Radiation Therapy : A good career choice or not?

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blazer31 in Saint Simons Island, Georgia

86 months ago

I will graduate with a B.S. in Radiation Therapy from Medical College of Georgia in a few days. I am really concerned about the job market. It seems like the field is over saturated and the demand is low. I am wondering if this is a temporary problem or if this is just a part of the field. I see people wondering whether or not to study radiation therapy. At this point, I think I would tell them to think twice. If anyone has any input it would be appreciated.

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coldupnorth in Minneapolis, Minnesota

85 months ago

I know that on other threads there has been talk that it is just a cyclical job market and we happen to be in a lull. What gives me concern is that an over abundance of schools opened up to meet and now exceed demand. This over abundance of schools means that for at least the next several years there will be too many grads coming out of the schools for the number of jobs available and will probably mean a terrible job market for the next 5 years or longer. The ASRT needs to start recommending that no additional colleges or schools try to start up programs, but of course schools don't care if their students have jobs, just that they paid tuition. Most schools say that the job market is healthy for radiation therapy, but that is based off of a 2006 study by the government and a re evaluation in 2008 showed that with the number of grads coming out every year radiation therapy will exceed demand by over 50% by 2016, though my guess is that it will be more than that when the new survey comes out. It looks like the job market for RTH will be on the decline for awhile. Your best bet is to look at states that lack RTH programs or produce a small number of graduates per year. Best of luck to you and let everyone know how the job search comes.

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