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Paramedic and RRT or just RRT?

I can't decide if I want to get my EMT-P cert. first and then go for RT school, or just go for RT degree. I want to become paramedic first because it...


Updated 3 days ago

I'm motified with the RT pay scale in Austin, Texas - 98 Replies

[QUOTE who="Shanai1090 in Bronx, New York"]I'm a new grad (graduated this past June) and I can say the pay for RRT is a lot higher in NYC. My first...

P jung

Updated 5 days ago

Is Respiratory Therapy worth it? - 21 Replies

[QUOTE who="UnemployedRRT in Thibodaux, Louisiana"]There are no jobs in respiratory. Its a garbage field that nobody cares about.[/QUOTE] Its...


Updated 5 days ago

Respiratory Therapist QUESTIONS! How to progress. - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="freelancer in Hacienda Heights, California"]@BOREDRT; so 3 of them got admitted to Loma Linda Univ? That is good to hear. I am planning...

Updated 6 days ago

looking for kettering NPS home study - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="abdullah RRT in Las Vegas, Nevada"]hey everyone, I hope you all doing well. I'm looking for NPS home study if anyone have it and want to...


Updated 8 days ago

Kettering CPFT or RPFT - 83 Replies

Hello, I have the Kettering RPFT package that includes cd's workbook, and study guide. Looking to sell it for $180 OBO and includes shipping. You...


Updated 9 days ago

Where is the Best Place for a Soon to be RRT - 38 Replies

[QUOTE who="Steve in Tallahassee, Florida"]We have numerous positions available for All RT's and Managers in the USA. Please visit our website:...


Updated 9 days ago

Kettering RRT Home Study needed asap!! - 1 Reply

I have everything you need to ace the TMC exam really easy. And for anybody seeking hep in passing the board exams, feel free contact me. I can...


Updated 10 days ago

Want to buy new edition used Kettering Review Book for Neonates/Pediatrics (NPS) - 391 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ryan in Modesto, California"]Shoot me an email if looking for NPS study guide.[/QUOTE] !!!


Updated 12 days ago

Kettering home study kit for sale - 1 Reply

Still for sale?? How old is the set?


Updated 14 days ago

RT in NJ - 1 Reply

Hi Katrinaumdnj. I want know if you could tell me how is the program at umdnj since you are a current student hope to apply for sept 2015...

DON Godfather RT

Updated 22 days ago

New CRT, need job advice and advice on passing the RRT simulations. - 42 Replies

The truth is most Medical Centers and Healthcare companies want RRT's, The writing has been on the wall. Its time for RT's to use the Title...


Updated 22 days ago

Doing well on the new NBRC board exams as from January 2015 - 6 Replies

I just confirmed with NBRC you must meet 3 different qualification for the clinical simulation....u must pass both the dm and ig and then they take...


Updated 23 days ago

NBRC- RRT- Clinical Portion - 239 Replies

[QUOTE who="themainevent in Valley Springs, California"]I have heard that the new test in 2015 will calculate the total correct points you earn in...


Kettering Materials

Hello! Anyone selling AE-C, CPFT, or even Sleep Technologist study materials? I am looking to further my credentials. Especially interested in the...


Updated 24 days ago

Canadian RRT's - 4 Replies

I am a USA RRT and planning to relocate to Canada, I am trying ot figure out how to obtain license in Canada Ontario. can some one clarify to me how...



My husband is applying for a respiratory therapist position at a reputable hospital in UAE. He got intial offer, not final offer from the recruiter....


Updated 26 days ago

would you pick RT again? - 266 Replies

Where I can find advanced RT magazine for job search


Anyone selling Kettering NPS Exam Review Books or Lindsey Jones NPS Review books?

Anyone selling Kettering NPS Exam Review Books or Lindsey Jones NPS Review books? If so please email me at . I'm looking to...


Updated 26 days ago

current respiratory therapy student and i want out - 19 Replies

Work DME. I work M-F with a little on call. Paid holidays off. I still get to work with patients in the office with their CPAP and in skilled...


Updated 27 days ago

looking to buy a used Lindsey Jones CRT/RRT materials.... - 84 Replies

Yes, I have the complete set for $150.00 email me at Thank you.


Updated 28 days ago

NO MORE JOBS !! - 29 Replies

Touche. I think due to the market, it may be nearly as difficult for RNs, and in some cases, for MDs, at least at city hospitals. My point is that...


Updated 28 days ago

Surplus Respiratory Therapists in the Despairing Job Market - 13 Replies

So yeah, graduated early this year. Knocked out my CRT and RRT in one shot. Does anyone care? Yeah, i didn't think so. What a worthless...


Updated 28 days ago

New RT graduate in california - 5 Replies

I have seen some sleep lab positions but, they all require crap like "minimum 6 months being trained as a polysomnographic trainee" or some crap....


