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Updated 19 hours ago

Process Technology - 14416 Replies

I forgot, hole watch and scaffold builders only work on days. My bad. See you in the control room when you need your permits, homos.

jrivera in Pasadena

Updated 1 day ago

Valero operator test - 2072 Replies

[QUOTE who="DoorGunner in YouMadBrah, American Samoa"]I doubt they have finished.[/QUOTE] Hope so. That's great about your brother man. ...


Updated 1 day ago

Does Shell hire trainees - 2 Replies

So the job posting wil have the words entry level next it and not trainee?


Updated 1 day ago

freeport lng - 10 Replies

Whats the pay scale at freeport nlg? Alot guys i work with say they wouldnt go over there

Just Another Guy

Oxy ingleside

Anyone know pay scale for Oxy in Ingleside? Have interview coming up. TIA


Updated 6 days ago

Beaumont Valero/ Exxon offers/ emails - 29 Replies

[QUOTE who="Cody Lumberton in Lake Charles, Louisiana"]Yea my offer (Jan 7th) is for Chemical plant.[/QUOTE] If you don't mind me asking, what is...


Where can i look for a job

Last year I graduated from a community college with an associates degree in process technology. i have been trying to get a job with the local...


Updated 11 days ago

Valero CC, TX 2016 - 18 Replies

They are interviewing about 70-75 I think, 3 per time slot. 23 will be hired.


Updated 11 days ago

Testing for ExxonMobil - 165 Replies

[QUOTE who="jaypee3007 in Texas"]I tested in May 2013 and just scheduled an interview. Anyone in here with tips? I have a BSc and working on my MSc,...


Updated 14 days ago

Process operator Interview with TOTAL - 14 Replies

Hello All, Who knows Staffing agency for recruiting at Valero?


Updated 19 days ago

dow - 1 Reply

*online assessment


Updated 23 days ago

Why did I not get the interview - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="jim1174 in Berkeley, California"]Last year I graduated from a community college with an associates degree in process technology. a month...


Total's hiring process

Does anyone know how long Total's waiting list is good for once you pass? I tested 6 mos ago and was told it was good for 2 yrs. I contacted Ccs...


Updated 2 months ago

ExxonMobil hiring information - 239 Replies

Damn! You guys start tomorrow @ the Torrance refinery good luck! I remember when I was there too, first day all excited and sheet. And the attitude...

rick ochoa

Updated 2 months ago

Tesoro in Wilmington, CA - 473 Replies

Awesome brotha congrats to you as well


Updated 2 months ago

Women Process Operators - 13 Replies

Hey there, I'm 23 from Louisiana and looking to go to school for PTEC I just wanted to get advice from other women out there whose in this field. Can...

Seth in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

Ascend - 2 Replies

Anyone hear from ascend after the online interview?

X washington in Harvey, Louisiana

Updated 3 months ago

Kinder morgan - 13 Replies

Anybody know anything about kinder Morgan and how much their terminal operators make starting and top out at? Benefits package?

Dhe in Houston, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

Criminal Background In Industry - 1 Reply

Curious to know if people who have had there background sealed or expunged still encounter problems in getting jobs in this industry, or just anyone...

N-O-G-E in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated 3 months ago

Sasol Testing - 17 Replies

I Recently Took The Test for Sasol. Does anyone know what a passing score is for this test?

ihernandez961 in Houston, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

Interview at Oxy - 1 Reply

I have an interview next month for OXY for a production technician. Anybody have an idea of what to expect? Also this is only my second interview...

Blessed123 in Houston, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Bayer - 59 Replies

Does anyone know how long Bayer takes to start interviewing candidates after the cobra test??

Seth in Friendswood, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

process - 1 Reply

Has anyone heard back from Chevron?

TyBee in New Orleans, Louisiana

Updated 4 months ago

Conocophillips in Belle Chasse - 8 Replies

Does anyone know anything about the pay, work conditions, training, etc. at the Conocophillips refinery in Belle Chasse? I'm a process operator now...

Get busy living in Houston, Texas


Anyone get an interview invite yet?

arson09 in New Jersey

ExxonMobil in Paulsboro NJ

Does anyone have any info on the plant in Paulsboro NJ? Any plans to hire in the near future? I took the test back in July 14' and passed, but the...

Jaeden Nelson in New Orleans, Louisiana

Updated 5 months ago

Phillip 66 Belle Chase Job offers - 4 Replies

Well they had interviews last week. Thursday and Friday, Today offers went out. A few people I know received them. Do you guys think all of them went...

