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Updated 14 hours ago

So lets hear the truth, is respiratory therapy really a good job? - 445 Replies

[QUOTE who="Fritz in Abbeville, South Carolina"]Ok, how was I wrong? You say two days of overtime at the rate you quote will earn 88,080, that means...


Updated 1 day ago

looking to buy a used Lindsey Jones CRT/RRT materials.... - 82 Replies

[QUOTE who="dieunettejoseph in Toledo, Ohio"]is this still available[/QUOTE] Yes. Email me at


Updated 2 days ago

How much is your hourly wage? - 2 Replies

$50ish hourly (career employee so no Per Diem differential) in San Francisco with just under 2 years experience. This number is definately reflective...

andy rrt

Updated 6 days ago

If RT's save lives, why are we not as represented/respected as RN"S? - 144 Replies

Historically, Rt's were tank jockeys. Rn's were hookers. Hookers trump tank jockeys every time.


Updated 7 days ago

current respiratory therapy student and i want out - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="jrmavc in you'll never know, California"]Hi Minnie. Wow, you sound very undecided. That's why I think you should finish the program....

RRT in Bmore

Updated 12 days ago

Where is the Best Place for a Soon to be RRT - 37 Replies

[QUOTE who="Put on that thinking cap in Rogers, Arkansas"]California College is not well liked in many states. My advice to you is stop right there....

Put on that thinking cap

Updated 12 days ago


Do any of you realize HR systems automatically reject 60% of resumes. That goes for RT, computer people, everyone... sending in 100 mediocre resumes...

Christian Breaux

Updated 14 days ago

a good career choice? - 1372 Replies

Hello.. True cracking an interview is not easy but if done with correct choice of career then its always right. Thanks for the advice.... http://ww...


Updated 15 days ago

Doing well on the new NBRC board exams as from January 2015 - 1 Reply

The clinical simulation exam will also be changing. It will have 22 scenarios (20 live, 2 prototype). And the good thing I have learned about the new...


Updated 21 days ago

NBRC- RRT- Clinical Portion - 233 Replies

I've taken the clin sims 3x and missed all 3 by a few % points on decision making. Very frustrated. Applying to jobs w/o your RRT feels like a...


Updated 24 days ago

What is the best online review site to help me pass my CRT exam - 250 Replies

I need tutor in dallas tx can u help me find one eply to


Updated 27 days ago

NBRC ruined my life- plese help! - 310 Replies

How about we petition for the NBRC to force those therapist formally grandfathered to pay and show they have been keeping up for their credentialing.


Updated 28 days ago

Couldn't find a job ran out of money living in car in Walmart parking lot! - 3 Replies

Indeed Dont go into this field leave so I can get a job hows that sound :p


Updated 1 month ago


Here's another one for you.


Updated 1 month ago

New CRT, need job advice and advice on passing the RRT simulations. - 35 Replies

I am selling my Lindsey jones and Kettering full sets for CRT and RRT. If anyone interested please email me at I just pass all...


Updated 1 month ago

NO MORE JOBS !! - 26 Replies

That's right. You have nailed it. If you are asking for people to validate your observation, I volunteer. You are clearly observant, which means you...

asian RT

Updated 1 month ago

Anyone attend Concorde Career College in CA...? - 221 Replies

[QUOTE who="HERO2805 in Twentynine Palms, California"]Are you serious? you found the job yet? i will go to Concorde GG in Oct 28, u think i should...


Updated 1 month ago

Why does Respiratory Care have boards that nobody can pass? - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sad RRT in Houston, Texas"]No, my kettering was just consisted of i think 4 day over the kettering book and highlighting of the important...

Updated 1 month ago

Just passed the ACCS exam I am know a, RRT-ACCS, NPS, RPFT and still unemployed! - 23 Replies

Ok so do u want me to certified and mail the check or how ???

Unemployed RRT in Alhambrca, CA

Updated 1 month ago

Advice for RRT new grad - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Celeste in Huntington Park, California"]Go back to the hospital tell them you have applied already and ask to volunteer because you want...


Updated 1 month ago

Has anyone taken and passed the NBRC Adult Critical Care Specialist exam? - 16 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nick in Lansdale, Pennsylvania"]Anyone selling RRT/CRT Kettering book?[/QUOTE] I've got mine on ebay right now.


Updated 1 month ago

SDS or RPSGT - 5 Replies

RRT-SDS is not the same as an RPSGT, The RRT-SDS is a licensed therapist. The RPSGT is a certified technician. What do you think will eventually...


Updated 1 month ago

Is Respiratory Therapy worth it? - 19 Replies

You all make me want to poop.


salary of supervisor in houston

What is the salary of polysomnography supervisor in Houston Tx?


Updated 1 month ago

Need help with rrt clinical simulation! - 2 Replies

Hi I have the clinsim portion of Lindsay Jones if you're still interested. Drop me a line at


Updated 1 month ago

Independence University Students - 90 Replies

What hospital do u work for in nyc?