Updated 28 days ago

Everybody on this forum is looking to buy or sell material to pass the NBRC Boards! - 1 Reply

Yeah this field is pretty pathetic. Don't let that so-called 19% growth from 2014 to 2021 on the jobs search sites fool ya. There's nothing out...


Updated 28 days ago

i need help passing!!! - 45 Replies

I think instead of worrying about these tests, you guys need to actually take a look at the job market and the opportunities for an RRT. And...


Updated 28 days ago

Why does Respiratory Care have boards that nobody can pass? - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="blank11"]I have taken the CRT three times and have not passed it yet. The last time I taken it was July 2012. I have not went back to...

Honda RT

Updated 29 days ago

Average RT pay in Houston area? - 13 Replies

thank you


Updated 1 month ago

How much is your hourly wage? - 3 Replies

$33.50 plus experience differential in NYC. All the major hospitals in NYC have a relatively equal pay scale to avoid workers from negotiating for...


Cross coverage PICU and adult ICU

I am looking to get peoples opinions about Respiratory departments having Therapists cross cover Pediatric ICU's and adult ICU's as opposed to having...


Updated 1 month ago

Is There Any Hope for Someone Like Me? - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="zeb in Missouri"]A little background first: I have some schooling, but didn't finish. I started working years ago as a student and have...


Drug screen within the system

Hypothetical situation to settle an in house argument. Let's say you work for a major healthcare system and you don't get random drug screen and...

RT Student

Updated 1 month ago

Traveling Respiratory Therapist - 5 Replies

Has anyone laid out a concrete list of prerequisites to be "ready" to be hired by one of these traveling companies like Aureus? I looked at their...


NPS Study Material

Looking to purchase, preferrably Kettering, NPS exam study guide material if anyone is wanting to part ways with theirs. Paying $225 just seems...


Updated 1 month ago

Respiratory Therapist Lobbying for greater skills. - 47 Replies

[QUOTE who="RT Candidate in Cincinnati, Ohio"]My apology. I shouldn't have said "most of you". Probably most don't think that way, but I have seen...


Updated 1 month ago

Study Guides - 1 Reply

Do you still have them?


Top Respiratory Therapist from International Association of Respiratory Therapsits

I am wonderi9ng if anybbody knows much about the Top Respiratory Therapist instituted by Thanks.


Updated 1 month ago

Is a Bachelors Degree in RT necessary? What about the BS in RT that is offerred by CCSD? - 156 Replies

How to Improve Your Respiratory Therapist Salary While many factors impact salary for respiratory therapists, the largest factor is location. Due...


Updated 1 month ago

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapist Students from California College San Diego. - 6 Replies

I am currently going to CCSD and they transfer some of my credits from ITT since its national accredited also some devry. In which this will knock...


Updated 1 month ago

So lets hear the truth, is respiratory therapy really a good job? - 445 Replies

[QUOTE who="Fritz in Abbeville, South Carolina"]Ok, how was I wrong? You say two days of overtime at the rate you quote will earn 88,080, that means...

andy rrt

Updated 2 months ago

If RT's save lives, why are we not as represented/respected as RN"S? - 144 Replies

Historically, Rt's were tank jockeys. Rn's were hookers. Hookers trump tank jockeys every time.

Put on that thinking cap

Updated 2 months ago


Do any of you realize HR systems automatically reject 60% of resumes. That goes for RT, computer people, everyone... sending in 100 mediocre resumes...

Christian Breaux

Updated 2 months ago

a good career choice? - 1372 Replies

Hello.. True cracking an interview is not easy but if done with correct choice of career then its always right. Thanks for the advice.... http://ww...


Updated 2 months ago

What is the best online review site to help me pass my CRT exam - 250 Replies

I need tutor in dallas tx can u help me find one eply to


Updated 2 months ago

NBRC ruined my life- plese help! - 310 Replies

How about we petition for the NBRC to force those therapist formally grandfathered to pay and show they have been keeping up for their credentialing.


Updated 2 months ago

Couldn't find a job ran out of money living in car in Walmart parking lot! - 3 Replies

Indeed Dont go into this field leave so I can get a job hows that sound :p


Updated 2 months ago


Here's another one for you.

asian RT

Updated 3 months ago

Anyone attend Concorde Career College in CA...? - 221 Replies

[QUOTE who="HERO2805 in Twentynine Palms, California"]Are you serious? you found the job yet? i will go to Concorde GG in Oct 28, u think i should...

Updated 3 months ago

Just passed the ACCS exam I am know a, RRT-ACCS, NPS, RPFT and still unemployed! - 23 Replies

Ok so do u want me to certified and mail the check or how ???

Unemployed RRT in Alhambrca, CA

Updated 3 months ago

Advice for RRT new grad - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Celeste in Huntington Park, California"]Go back to the hospital tell them you have applied already and ask to volunteer because you want...

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