Average RT hours per week and work load in a typical day?

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RRT crusader in Richmond, British Columbia

58 months ago

Yes, that's the beauty of being a Respiratory therapist! you can work 3 days a week in One facility and a per diem of 2 or 3 days to another facility.
If you want office-like hrs job, you can work in PFT LAb or Sleep Lab/clinic, the hrs are 9-5 pm.
Don't work at SNF,Rehab,convalescent. the work load is terrible some even has 40 patients in One therapist, but in Acute hospital average about 12-15 patients per therapist.
forget about the paperwork , it is computerized charting .

Jeff in Marietta, Ohio

58 months ago

Sleep clinics are 9-5pm? I thought that was a night shift gig?

Rolinda in Chula Vista, California

58 months ago

Jeff in Marietta, Ohio said: Sleep clinics are 9-5pm? I thought that was a night shift gig?

Hi Jeff, Sleep Centers consist of a Sleep Clinic and a Sleep Lab. Sleep Clinics business hours are normally from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday. This is where Physicians evaluate patients who have been pre-screened and tested positive for sleep apnea/disturbances and also do their follow ups and where Respiratory Therapists/Sleep Techs fit patient's masks/nasal pillows and make adjustments on their CPAPs, BIPAPS, VPAPs, etc. Sleep Labs are normally 10 or 12 hour night shifts 7 nights a week, where Respiratory Therapists/Polysomnographers conduct sleep studies on patients. While monitoring patients as they sleep, they also administer CPAP, BIPAP, VPAP, etc. via mask or nasal pillows to determine which helps the patient breathe and sleep. I hope this helps. I wish you well. Good journey.

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