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Updated 9 hours ago

Respiratory Care Practitioner TEXAS - 30 Replies

[QUOTE who="Elijah in San Antonio, Texas"]Any new updates on turnaround time for RCP license in Texas? Do I need to apply after I pass my Clinical...


Updated 2 days ago

How hard are classes??? - 177 Replies

I'm currently looking for a good recommendation of schools for the RT program. Im currently living in texas but will soon be moving to San Diego,...


Updated 2 days ago

So lets hear the truth, is respiratory therapy really a good job? - 435 Replies

That's weird, I find that most RT's love their jobs; it is the reason that I became one.


Updated 2 days ago

Employment in the US for Canadian RT's - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Canadian RT in Calgary, Alberta"]Hi I am looking to Relocate to the U.S. (if possible). I am searching online and I see many agencies...


Respiratory Boards - HELP

I just graduated from the Respiratory program at school, it took me a few tries just to pass the exit exams to graduate. As I get ready to study for...


Updated 5 days ago

Stay far, far away from Respiratory!!!! - 107 Replies

There are jobs everywhere. Maybe relocate out of texas and make great money!


Updated 6 days ago

Any Respiratory Therapists in Ontario or Canada?? - 67 Replies

[QUOTE who="CM in Los Angeles, California"]I'm also curious how the job market in Ontario? considering you have BSRRT, and expereinced?[/QUOTE] The...


PASSING TMC AND SIMS for crt and rrt HELP!

Hi I graduated from school for Respiratory Therapy mid of 2015, I was doing full time Mom full time student and after i graduated i took the test and...


Updated 6 days ago

Tutoring for CRT in Philadelphia - 83 Replies

Hi I graduated from school for Respiratory Therapy mid of 2015, I was doing full time Mom full time student and after i graduated i took the test and...


Updated 7 days ago

Doing well on the new NBRC board exams as from January 2015 - 380 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brian in Grand Junction, Colorado"]Hello, I was wondering if you could forward me the CSE information as well. Clin Sim Examination is...


Updated 7 days ago

Can I transfer my RRT licence to Canada? - 4 Replies

I live and work in the States but a Canadian citizen but been down here most of my life, where can I get the info you mentioned above so I can work...

Megan J Cahill

Updated 8 days ago

looking to buy a used Lindsey Jones CRT/RRT materials.... - 101 Replies

Is this still available for purchase?

Ray Daniels

Updated 9 days ago

Where can a RT that's been out of the field for years get clinical experience - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="sportygal in albany, New York"]I don't think your giving yourself enough credit .:) You'll remember a lot of things once you get into the...


Updated 11 days ago

Advice for RRT new grad - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sad RRT in Pasadena, Texas"]Do not get a bachelors in respiratory! You will regret it![/QUOTE] I have heard this same thing to be the...


Updated 12 days ago

Need help with rrt clinical simulation! - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ad in Modesto, California"]Hi , I passed my TMC portion but am really worried about the clin sims portion. I got a 60% on the last one I...


Updated 15 days ago

Chicago area or suburbs! - 1 Reply

Pay will be around 19-25 for new grads. And there are a lot of hospitals with a lot of jobs just waiting for you.


Updated 15 days ago

current respiratory therapy student and i want out - 48 Replies

[QUOTE who="mike11792 in Naperville, Illinois"]Just wondering if anyone from the suburbs of Chicago could shine some light on RT job outlook and RT...

Xavier Hamlin in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 29 days ago

After RT school should where should I continue? - 9 Replies

Hello everyone, I am in my final stretch of RT school. I have decided to continue my education beyond RT. I have been brainstorming two...

c_rosario03 in Bayonne, New Jersey

Updated 1 month ago


I am thinking about signing up for Bergen community college's (in Bergen County NJ) Respiratory therapy program... I was wondering if anybody has...

Samantha in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 1 month ago

Is RT really a good career choice? - 50 Replies

I am seriously contemplating becoming an RT and everyone keeps telling me are you sure? all your gonna see is people dieing and old people who cant...

Useless Degree in Belton, South Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

Respiratory Therapy vs. Licensed Clinical Social Worker - 1 Reply

Seems that both have something in common: Burn out. So if you had to choose between the two, which would it be?

Useless Degree in Belton, South Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

drug testing at san joaquin valley college respiratory program - 4 Replies

helllo i will soon be entering the rt program and unfortunately have made a terrible decision on my part. I gave in to smoking marijuana a week...

Samantha in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 1 month ago

Help i failed TMC exam - 17 Replies

Hello everyone . I took the TMC exam 10 / 14 / 15 and scored 92 correct answers out of 94 correct answers to qualify for sim . Can anyone help me out...

WestsideRN in Santa Monica, California

Updated 1 month ago

Which is better nursing or respiratory therapist? - 170 Replies

I am completely torn between the two of them and don't know which way to go. Both have there good points and there bad points. But you had to choose...

541RRT in Central Point, Oregon

Updated 1 month ago

Respiratory Therapy Salary Truth? - 2 Replies

Hey all, So I've been doing some research here and there about compensation for us RT's and have been meaning to get a little factual information...

Pikturegurl in Elk Grove, California

Updated 1 month ago

New RT graduate in california - 9 Replies

Hello all to those reading, So I just graduated three months ago. Majority of my class have had interviews and about half are working now. I'm...

