Radiologic Technologist - Terrible Idea Anyone Else Having Trouble

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20 months ago

When I graduated high school my parents wanted me to go to college and I decided I would go for Radiology, what a HUGE mistake. I want to warn everyone out there that jobs in the Radiologic Tech job marker are AWFUL. I have been on probably 6 interviews the past 6 months and because I don't have experience I cannot for the life of me get a job! Its so bad, I cannot even describe the amount of depression, anger, guilt, and sense of failure it has given me. I was the top of my class and that just doesn't matter. I could be a certified genius and take perfect xrays on every patient and know every single doctor in the U.S. without experience, you basically will NEVER find a job.

I need to know if anyone else has had trouble finding these jobs, the healthcare market always is said to have the best of the best employment well I have been out of school for over a year and nothing. What's worse the school I graduated from will not even help with anything. I emailed my professors asking if they could help and they never even got back to me.

Every interview I have been on I get so many compliments on my resume and my energy and personality. Then a month goes by and then they say that I don't get it? Why did NO one warn me about this. Which is why I made this post to warn people about how bad the job market is out there.

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RadGirl15 in San Antonio, Texas

20 months ago

Why didn't you do any research on the job market BEFORE getting into the program?? The markets been terrible for at least 5yrs already. And it sounds like you went to a terrible school if no one will get back to you. Look, don't get all depressed about it just take some responsibility and keep at it or move on. I hear computer technology or IT is really booming now, maybe physical therapy and of course there's always the RN route, RNs are always in demand.

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20 months ago

My teachers from HS told me to do Radiology because I didn't want to be an RN i was a nursing assistant for a year, loved it but knew i couldn't do that everyday and be happy, and being a nurse isn't too much different. I wish i would have done more research its sucks really bad, i don't want to move on because my parents paid for my schooling and i feel like im failing them. Its a rough situation it is just a huge mess, i want to warn everyone out there to avoid this career. Its been nothing but stress and depression for me.

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cactuseye7 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

20 months ago

I have a job now but its nothing like I wanted (hours, pay or benefits). The market is saturated. Try working in a non license state, the competition is crazy. License is only required to work in a hospital here so Medical Assistants are taking xrays. People have had to come up to the hospital for us to repeat xrays the MAs didnt do right. Crazy...

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