Texas_Operator_281 in Houston, Texas

How effective is the PTech Certification along with field experience?

One of the things about this industry that blows my mind is that a lot of the top named companies equate the 2 year PTech degree with 2 to 5 years of...

Texas_Operator_281 in Houston, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

Selected for Lyondell COBRA test - 1 Reply

Hey. New here. I am currently a production operator in the oil field. I took the written test for Lyondell last week. Just got a call saying i was...

Useless Guy in Plainview, New York

Updated 6 months ago

Terminations and how to get back in the field..... - 2 Replies

I took a job with a company and left the plant I started out in to gain experience in a process unit. Long story short, that place was a mad house...

Texas_Operator_281 in Houston, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

AkzoNobel Chemical Company in LaPorte, Texas - 1 Reply

Anyone hear back from AkzoNobel after interviewing last week, just wanting to know if any offers have been given out yet.

1welderNK in Houston, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

Phillips 66 Operator Wilmington Califronia - 11 Replies

This Forum is for the Philips 66 Wilmington California. I had my interview Octobedr 22nd. Has anyone heard anything??????

Lookingforajob in Houston, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

Internships - 14 Replies

List information on companies who offer internships & co-ops, weather offshore or onshore & GPA requirements.

Bill832 in Houston, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

Is Process Technology hard to learn? - 1 Reply

Thinking about going to school for this career choice, how tough is it to learn and is the job itself hard? If so, what are the duties that make it...

prospec in texas city, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

Marathon Hiring Process - 32 Replies

Like a few others that have posted in the main thread I've passed the Marathon test and have been invited to their "work demonstration". I was...

AAWood2227 in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated 7 months ago

BASF - 8 Replies

Does anybody have any information on what to expect for the technical interview for BASF. It's my second interview with them. And from what I...


Process Operator Jobs

Anybody know of process operator testing/openings in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area? Tested for Total last month, but didn't get an interview. ...

samantha25 in Houston, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

Process Technology Schools and Degrees/Certs - 4 Replies

I am considering going to school for Process Technology. My current options are HCC and/or San Jac. HCC would be closer for me, but I hear San Jac...

RUSH2112 in Mesa, Arizona


After taking the COBRA, do you receive an email letting you know a "Pass" or "Fail"? If not how do you know your results? I was told that this...

The operator in Houston, Texas

Interviewing Tips for all operators.

Hey guys I want to start a tread about interviews. Basically I need help in interviewing and I know so many of us need it too. I'm a chemical...

1welderNK in Houston, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

Chevron in El Segundo, CA - 10 Replies

Anybody recently invited to test here?

John B in Sugar Land, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

Polyethylene (PE) Operators Needed! - 3 Replies

Does anyone know what plants process PE? I need to find some Operators with Poly ethylene experience. ASAP Send your resume here:...

OperatorSeeking in Magnolia, Texas

How long does it normally take to hear back from a chemical company after a Interview.

I had my Interview on the 3rd of September and still no word?????

BradField in Fairbanks, Alaska

Updated 8 months ago

Chevron Phillips Cobra Test - 2 Replies

Just invited to CPChem's COBRA test, the same day that I have Marathon's work demonstration (but that's another matter), I was wondering if those...

@ piano man in Pearland, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

DuPont online test - 10 Replies

So DuPont hit me with something I only seen twice. Got an email that led me to an assessment. I completed it,has a anyone else taken it? One part...

Keaton kaylor in kenton, Ohio

Updated 9 months ago

Husky Energy - 2 Replies

I have a skills test with Husky Energy next week, followed by a screening interview. Has anyone else been through their hiring process that can give...

GulfCoastChris in Houston, Texas


What are some tips that a potential hire can use for the interview process?

RUSH2112 in Mesa, Arizona

Updated 9 months ago

Chevron test - 9 Replies

Has anyone taken the chevron test cuz I'm looking for little insight.

Kamilah in Sour Lake, Texas


I was just curious if anyone has any experience with the hiring process at valero. I put in my application in about the 16th and from what my friends...

SleepySmurf in Kenner, Louisiana

Updated 10 months ago

Chevron operator trainee - 10 Replies

Since the "How to get a job at Chevron" thread appears to have been deleted, I will start a new one. Has anyone who interviewed in mid May 2015 for...

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