Pikturegurl in Elk Grove, California

Updated 1 month ago

Lindsey Jones CRT/RRT Exam Review with flash cards for sale. Current edition. - 4 Replies

Book and flashcards are slightly used with highlights/markups, etc but are in good shape overall. Email me at if interested!...

Impreza__1 in Middletown, Connecticut

Updated 1 month ago

RTs with a master's degree - 23 Replies

I'm going to be starting RT school this fall, and I'm interested in hearing from some current RTs. I graduated from UGA in December 2011 with a...

Mallory in Auburn, Alabama

Updated 2 months ago

Kettering CPFT or RPFT - 111 Replies

Has anyone purchased both the CPFT and the RPFT books and discs from Kettering? When I got the CRT books and disks 2 yrs ago, they were very similar...

Susan D.

Updated 2 months ago

Travel Therapist ??? - 502 Replies

Anyone here a travel therapist or worked as one? I'm currently looking into agencies but not sure which one is better. Looking for good pay,...

Onmyway2 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Want to buy new edition used Kettering Review Book for Neonates/Pediatrics (NPS) - 398 Replies

If someone wants to sell Kettering National Seminars Neonate/Pediatric Review book, please post. I need it ASAP. thanks

Apok-C in Los Angeles, California

Updated 2 months ago

Just passed the ACCS exam I am know a, RRT-ACCS, NPS, RPFT and still unemployed! - 33 Replies

I fiquired that after passing just about every test the NBRC has I would be able to find work but I had no luck. I can't think of anyone who has...

Wiany in Baltimore, Maryland

RT program

Hi guys, I am doing a research for RT program. Please fill in the survey to support my project. Thank you,

Wiany in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 2 months ago

Anyone attend Concorde Career College in CA...? - 227 Replies

What are the requirements? Did you take the advanced program? Was finding a job easy afterwards? What was salary like right after graduating?

Tuan pham in Union City, California

Updated 2 months ago

Kettering CRT/RRT and CPFT/RPFT study material. - 2 Replies

Hi, I have an older Kettering (2014) CRT/RRT home study package along with a CPFT/RPFT home study package available. All in excellent condition with...

Shawn Brown RRT in Lewisburg, West Virginia

Updated 2 months ago

LJ or Kettering for NPS Exam study material? - 1 Reply

Hi! For anyone that has passed the NPS exam did you use LJ or Kettering? I'm not sure which home study program to buy, they are both about the same...

La-Von in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Polysomnography AKA Sleep Technology - 9 Replies

Hi, I have my associates degree in science( not allied ), took A&P 1 and 2, medical term etc. There is a program, and it would only take me 9...

Hally in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 2 months ago

Kettering NPS home study course material for sale - 3 Replies

Kettering NPS home study course material for sale. I am selling my Kettering NPS home study books. The set includes the study guide, addendum,...

Candacew68 in San Diego, California

Updated 2 months ago

i need help passing!!! - 69 Replies

i keep getting 69-74's on my crts i am horrified how will i even pass the rrt if i cant pass the crt and im a bracket of the 3 years after...

scott in Auburn, California

Updated 3 months ago

would you pick RT again? - 270 Replies

If you had to pick a career over again knowing what you know now about RT, would you still choose to be a respiratory therapist?

College Student in Strasburg, Pennsylvania

Should I be an Elementary Teacher or Respiratory Therapist?

I have been in between respiratory therapy and elementary education for a couple of years now. I am currently attending a university for my bachelors...

jerome blaze in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 3 months ago

felony........ - 102 Replies

Iv'e been looking intently into the rct/rt feild intensly. the director of the school i talked to said that with my felony it is possible but alot...

Tim R in Blackwood, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

respiratory therapist student new grad with misdemeanor dui - 16 Replies

I wanted to share my misdemeanor DUI experience with the RCB in California There is hundreds of stories and blogs for RN's even resident doctors on...

Mike11792 in Naperville, Illinois

How is the job field for RRT in suburbs of Chicago like Naperville

So I've been an ER tech for almost 3 years. I've seen the job role of an RN. And I've made my decision of not going into nursing. I've seen and...

ACRRT in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 3 months ago

If RT's save lives, why are we not as represented/respected as RN"S? - 149 Replies

I have been an RT for 14 yr's. so I know of what I speak. I have silently watched as RT's work Code Blues, weaned patients off ventilators, loved and...

KC in Portland, Oregon

Updated 4 months ago

Is a Bachelors Degree in RT necessary? What about the BS in RT that is offerred by CCSD? - 168 Replies

Does anyone have any feedback as to whether a Bachelor's Degree is of any benefit in the RT field? I'm attending CCSD, and they (of course) are...

Nicholas in Houston, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Independence University Students - 90 Replies

I am curious are their any students having problems with their clinical site schedule interfering with your fulltime job? I know when your taking...

RESA in Great Falls, Montana

Updated 4 months ago

What does a respiratory therapist do on a daily basis? Is it hard? bloody? stressful? do you like your job? - 32 Replies

I am curious about this profession. I would like to hear some helpful advice from an actual therapist.

Mom2go in Brookshire, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

RT programs in Houston TX - 21 Replies

Does anyone know about the programs in houston TX? I am looking at HCC and Kingwood. What are the quality of these programs? How does the job...

CSL in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania

Updated 4 months ago

Used NPS Kettering/Lindsey Jones study guides. - 2 Replies

I plan on taking my NPS board exam in the near future and haven't been able to find used copies of either kettering or lindsey jones study guides. I...

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