Real Estate Trainee in California--Impossible to get 2000 hours.

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latoure in Sunnyvale, California

103 months ago

Im investigating becoming a real estate appraiser. I have a bachelors degree and was thinking about taking the online general courses and then taking the state exam. They comes the part hwich I think is most rediculous. The 2000 hours.

This is a catch 22 (noone wants to talk abou this sad and embarrasing part). You are required to perform 2000 hrs under a qualified appraiser, so its up to you to go our and canvass the community for someone to take you under their wing and sign your logs for 1-2 years of work with them.

From extensive interviewing and research, I have found the the appraisal business is almost 100% "closed shop". They do now want or need new appraisers to enter the business. After all, who wants to train their own competition. right?

With that said, I have found that most appraisers are extrememly reluctant to train and are abrasive when you approach them about it.

I think that the rules should change to allow a trainee to complete their 2000 hours in other ways (through practicum courses-which do not exist,projects, or just lower the hours to maybe 500. What existing appraisers dont realize is that they are starving their own business, but as most Americans, they dont see the long-term picture. Too bad. So Sad.

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k1200bmws in Azusa, California

90 months ago

You are 100 percent correct. I have 1200 plus hours currently but am currently stalled. In order to continue to collect hours you have to work with/for an AMC (Appraisal Management Company) but no AMC will work with a trainee. It is a Catch 22 .

Good luck Thomas in Covina CA

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DD in Los Angeles, California

87 months ago

You are correct! I have been a trainee since 2007 and still have 700 hrs to go. Nobody wants to hire a trainee especially on this down real estate market. I am thinking about quiting.

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