Employment Expectations??

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Parker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

74 months ago

I am looking to start the Radiation Therapy program at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology in Delray Beach, Florida in May 2012. Does anyone have any feedback on the Radiation Therapy program at this school?

According to the BLS there will be a 27 percent demand increase for this profession through 2018. Despite these projections, as I read these forums, it seems as though people are really struggling to find work a radiation therapist?

For radiation therapists currently working in this field was it hard to find employment as a radiation therapist, or did you have to accept a lower level position to start? Did this career’s salary projections meet your expectations? And how do you see this profession growing over the next 10 years?

Kara J in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

74 months ago

I also have the same questions. Im looking to start at Oklahoma State University this coming semester. I was really excited about it until i started reading post from people who have masters degrees and years of experience that cant seem to find jobs. To be honest it made me question my decision to persue this type of degree but on the other hand i thought to myself what job industry isnt hard to get into right now? Any kind of new beginning is scary because you dont know what the outcome will be, no matter how many questions get answered by how ever many people. Besides the questions that Parker in Fort Lauderdale asked i would like to know if anybody has any suggestions as far as specialized radiation therapy goes. Thanks you :)

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