What is the name of my Sales job title and industry??

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Adam in Korea, Republic of

41 months ago

I've been working part time for the past year for a south Korean Import/export company in Seoul. I've sold some shipping containers of used (American, Korean)clothing through online and local means. I've also worked at analyzing the clothing market for selling Korean clothing online. Met tons of suppliers and set up a succesful online sales division. I've done lots of other internal jobs and work(photography, paperwork, etc.).

I'm moving back to the USA and I'm not sure what title I should put on my resume.

Most of my sales involve exported used clothing. My manager says it's the "waste management" business and there are plenty of buisness I can work with in the USA. However his english isn't too good so he can't pinpoint my exact position or the field in english.

Finding jobs is near impossible using internet searches: Please help me.

z in Roanoke, Virginia

38 months ago

Since, you were in south korea for a while, do you know any good sources for jewelry supplies manufacturers. I would appreciate any info you might have.

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