What's it like to work at Champion Windows

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Jahad Estelle in Schenectady, New York

121 months ago

If you're looking for psychotic management and disorganization, as well as dissatisfied clients (especially after they've realized that the price they've paid is outrageous, and the quality of the workmanship is horrible, then this is the place for you.
It's like a revolving door of employees that have little or no knowledge of what they're selling to you.a

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maskpeanut in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

95 months ago

I totally agree with you Jahad. I just wish I had seen his posting before spending anytime with Champion. It was like a three ring circus with a bipolor circle clown running the show. They make you sign a pre-employment agreement that and allows them to take 10% pay as a hold back that is paid in December of each year like a Holiday bonus? That a real JOKE and that pay is held hostage on your sales jobs and if make a mistake they will try to take it out of your holdback money. If you quit Champion they will take forever to pay you your money that you have already earned. The outside sales is not the challage within this organization. The real challages comes from within this so called organization. A lot of high school crap going on all the time within the sales office. Like Jarad said it is a revolving door as they have had 32 sales people come and go since 2000 so that should be a red flag for anyone thinking about going to work for this sispool.

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bill in Brook Park, Ohio

80 months ago

champion in cleveland owes us money from backpay due by dec.31 do you think they will have the decency to send that check before christmas I really dont think so, be nice for them to say hey you guys we messed up were sorry for ripping you guys off here's a little christmas bonus we'll see i'll post again when we get it.

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