinson in Missoula, Montana

Updated 75 months ago

industrial to construction pipefitting - 2 Replies

Can anyone out there advise me on how to move from a shop maintenace job into the construction sector. I'm in Michigan and it's all but dead.

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