Updated 1 month ago

Clinical Sims pathology - 26 Replies

does anyone have same problem to pass sims like me? if you do, maybe we can share information and help each other... i fail 4 times.. and i has to...


Updated 1 month ago

What extra certifications / classes really stand out and improve a resume for HR and RT staff? CPFT, RPFT, Polysomnography? - 1 Reply

My hospital has a sleep lab and a PFT lab. But some of the people working there do not have those certifications. I personally think that if you...


Updated 1 month ago

Bored with my job/state/salary - 1 Reply

What can be good for one person may not be good for another. I can only tell you what I personally know about. I don't know a lot about other...


Updated 1 month ago

kettering vs lindsay jones - 261 Replies

[QUOTE who="John Boldow in New Orleans, Louisiana"]What is the average salary for starting as an RT? What is the most you can make?[/QUOTE] As the...


Updated 1 month ago

i need help passing!!! - 45 Replies

[QUOTE who="Leigh in Fredericksburg, Virginia"]I think the Persing book helped me just as much as Kettering did for passing my Boards. Persing...


Updated 1 month ago

Kettering CPFT or RPFT - 67 Replies

[QUOTE who="Cathy in Saint Paul, Minnesota"]Are your CPFT Kettering books still available? Please advise. :) Thanks, Cathy[/QUOTE] I have the...

Unemployed Florida RT in Pennsylvania

Moved to Florida a year ago still unemployed!

Finding a job seems impossible! I am broke sleeping in my car in the Walmart parking lot. I am selling my plasma twice a week to get money for gas...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Long Term Ventilator Care - 1 Reply

Hello out there, I am a new Respiratory Graduate looking to get my year of expirence at a long term ventilator care clinic in Las Vegas, NV. Is there...

kinka in Torrance, California

Respiratory License

Can I go to school in California and be licensed in Nevada, or do I need to aquire a California license before getting a Nevada license? I am...

VicRRT in Concord, California

Updated 2 months ago

Does anyone know about a Respiratory Therapist Residency Program for neonates? - 1 Reply

I am in my last year of school to become a Respiratory Therapist. Would anyone recommend a RT Residency Program in a Children's Hospital. I am...

VicRRT in Concord, California

Updated 2 months ago

How is the current job market for being an RRT? - 23 Replies

I am a recent high school graduate and I would like to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. After talking with my aunt who is an RRT and doing...

Fa2cam in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 2 months ago

Any Respiratory Therapists in Ontario or Canada?? - 68 Replies

I am considering entering this field but need to get a feel for what my life as a RT would be like. I see many RT's in the US on this discussion...

Subo in Stony Brook, New York

Anyone selling KETTERING NPS Home Study Package?

I am a new grad and will really appreciate if someone wants to sell me their kettering nps study package. Thanks

Subo in Stony Brook, New York

Kettering NPS study package for Sale

I am planning to take my NPS exam soon and will really appreciate if any therapist would like to sell their Kettering NPS study package.

Blucky25 in Newport Beach, California

Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Hello to all! Thank you for reading this post in advance! I was just wondering what the job market is like in Sacramento CA as my wife and I are...

shawn in Everett, Washington

Updated 3 months ago

RTs with a master's degree - 15 Replies

I'm going to be starting RT school this fall, and I'm interested in hearing from some current RTs. I graduated from UGA in December 2011 with a...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

Starting the Program Need Advice - 1 Reply

Hi guys i just got accepted into the program and i need advice on everything related to RT. Pros and Cons.Can i work and still go to school?

Jesparza in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

Tutoring for CRT in Philadelphia - 75 Replies

Hi! Last year I graduated from a Respiratory Therapy program, and i haven't been able to pass my certification exam. My parents are sick of paying...

HappyRT;) in Chula Vista, California

Updated 3 months ago

Which is better nursing or respiratory therapist? - 167 Replies

I am completely torn between the two of them and don't know which way to go. Both have there good points and there bad points. But you had to choose...

Hyperion in Crossville, Tennessee

Why can people not find jobs?

I graduated from school 2 years ago and I have 2 jobs working 36 hours a week at one job and 12-36 hours a week at another job and have other...

Waynegarbo in Fresno, California

Updated 3 months ago

how to reenter the field - 1 Reply

I was/am a RRT. I used to be a darn good one but I have been out of the field for quite awhile. I now need to get back in the workforce and I am...

HappyRT;) in Chula Vista, California

Updated 3 months ago

Lets try an uplifting note... - 2 Replies

I havent yet posted anything in this forum but I really wanted to just state my experience since graduating. I use to read over this forum all the...

Kaly in Fresno, California

Updated 3 months ago

Fresno City College - 5 Replies

I was just accepted in Fresno City College's Respiratory Therapy Program in California. I was just wondering if anyone has attended that school and...

Bo in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago


i just graduated out of school for polysomnography and place i visit for a job states experience is needed but no one will give you a chance to...

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