New Company ... Start without upsetting the "overlooked"

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Born in the North to Die in the South in houston, Texas

59 months ago

I recently interviewed with a company, as a store manager. it turns out that i will have to relocate, and have no problems with that. the store i am going into has not had a store manager for 11 months or so, and the the assistant store manager has been running the show. the district manager says that the assistant manager, is good, but lacks drive and leadership skills. the current assistant manager believes that he deserves the position and feels that he was "overlooked," but unfortuantely his company did not feel that way. the disctrict manager said that he has been interviewing people for this postion for the last 6 months, and hasnt found the "right person." well along came me and i got the offer.

i wanted to know if other people had some advise on how to go into this. i am not one to upset people at work, but i do have my head on straight and dont want to go in upsetting this guy even more. i am sure he'll have some aggression towards me, but i am up for the challenge. i will always believe in the fact that a business should work as a team, and i am pretty sure that this guy will not want to be a "team player" at first. any advise???

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MARY CHRISTINE in Oxnard, California

49 months ago

Be very assertive. He will either learn to respect you or he wont. He will be upset and resent you at first. I would give him a MAXIMUM of 1 month. If he is not willing to commit to change you will have to seriously confront him. You will not be successful with this company if you do not find people who are willing and ready to jump on board with your plans. That being said, Let him know where you come from, how you can help him and how you would like him to help you. Most people want to be successful in their position and they will want to help you. If he does not want to then be prepared to take the next step.

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