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lomax518 in New York, New York

Cross coverage PICU and adult ICU

I am looking to get peoples opinions about Respiratory departments having Therapists cross cover Pediatric ICU's and adult ICU's as opposed to having...

xboxer in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 21 months ago

Is There Any Hope for Someone Like Me? - 4 Replies

A little background first: I have some schooling, but didn't finish. I started working years ago as a student and have managed to continue in the...

RespTherPtTp in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Drug screen within the system

Hypothetical situation to settle an in house argument. Let's say you work for a major healthcare system and you don't get random drug screen and...

RT Student in Buffalo, New York

Updated 22 months ago

Traveling Respiratory Therapist - 5 Replies

I am thinking of going into traveling work. I am aware the pay is better but in curious how much better and how long to take off between assignments...

Edtucker in Bridgeton, Missouri

NPS Study Material

Looking to purchase, preferrably Kettering, NPS exam study guide material if anyone is wanting to part ways with theirs. Paying $225 just seems...

quintin in Tallahassee, Florida

Top Respiratory Therapist from International Association of Respiratory Therapsits

I am wonderi9ng if anybbody knows much about the Top Respiratory Therapist instituted by Thanks.

Duncan in San Diego, California

Updated 22 months ago

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapist Students from California College San Diego. - 6 Replies

I just retired from the Navy and I am looking for a new career. I was looking at Respiratory Therapy programs. I know Grossmont is considered one...

Zachattack in Big Rapids, Michigan

Updated 23 months ago

Couldn't find a job ran out of money living in car in Walmart parking lot! - 3 Replies

Anyone thinking about being a respiratory therapist should think twice. Dont listen to what the schools tell you they just want your money! I am...

xboxer in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 23 months ago


I am insanely stoked!!! Any advice or comments on respiratory would be greatly appreciated!

Unemployed RRT in Alhambrca, CA in Alhambra, California

Updated 24 months ago

Advice for RRT new grad - 7 Replies

I graduated from school and just got my RRT. The one hospital that is in the same city I live in interviewed me and I didn't get the job. The closet...

AirCare in Rogers, Arkansas

Updated 24 months ago

Has anyone taken and passed the NBRC Adult Critical Care Specialist exam? - 16 Replies

I recenty took the accs exam and missed passing got 68 needed 75. I took the lxr practice exam and the NBRC one. Any pointers on passing or does...

Mark in Berwick, Pennsylvania

Updated 24 months ago

SDS or RPSGT - 5 Replies

I have worked in and with a sleep lab from around 1997 to early 2010. I hadn't thought about or had the time to think about taking the one of the...

msrn in Texas

salary of supervisor in houston

What is the salary of polysomnography supervisor in Houston Tx?

Jessica in Staten Island, New York

Updated 24 months ago

Independence University Students - 89 Replies

I am curious are their any students having problems with their clinical site schedule interfering with your fulltime job? I know when your taking...

phoebe in Dwale, Kentucky

Updated 24 months ago

Clinical Sims pathology - 4 Replies

This is a question for those who took the Sims recently at least january 2010 and up. If you took it more than once to pass, I would love to hear...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

What extra certifications / classes really stand out and improve a resume for HR and RT staff? CPFT, RPFT, Polysomnography? - 1 Reply

Are there extra certification / classes that a lot of you all are taking for respiratory therapy to get better educated and stand out? A few things...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

Bored with my job/state/salary - 1 Reply

I'm bored. I live in Utah and we have 2 respiratory schools so getting jobs here is a challenge, even with 9 years experience. But Utah in general...

Unemployed Florida RT in Pennsylvania

Moved to Florida a year ago still unemployed!

Finding a job seems impossible! I am broke sleeping in my car in the Walmart parking lot. I am selling my plasma twice a week to get money for gas...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

Long Term Ventilator Care - 1 Reply

Hello out there, I am a new Respiratory Graduate looking to get my year of expirence at a long term ventilator care clinic in Las Vegas, NV. Is there...

kinka in Torrance, California

Respiratory License

Can I go to school in California and be licensed in Nevada, or do I need to aquire a California license before getting a Nevada license? I am...

VicRRT in Concord, California

Updated 25 months ago

Does anyone know about a Respiratory Therapist Residency Program for neonates? - 1 Reply

I am in my last year of school to become a Respiratory Therapist. Would anyone recommend a RT Residency Program in a Children's Hospital. I am...

VicRRT in Concord, California

Updated 25 months ago

How is the current job market for being an RRT? - 13 Replies

I am a recent high school graduate and I would like to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. After talking with my aunt who is an RRT and doing...

Subo in Stony Brook, New York

Anyone selling KETTERING NPS Home Study Package?

I am a new grad and will really appreciate if someone wants to sell me their kettering nps study package. Thanks

Blucky25 in Newport Beach, California

Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Hello to all! Thank you for reading this post in advance! I was just wondering what the job market is like in Sacramento CA as my wife and I are...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 25 months ago

Starting the Program Need Advice - 1 Reply

Hi guys i just got accepted into the program and i need advice on everything related to RT. Pros and Cons.Can i work and still go to school?

Jesparza in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 25 months ago

Tutoring for CRT in Philadelphia - 75 Replies

Hi! Last year I graduated from a Respiratory Therapy program, and i haven't been able to pass my certification exam. My parents are sick of paying...

