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buffalort in buffalo, New York

55 months ago

Anyone thinking about going into nursing needs to REALLY understand how stressful and how chaotic it is.

There are now over 500,000 deaths yearly due to medical errors. Most of what I have heard comes from new nurses

Are you going to become the person that says "go for it" or are you going to be one of the people that regrets it. Even the nurses that "love nursing" may exhibit burn out. I have worked side by side with people that say they love nursing the way some have here. Many of those are burned out and cruel and deny it. They are mean and nasty to new nurses and co-workers. They are in denial that they are miserable and negative.

And as for the work: The main population of patients in the hospital is obese people who didn't take care of themselves and are very ill. They are heavy care and very sick. The second is geriatrics. Of these two populations, most of them either can't or won't take care of themselves and staff does all of their care.

Hard - cold fact....obese people tend to have months worth of fecal matter in them - the longer it hides out, the worse it smells when it gets out. If they have skin breakdown, healing is poor due to their chronic problems of obesity, poor vascular, poor cardiac and diabetes. Poor healing wounds smell bad. These people can't wipe their own butts - this becomes your job. Obesity causes skin folds and those grow yeast and smell bad. They might have poor hygiene and no matter what you can't get rid of their odors. Often times, patients are depressed and have no will to live. You do everything for them and they do nothing for themselves. Geriatric patients that gave up on life and won't move around

Couldnt pay me enough to go get my RN and stay in Nursing....i'll take my chances with Respiratory

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ebusiness66atyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas

55 months ago

RTstudent in San Antonio, Texas said: I have been reading all his comments, and I must say that he is so unprofessional. He abuses anyone that talks good about respiratory therapy. He needs to understand that the fact he is not successful as an RT doesn't mean that others will not be. If RT is not a profession, then why are hospitals still hiring them? Worst of all, he renders insults on people. My friend who just graduated in May with a BS has started working and making $29/ hr .

I see you are in San Antonio. I am close by in Houston.

Are you still in the program? If yes, email me at ebusiness66@yahoo.com. I think I can help you sail through the program smoothly. Let me know. Just email me.

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