Fired from the police department

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Jenny boyz in Brooklyn, New York

60 months ago

Bob Schmitt in Birmingham, Alabama said: If you have the ability I would send in a request for your personnel records and see what they say about your performance. If it is vague and general then you have the option of filling in the details. If the wording is specific then you should tell them what happened and how the situation will be handled differently in the future. Most employers will give you a break if your honest with them and take responsibility for your actions.
I would guess that unless you were a suspect in the scenario there are alot of ways to explain the situation.
Good Luck!! We need as many competent police officers as we can!

Thanks for the advise

Thanks for the little advise

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Greg in Victorville, California

59 months ago

henny boyz in Brooklyn, New York said: hi, i was fired from the NYPD for failure to identify myself as an off duty police officer and also that i waited too long to tell the responding officers that i was a member of the force, i was still in employment probation with them so they can fired you if they want and they did, i was 24, male black. i want to apply to become an officer in another state, would another police agency hire me, or should i tell them i resigned so it does not look bad? this happened about 5 years ago, any suggestions for the background info would really help me.

Hi Henny Boyz, I have something similar, except I had 11 years on the job and I legally and officially resigned. For some reason though, most departments in the area look at my package and assume I was going to be fired and just dq me without any more conversation. I have been told to look out of state and I have considered that. I just have to find out what departments would be likely to hire a former LAPD officer who did not leave on the best terms. In this recession, with so many applicants trying to be cops it's not easy. I hope to find out what states are best. I'm considering Texas, I see it's possible to get certified through on on line program (if you are currently certified in your home state) and then you can apply as a lateral. Only problem is the pay sucks, but after a couple years, supposedly it's much easier to show your former dept was wrong if the new one says good things

My issue was a personality conflict with a vice sergeant where my sarcasm was turned into an accusation of lying. Utterly absurd, but rather than accept my resignation with fairness, LAPD mgt wrote I left to avoid facing my penalty as responsible officer. No one seems to care that I left to be an airline pilot. If 911 hadn't happened I would still be doing that job.

If you or anyone knows any good ideas of places to try, please let me know and I'll do the same.

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henny boyz in Brooklyn, New York

59 months ago

Greg, i called the Federal Bureau of Prions and they are currently hiring for correctional officers around the nation. They told me that they usually hire police personnel that were fired. so i guess i will give them a shot and maybe you should also.

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59 months ago

Thanks, I will try that.

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Gghh in Youngstown, Ohio

2 days ago

Come to Cleveland they hire anybody it seems

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