Hyperion in Crossville, Tennessee

Why can people not find jobs?

I graduated from school 2 years ago and I have 2 jobs working 36 hours a week at one job and 12-36 hours a week at another job and have other...

HappyRT;) in Chula Vista, California

Updated 26 months ago

Lets try an uplifting note... - 2 Replies

I havent yet posted anything in this forum but I really wanted to just state my experience since graduating. I use to read over this forum all the...

Kaly in Fresno, California

Updated 26 months ago

Fresno City College - 5 Replies

I was just accepted in Fresno City College's Respiratory Therapy Program in California. I was just wondering if anyone has attended that school and...

Bo in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 26 months ago


i just graduated out of school for polysomnography and place i visit for a job states experience is needed but no one will give you a chance to...

siyad km in India

Updated 26 months ago

Jobs for international RTs - 410 Replies

I am a respiratory therapist from india and am holding AS degree. I am yet to complete CRT and RRT Can any one help me or suggest how to get a job...

respiratory questions in Kent, Washington

Updated 26 months ago

Which is in more demand Respiratory Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant - 1 Reply

Hello!! I am debating whether or not to go into the RT field or Physical Therapist Assistant Field! I'm stuck I know I want to help anyone who is...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 26 months ago

Looking for feedback from an RT that works in a Long Tern Ventilator Care Hospital - 2 Replies

I am a new Respiratory Care graduate, because it is hard to get a job in a large bed hospital without 1-2 years of experience I am contemplating...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 26 months ago

How do I get a job as an RT when everyone wants a year of experience? - 3 Replies

I've been told to do registry for the first year, but all registries say that they require a year of experience. Someone else suggested Long Term...

ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 26 months ago

CRT VS RRT Help - 7 Replies

I am registering at Independence University for my associates/RRT. Has anyone received their CRT in one year? I plan on continuing for RRT while...

Hiring manager in Jersey City, New Jersey

I have recieved 600 applications for one PRN position!

Think about the job situation before these schools sell you a dream! The field is flooded you are gonna put two years of your time and find no job...

Candace in Merced, California

Updated 27 months ago

Air transport therapist - 9 Replies

Does anyone on here do air transport, or know anything about it? I am graduating next year and would love to transport newborns to the NICU. How hard...

Lynn Horton in Dearborn, Mississippi

Updated 27 months ago

I have been in Florida since August 2013 still no job! - 4 Replies

I have put so many applications and been on so many interviews and still no job. I have ten years in the field I am a RRT-NPS, RPFT with BLS, ACLS,...

PEEP PEEP in Escondido, California

Looking for NPS Homestudy Materials

Hello, I am a new grad and just completed my RRT. I am looking to take my NPS exam this summer and was hoping someone out there had a set of the...

JoE in Monticello, New York

Updated 28 months ago

Would like some suggestions on job market predictions - 6 Replies

This discussion is simple. In California it is a tough market and I joined some of you in the same boat. I just want Opinions of possible states...

ebusiness66ATyahooDOTcom in Houston, Texas

Updated 28 months ago

Need serious help!! Please!!!! - 4 Replies

I'm very discourage and nervous about going in to sit for my Crt Board exam! It's been 2years now since I graduated and I have attempted the CRT 4...

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 28 months ago

Things RT Program Dept Heads dont tell you: - 7 Replies

#1.) They tell you their job placement rates are 80%, 90%??? What they dont tell you is the CoArc's job placement rate is misleading and tainted...

Lynn Horton in Dearborn, Mississippi

Updated 28 months ago

Any current students or grads of RT program at HFCC in Michigan? - 28 Replies

Hi, I am contemplating entering the program at Henry Ford. I met with an advisor who indicated after I completed all the prereqs, it is a 1-2 year...

RRT in Miami, Florida

Updated 29 months ago

RRT Job Market along the West Coast - 2 Replies

Hello Everyone, I completed my RT training through the US Air Force and I am now seeking a job somewhere along the West Coast. I have submitted...

RRT in Lake Worth, Florida

I would take any respiratory therapist job even for minimum wage!

I can't even get interviews on a regular basis let alone a job. This is totally horrible I would not wish this on anyone. I made a bad decision going...

Unemployed Florida in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 29 months ago

I can't understand why anyone would think about going to school for respiratory therapy! - 2 Replies

Finding work in this field is impossible. I have been reduced to living in my car at Walmart, food stamps, Obama phone, soup kitchens and selling my...

ZA in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 29 months ago

CRT RRT SIMS Material from Kettering Seminar for sale. - 4 Replies

Hello- Would anyone be interested in the CRT/Written Registry with Clinical Sims materials by Kettering? 145- Comprehensive CRT/Written...

Fl Rt in Pompano Beach, Florida

HCA INC has corrupt hiring practices!

The hiring managers get kickbacks from respiratory program directors to hire their graduates! The Florida attorney general is investagating the...

Dweebette in Fair Oaks, California

Updated 29 months ago

Kettering Audio (not playaway) - 2 Replies

Ok, I'm going to knuckle under a buy the Kettering program (I have Lindsey Jones already) The thing I don't like is now part of their audio format...

too true in Bend, Oregon

Updated 29 months ago

Passing the CRT and RRT NBRC exams is the least of your problems! - 8 Replies

Finding a job in this field is like digging for gold coins in your backyard! New graduates are wasting their time submitting applications. I am a...

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