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What are typical school bus driver salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

Mr. Dave in Kalamazoo, Michigan

69 months ago

I made,, $16000 last school year,, I'm union, work 5 hrs a day, and get a few sick days, and a few paid holidays.

If your in it for the money,, look elsewhere.

khurshid alam in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

66 months ago

hello sir : to achieve a challenging poition as heavy bus in the oranization where can use my knowledge are skills and talaened

Clary Cano in El Monte, California

61 months ago

I want to drive a big school bus, is the air brake test hard?

bk2158 in Thomasville, Georgia

61 months ago

Clary Cano in El Monte, California said: I want to drive a big school bus, is the air brake test hard?

dont do it, Clary!

eliz1976 in Kansas City, Missouri

58 months ago

I been driving a school bus 5 years and its alot of responsibility doesn't pay that good. I gross 1,300 a month and work 10 monthes.I work 6 hours a day and summer school.I Get all benefits and 11 sick time and paid Holidays.More field trips you do, more money.But if your a parent its a good job.Go to work 6Am until 9am and go back home until 2Pm until 5PM.Test are not hard Air blakes are also easy, if you go to the right school that trains you.Try to find a school with different start times 3 ter school more hours.(You must like kids and very loud kids )

Karin in Charlotte, North Carolina

57 months ago

I am a school bus driver in Charlotte N.C. and I am considered to be a nine month employee. My health care is paid for by the state, and I accrue sick and personal time.Those three months in the summer I work for a temporary agency.I work 8 hours a day and I love the children that are on my bus. Their parents... Last year I made 22,000, so if your in it for the money, keep on looking. But if you are in it to impact the life of a child in a positive way, then by all means go for it! Also my training was provided free from the school district, the dmv charged me 93.00.

Terry in Washington, District of Columbia

49 months ago

Clary Cano in El Monte, California said: I want to drive a big school bus, is the air brake test hard?

I'm from MD and currently in training with the bus, Personally I don't feel the Air Brake test is hard at all. I feel it's the easiest part of the entire Pre-Trip process. Good luck

RJ in York, Pennsylvania

44 months ago

blp1957 said: Wow...I have been driving a bus for 9 years this August. I make over $18,000 per year, have excellent health benefits, 11 sick/personal days a year, and an A/C bus. I work 4 hours a day. If you divide the salary by the number of days you work (182), I say it's pretty good.

$18 per hour? where! I'm in York PA and we're about half with no bene's :(

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