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What do you enjoy most about security officer work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?

What keeps you at your job?

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Vireginia Zalnoski in Palm Bay, FL

100 months ago

Host said: What do you enjoy most about security officer work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?
What keeps you at your job?

For starters, I am not crazy about security work. I have been doing it for the last 6 years. The pay is low, you have to work weekends and most holidays. You really don't get any benefits that knock your sockls off and you never know what shift you are going to work. I have worked 3rd shift enough, that I won't do it anymore. I am tolo old for it.
Sometimes putting up with irrate people who don't want to follow the rules and get vry adamant in seeing the supervisor. If anything goes down, the Security officer is the one who gets the blame, warranted or not.
The only thing I do like about, is the mobility you have in most places.
If security paid a decent wage, I would not have any gripes,
Too many times they hire off beat people to fill positions! Too many weird people!.
Not to gorget the protection one is afforded as a D licensed security officer is that we are not much more than window dressing. I would have more rights dressed in my civillian clothes then I do wearing a uniform.
Until wages drastically changes, I will only do Security as a floater for the time being.
That is the bottom line truth about Security.
Thank You
Virginia Zalnoski

PS If anyone thinls there is much room for advancement...well, let's not hod our breath on that one.

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Raymond Clark in Park Forest, IL in Chicago, Illinois

98 months ago

I have work in the field of Security,since 1978 and I give 100% of myself to any and all Security Tasks given to me.
I like being empowered with rules and regulations, and I do not abuse the empowerment.
To have a company, large or small, trust the Security Officer to perform and maintain the rules and regulations of that company is a great asset for the Officers career and of course for the company and its assets.

The pay as for being A Security Officer is up to the Officer. Money is everywhere!!!
Being a Security Officer is just the start of making money in this Professional field of work.

A Officer can promote oneself to Bodyguard, Transporter, Locksmith, ect..A Security Officer can work in the public or private sector and even in the Military. Money is everywhere!!

As a Security Officer how much Money do you want to earned?

A Security Officer is in "great demand" and will always be in demand.

We are the "Protectors of the World". Until the next time we meet my fellow "Security Officers"

Protect, Serve and remember everybody needs some type of "Security"

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Lathrop One

66 months ago

Personally, having worked thru the ranks from patrolman up to Unit Commander of a specialized unit called The Strike Team(Chicago Public Housing) what I enjoy the most is the respect given for a job well done by a well trained and appreciated UNIT. At our onset, the Chicago Police Dept (19th District) didnt do much more than grunt and raise a wary eye towards us when we were in the field. After a modicum of time and extensive collaboration with the gang and tact units,arrests rolled in and SO DID CONVICTIONS. Our Unit gained respect not only from District Commanders but from Deputys and Assistant Superintendants. Yes it was ugly nasty work. We went into places that would make sewer rats puke to grab the "bad guys" that harbored in there. And we did it MANY TIMES A DAY for YEARS. But the best satisfaction I ever got was when I was standing on North Hoyne Street at about 2700 North and a 5 year old kid came up to me,grabbed my leg and looked up at me and said,"thank you for keeping me safe" Now Im a big guy, 6'3"235 carry 3 guns 3 cans of OC 3 pairs of cuffs and wear a level 3A plus vest and look mean as hell and that moment right then and there nearly made me break down and cry. THAT made all the midnight surveillance's, the patrols in the rain,the smelly basements,the diseased drug addict arrests,gun arrests,warrant arrests,complaints,and all the other things I and my team had to endure worth every minute of it. Sadly now the account is run by a wimp that would rather run the other way than run into and end the problem. He would rather thump his Bible than the heads of the gang bangers.And he also has issues with trying to pay underage girls for sex.But then again this is the "New Age"' and I suppose that conduct is acceptable. Had he tried that under my command I would have buried him. I know security isnt a great job, there are bad companies out here and we are mistreated and underpayed,but.....every once in a while,something good comes out of the crap pile.

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